MPT Upgrades Auto Telephone Exchnges And Expanding Telephone Lines

(Yangon, 29 September 2017) – The country’s leading telecommunication services provider MPT is upgrading existing TDM (Time Diision Multiplex) exchanges to next generation MSAN exchanges to provide better quality and innovative services to its customers.

Since 2015, the operator has been targeting to eventually have up and running, 1,500 MSAN nationwide with more than 400 exchanges to be upgraded. With this target the operator plans to complete the migration of more than 1000 MSAN at the 180 exchanges nationwide by the end of March, 2018. The rollout of the advanced exchange swap machines will automatically replace the previous (5) and (6) digit numbers to the new uniform (7) digit numbers.

Mr. Masahiro Tada, Chief Technical Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said, “We are enabling our users to experience better services with the modernized MSAN Exchanges and by incorporating the latest network technology, the connectivity will be significantly boosted. It is a huge improvement from the old copper distribution frame, under which signal corrosion may be a factor, resulting in a network outages. Via the enhanced connectivity enabled by the fiber installed as part of the upgrades, we can offer higher quality and faster services for our valued customers.”

During the transitional period, MPT will provide a Call Forwarding Service free of charge for incoming calls and for making calls to existing numbers or new numbers, for customers affected by the upgrades for their convenience.

For further information or enquiries on the auto telephone lines, customers can contact MPT Call Center (106) or by calling directly to 01-2399106. In addition, customers may also reach out to the respective exchange offices by dialing (102).

With the slogan “Moving Myanmar Forward”, the ongoing network enhancements are a key part of MPT’s efforts to always improve their offerings for their customers and the development of Myanmar  Telecommunications Sector, which include enriching mobile, internet, value-added services as well as attractive promotions and B2B services.

MPT Reveals Details Of New Tariff Plan Offering Myanmar’s Lowest Call, SMS And Data Rates Available Next Month

(Yangon, 27 September 2017) – In appreciation to its millions of customers nationwide, MPT announced that it will soon be launching an exciting new tariff plan in October that will offer the lowest on-net (MPT to MPT) and off-net (MPT to other) call, SMS and data rates in Myanmar. Continue reading “MPT Reveals Details Of New Tariff Plan Offering Myanmar’s Lowest Call, SMS And Data Rates Available Next Month”

MPT Recognized By Ookla As “Myanmar’s Fastest Mobile Network” Again In 2017

(Yangon, 26 September 2017) – MPT, the country’s leading telecommunications services provider, has been awarded as ‘Myanmar’s Fastest Mobile Network’ for Q1 and Q2 (January – June) 2017 for its network performance by Ookla®, the company behind Speedtest®, which is recognised as the global leader in internet connectivity testing and analysis.

The Speedtest Awards are determined using a Speed Score that incorporates a measure of each provider’s download and upload speeds which are then aggregated using Ookla’s methodology to rank network speed performance. MPT achieved the highest Speed Score (11.45), recording the best aggregate of average speeds for downloads and uploads on LTE-capable devices among the operators in the country.

MPT’s download and upload average speeds on LTE-capable devices by Ookla based on measurements taken from Jan-Jun 2017 over a range of locations and varied conditions


Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations called it a validation of the operator’s determined efforts to improve its nationwide network operations: “We are proud to be accorded this award by Ookla, a top independent technology organization specializing in network performance, as the fastest mobile network in the country. It is the result of MPT teams throughout Myanmar continuously working hard to carry out upgrades and expansions to the network infrastructure to deliver the best experience for our customers.”

This is the second time MPT has been recognized by Ookla within a year, having also earned the distinction for delivering the fastest mobile network service in Myanmar for Q3 and Q4 2016, with a large number of tests taken over the 3G networks available then.

MPT has been setting the pace in the telecommunications space with its ongoing network improvements and the rapid deployment of its next-generation LTE+ which enables double the maximum download rate from 75Mbps to an accelerated 150Mbps through the 1.8GHz spectrum bandwidth optimally, now available in 29 cities, state and regional capitals, including 79 townships.

Speedtest Intelligence data is comprised of millions of consumer-initiated tests, an accurate and consumer-relevant methodology using extensive data analytics to determine the fastest fixed and mobile networks around the world. All major service providers in Myanmar are represented in Speedtest Intelligence data, with significant volumes of tests nationwide which confirms that Speedtest Intelligence data supports the award for “Myanmar’s Fastest Mobile Network.” Customers can witness the live webpage of the speedtest in Myanmar by visiting the link : that features the speed scores of Myanmar telecom operators.


MPT Users Don’t Need To Lose Their Unused Data With Newest Data Pack

(Yangon, 18 September 2017) – Before September 18th, MPT users that reached the end of their data pack period before using all the available quota would have lost it. To address this and give users more time to enjoy their data on the fastest network in the country, MPT has introduced a monthly pack that lets users easily carry forward any remaining data.

Now, customers need not worry about wasting any data they have already paid for at the end of the month, which allowing them to stay connected on their favorite social media, chat with friends and family, game or watch more online videos.

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer for MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said: “Since introducing the fastest LTE+ in Myanmar, MPT has seen user demand for data skyrocket all over the country. This pack is meant to enhance the options available for our data-hungry customers while providing them more time on our constantly improving network. We are committed to ensuring customers remain on our network and continue to have the best data experience.”

MPT customers need simply to purchase the new MPT Data Carry Pack up to 7 days after their existing data pack validity expires. Then, any unused data balance will be available on top of the new total data quota for 30 days from the date of purchase. Customers can subscribe to the Data Carry Packs from prices as low as Ks. 699.

This ‘Carry Over’ function is provided by MPT for its GSM/ WCDMA users with Shwe Thahar and Shal Pyaw plans without extra charges incurred for carrying remaining data forward, customers will only pay for the price of data pack they wish to use.

Customers can subscribe to the Data Carry Pack by dialing *777#. All eligibility criteria remain the same as that of existing data packs, i.e. all MPT prepaid and post-paid GSM/WCDMA customers, including LTE+ users. MPT users may check their remaining data by sending BAL to 1331 or dialing *224#




Standard Data

ValidityData Saving PeriodPrice (Ks)

Inclusive 5%tax

Data Carry 350MB350 MB30 daysWithin

7 days from the expiry






Data Carry 650MB650 MB30 days999*777*2#
Data Carry 2GB2,048 MB30 days2,999*777*3#
Data Carry 3.5GB3,584 MB30 days4,999*777*4#
Data Carry 7GB7,168 MB30 days9,999*777*5#
Data Carry 15GB15,360 MB30 days19,999*777*6#

To find out more about MPT’s Data Carry Packs or other plans and promotions, please visit or for further details.

MPT Launches The First Ever Local Viber Animated Sticker Pack in Myanmar

(Yangon, 14 September 2017) – Starting today, in celebration of the 3-year anniversary brand refreshment, MPT will be launching the very first Viber Animated Sticker Pack in Myanmar, that will include exclusive content of their popular characters – adorable localized Mg Pi Ti and beautiful Thanakha-sporting Ma Pu Tu stickers for users to express themselves in a fun, cheeky and colorful way in their day to day conversation.

The sticker pack featuring Mg Pi Ti and Ma Pu Tu, depicts the love story of young millennials best friends who are in love. Both are characterized as being avid foodies, night owls and fond of conveying their thoughts and feelings through the latest trendy local slangs, not unlike many youth in Myanmar. Daily expressions, catchy dialogues and popular adages have been illustrated together with most of the stickers in the pack.

Viber, one of Myanmar’s top social media apps, designed the new animated localized sticker pack to appeal to both the country’s urban and rural youth. It not only adds more excitement to users’ conversations but also enables Viber followers to receive instant updates on the MPT’s public chat such as important announcements and the latest promotions from Myanmar’s leading mobile network operator. When a Viber sticker pack is downloaded, users become followers automatically.

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer, MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said: “We believe this Viber sticker pack, the first animated one in Myanmar, will be a big hit amongst the youth of the country who enjoy engaging on social media in colorful and expressive ways that truly resonate with them. Alongside the pack’s visuals and appealing local characters, users will also be able to receive useful information on MPT’s many products and services. We look forward to seeing Myanmar share their feelings and thoughts with their friends and family through the sticker pack on Myanmar’s fastest and widest telecommunications network.”

Customers can choose from over 28 of these charming stickers to bring a dash of creativity to their daily discussions. These new range of free sticker package can be downloaded free for any users from the Viber Sticker Market. MPT users can enjoy Viber, one of the most popular social apps at 1 Ks per 1 MB, available for all MPT Swe Thahar GSM/WCDMA users where customers can choose from 24 Hr, 7 Days, and 30 Days packs that provide fixed data quota for Viber on their mobile.

Mr. Anubhav Nayyar, Head of Southeast Asia and South Asia, Viber said, “We are pleased to announce the launch of the first local animated stickers with MPT. Our talented team love bringing new types of sticker packs, like “Mg Pi Ti & Ma Pu Tu” providing the high level of quality we strive to maintain, especially for our users in Myanmar”.

Users with an Android device running Viber 5.3 and later and an iOS device running Viber 5.4 and later will be able to enjoy the animation for the stickers once the sticker is sent. Just like every other animated Viber stickers, the animation will only run once within the chat and customers may run it again by clicking on the sticker in the conversation screen.

Mobile users who want to use the pack can search for the Viber sticker pack’s name, “Have a lively chat with Mg Pi Ti & Ma Pu Tu!” or through the URL of

MPT LTE+ Network Now Available In Scenic Pyin Oo Lwin

(Yangon, 12 September 2017) – MPT customers in Pyin Oo Lwin, a popular hill town in Mandalay Division, Myanmar, famed for its welcoming cool climate and beautiful scenery, can now experience high-speed connectivity on their mobile devices through the operator’s next generation LTE+ network.

Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications provider has completed tower upgrades for the town, a famous holiday destination for both locals and visitors from abroad, which now enables users to enjoy significantly accelerated access to rich online content and offerings on the country’s fastest and widest network.

Since early July, MPT has been upgrading and switching its existing cell towers throughout the country to deliver LTE+ powered by 4×4 MIMO advanced technology, which allows for data speeds of up to 150Mbps, as well as markedly improving call quality and reliability. The network has been rapidly rolled out and has now reached over 29 cities, state and regional capitals of altogether 79 townships, including Pyin Oo Lwin.

In appreciation to its loyal customers in the area, MPT will be organizing exciting public events at various locations later this month including Kyauk Tine Kwin, the MPT Own Shop in Pyin Oo Lwin, along the Mandalay-Lashio Road as well as the corner of the Station Road and Lashio Road, on 27 September as well as the area in front of Myo Ma Market on 28 September. These events will feature fun-filled activities throughout the day as well as offer special promotions for new MPT SIMs, SIM swaps and Top Up cards with premium souvenir sets for residents and visitors alike. They will be joined by helpful local MPT staff members from the city and senior management to commemorate this momentous occasion.

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer, MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said, “We are pleased to extend our cutting-edge LTE+ coverage to one of Myanmar’s most cherished places, which will enable customers here to experience vastly improved connectivity for both mobile call and data services. Not only have we implemented upgrades to the existing tower network, we have installed even more to ensure the people of beautiful Pyin Oo Lwin, known for its lush gardens and unique agricultural industries, receive excellent signal reception on their devices. This expansion milestone underlines our commitment to bringing enriching telecommunications to all of Myanmar, benefiting communities everywhere as people can better connect with friends and loved ones as well as access rich online content and services reliably on our nationwide network.”

MPT has been continuously improving its network throughout the country and has since July, brought LTE+ connectivity to Mandalay Division, with residents of Patheingyi, Amarapura, Myitnge, Aungmyaythazan, Chanayethazan, Chanmyathazi, Mahaaungmyay, Pyigyitagon, Tada-U, Nyaung-U and the latest expansion to Pyin Oo Lwin, now linked to Myanmar’s most advanced high-speed mobile service.

MPT Offers Wider Selection of Ethnic Caller Ring Back Tones

(Yangon, 7 September 2017) – MPT is introducing localized Caller Ring Back Tones as a way of celebrating the diverse range of people from all corners of Myanmar that make up their 25 million of subscribers. MPT is offering customers the opportunity to personalize their phone’s Ethnic ring back tone at an affordable rate when they subscribe to MPT’s ‘Caller Ring Back Tone’ (CRBT) service.

Normally the CRBT is the standard ringing sound callers hear while waiting for the receiver to pick up the call. MPT, the first and leading operator in Myanmar has been providing ethnic songs since CRBT service began and now has expanded the range of songs available to give customers hundreds more options to choose from, along with the thousands of international and local tunes already on offer. The CRBT service from MPT offers a more personalized multimedia experience for users.

Myanmar has 135 different ethnic groups, each with its own history, culture and language. The ethnic nationalities make up around one-third of the population, and the inclusion of their favorite songs on the MPT’s CRBT subscription service will literally be music to their ears.

With this newly introduced Value-Added Service, MPT enables customers from the seven largest ethnic nationalities living in Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Mon, Rakhine, and Shan a chance to entertain their callers by replacing the standard ring back tone with their choice of music or melody from a wide variety of local and traditional artists.

MPT has partnered with Crystal Shine, which will facilitate the local ethnic CRBT songs for MPT customers. MPT’s Ethnic CRBT covers a wide range of ethnic traditional songs including folk music to modern songs that are popular among the ethnic nationalities.

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer, MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said: “There is an increasing demand for CRBT services from not only in the main cities of Myanmar, but also in the remaining parts of Myanmar.  By providing a larger range of ethnic songs at an attractive price, we believe it will meet the needs and demand of our customer and more customers will be using our CRBT service”.

MPT GSM and WCDMA customers who want to subscribe to the daily plan or monthly plan and start listening to their favorite ethnic songs for their calls, simply need to SMS <REG D> to 7979 for daily subscriptions available at 47 Ks/day and SMS <REG M> to 7979 for Monthly subscriptions available at just 1,050 Ks/month. For users who have already registered for the CRBT service, can purchase their desired ethnic ringtone by sending <BUY> followed by 10-digit codes to 7979. For example, customers who wish to buy a ringtone from the famous Kachin Singer, Maran Seng Naw’s MuSai song can send ‘BUY 1000005211’ to 7979.

Customers will be charged for the daily or monthly subscription amount, plus any downloaded songs at 315 Ks for 30 days. CRBT daily subscriptions expire by the end of the subscribed day at midnight.

For more information on the CRBT subscription process, MPT customers can simply dail (106) for customer care service where they will be assisted.

MPT Business Sets New Standard For Fixed Line Services Now Backed By Service Level Agreements

(Yangon, 5 September 2017) MPT Business-to-Business (B2B) customers registered to MPT Business Fixed Line Services including Dedicated Fiber Internet, IP-VPN, Domestic Private Leased Circuit (DPLC) and International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) solutions in Yangon can now be assured of significantly improved network service reliability and 99% availability through the operator’s newly implemented Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a refund scheme guarantee.

The SLA, issued free of charge by MPT, ensures that enterprises reduce service downtimes impacting their operations, enabling them to pursue their business objectives without having to worry about losing commercial opportunities due to service outages.

“As the leading telecommunications operator in Myanmar, MPT understands that businesses here require more effective and reliable support of in-scope network solutions to help drive their operational capabilities. The highly-responsive SLA featuring a refund scheme backing our Business Fixed Line Services allows customers to focus on the important decisions to grow their enterprises and thrive, with upgraded service quality and punctual scheduled responses from our dedicated teams for resolving issues at no extra cost,” said Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

“By delivering on our service promise, we aim to considerably improve customer experience and satisfaction across the board as they benefit from our range of B2B network solutions,” he added.

Existing and newly registered business customers are both automatically included in the premium business customer list as they sign up for any of the MPT Business Fixed Line Services. They can now benefit from the refund scheme as part of the SLA, which guarantees refunds in the event of service outages –depending on the length and nature of the downtime.

To encourage customers to reach out the Technical Service Centre (TSC), MPT provides 24/7 round-the-clock telephone support (TSC hotline number at +95-1-2302274, 01-2300444) or quick on-site support for queries and issues resolution. It is a one-stop business customer service support operation set up to address user issues and help ensure smooth network availability.

For more information on the new MPT Business Fixed Line Services SLA and refund scheme guarantee, please contact the B2B Sales Department hotline number at  0800 800 9990 (calls from MPT Subscribers free of charge) and +95 9426000323 (from any operator) or via  email at [email protected].

*Refunds under the MPT Business Fixed Line Services SLA and applicable exemptions subject to terms and conditions.