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10,000MMK Cash Back Promotion

The amazing cash back promotion only for Diamond member has come! This promotion is available for limited time only, so please check the condition and do not miss the chance to grab amazing 10,000MMK cash back.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Applicable for MPT Club Diamond Members only
  2. Need to meet with both of the following condition by 31st March

(Click here for IOS version / for Android version to download MPT 4 U)

  1. Up to 1-time 10,000 MMK cash back with MPT Money per 1 MPT SIM Number
  2. Reload into your MPT Money account on 8th April 2020
  3. First come, first served starting from 6th March 2020 and will end with 2 conditions:
  • 31st March 2020 or
  • Reach the total cash back amount at 1 Billion MMK
  1. Your Diamond status of MPT Club would be shared with MPT Money to reload10,000 cash back from MPT Money.
  2. Final decision can be applied by MPT