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International Roaming

Visiting Myanmar

If you are a visitor of Myanmar, you may use your own mobile handset and roam with your own mobile number. To activate roaming, please select one of the following networks:

  • MPT
  • MM 900

You will be billed by your own service provider.

Find the location where you are from and check the service availability when roaming in Myanmar:

Inbound Roaming in Myanmar (pdf)

Roaming overseas

Are you planning to travel overseas and would like to keep using your mobile number? GSM/WCDMA prepaid users can use their MPT SIM card while abroad to make and receive calls and send and receive SMS. No prior subscription is needed to use international roaming services. Roaming charges apply when using your phone overseas.

Outbound Roaming Operator List (English) (Myanmar)
Outbound Roaming Tariff (English) (Myanmar)