Xperia XA1 Plus and XZ1 FAQs

Xperia XA1 Plus and XZ1

1. What is that Sony Xperia XA1 Plus and XZ1 promotion about?

When you buy Sony Xperia XA1 Plus and XZ1 during promotion period, you will get free MPT bonus cash.
This bonus can be used only for internet data.
Free bonus cash can be given once per month and up to 6 months from first month.

3. What will happen if I switch to base plan?

Free cash bonus can be used only with Swe Thahar Plan, Shal Pyaw Plan and Shwe Zagar Plan.
If customer switches to base plan and then switches back to Swe Thahar Plan or Shal Pyaw Plan, the customer still get remaining bonus data.

5. Which type of cash will be used first, bonus or main balance?

Bonus cash will be always be used first. (only for data)

7. Where can I get the handset?

Customer can buy at Sony show rooms, Wan Yan stores and Sony dealer shops.

9. How to get bonus?

Have to use Sony those models with any MPT GSM sim card.

Must insert into SIM slot 1 and then call to *268# to activate after that top up as mention.
Need to top up as mention in sms every month for other months.

11. What about free cash bonus recharge amount?

The bonus and recharge amount is:

Free cash bonus 3000 mmk per month upon recharge of 5000 mmk and 6000 mmk per month upon recharge of 10,000 mmk.

13. How to check bonus balance?

Dial *224# and receive balance sms.

15. Will user still use bonus if user switches to another MPT SIM after got bonus at 1st MPT SIM at same Sony XA1 Plus and XZ1 handset?

After the user got bonus in first activated MSISDN with paired IMEI then user has to use along 6 months to get the cash bonus with this MSISDN and can’t change to another SIM card.

2. How long will the free bonus are given?

Up to 6 months, from the first month of using data with any MPT sim card and Sony Xperia XA1 Plus and XZ1.
E.g. If customer uses Sony Xperia XA1 Plus and MPT sim card together in October 2017, free data can be given only up to March 2018, even customer didn’t top up in November till February.

4. What is the expiry date of bonus cash?

Bonus cash would last for 30 days from the day it is given.

6. What is the price?

Sony Xperia XA1 Plus = 349,000 MMK

Sony Xperia XZ1 = 888,000 mmk

8. When will be available in the market?

Sony XA1 Plus and XZ1 handset will be in the market on 2, November, 2017.

10. How to get bonus?

Have to use Sony those models with any MPT GSM sim card.
Must insert into SIM slot 1 and then call to *268# to activate after that top up as mention.
Need to top up as mention in sms every month for other months.

12. What is the free gift item?

Sony gives Sony headphone for XA1 Plus customers. Tempered glass and silicon cover for both handsets.

14. How to activate for this bonus?

User needs to switch to 3G network first then dial *268# and will receive sms. If didn’t receive sms, need to restart the handset and try again.

16. Will same MPT SIM card still get bonus if user has another bonus from Samsung S8 or another Sony XZ1 or XA1 Plus?

No, same MPT SIM card will not get bonus if user already has another bonus at same MPT SIM. Eg. MPT SIM has Samsung S8 bonus then can’t get Sony’s bonus but when Samsung S8/S8+ data bonus for 6 months finished, it can get Sony XA1 Plus or XZ1 bonus.

MPT To Promote Environmental Awareness Through Its “Clean & Fresh To Move Forward” Initiative

MPT’s new clean up campaign held in Mandalay aims to inspire communities to clean up, maintain and conserve their environment

(Yangon, 30 October 2017) – MPT has launched its environmental clean up campaign to encourage communities of the country, to clean up and conserve the environment. The “Clean & Fresh To Move Forward” which commenced in Mandalay last weekend, aims to highlight the
importance of maintaining a safe, clean and healthy environment and how it is everyone’s responsibility.

Including Mandalay, the campaign will be carried out by MPT at six regions from late October 2017 to February 2018 – Yangon, Naypyitaw, Bago, Mon and Ayeyarwaddy. This environmental and cleanliness outreach will involve educating the public on key topics such as waste
management, removing litter from public areas such as streets, parks, waterways and other places, and the benefits a clean environment can bring to communities.

To kick off the initiative, more than 500 volunteers from MPT’s Mandalay team as well as the Mandalay City Development Committee (MCDC) and the public, demonstrated their dedication to environmental protection by collecting dozens of bags of waste including collection of recyclable
material starting from Pan Yan Daw creek bride to Thamadaw village along the express way of Mandalay to Pyin Oo Lwin.

“As a responsible corporate citizen, MPT wants to encourage members of society to create and cultivate a clean environment that is not harmful to health and to protect the environment for the benefit of present and future generations. It is very important that we engage communities in longterm environmental initiatives and other measures that prevent pollution and environmental degradation,” said Mr. Yoshiaki Benino, Chief Operating Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

MPT has established itself as a CSR leader with its various initiatives amongst the communities of Myanmar and is continuously seeking out appropriate opportunities to carry out environmental sustainability programs that can make a positive difference for the communities of Myanmar. In the past engaged, MPT has engaged through various health, education, disaster relief and sustainable CSR initiatives which include campaigns for providing clean and hygienic water, tree planting activities for a sustainable environment.

Aiming to achieve more positive impact in the next year, MPT has outlined its CSR vision, “Together for Future Generations”. To reach its development targets for its outreach efforts, MPT will be operating a number of programs in key areas, through collaboration with various institutions operating in these sectors, the details of which shall be announced in the near future.

MPT LTE+ Network To Spur Further Development At Bustling Muse

Communities in Muse, Shan State can now enjoy high-speed LTE+, making it 80 townships, including 30 cities, State and Regional capitals connected to MPT’s next-generation network
(Yangon, 26 October 2017) – Starting from 27th October, businesses and communities in Muse, Shan State can enjoy high-speed fourth-generation network service on the 1.8GHz spectrum,through MPT’s LTE+. The town, famed for its border trade as the gateway to neighboring China, joins other locations in the region including Keng Tung and Loikaw, which received LTE+ connectivity back in August on Myanmar’s fastest and widest network.

The operator has been upgrading its mobile network throughout the country to deliver LTE+ powered by 4×4 MIMO advanced technology, as part of its service expansion. With the new addition of one of Myanmar’s main economic growth areas, it has reached 30 cities, state and regional capitals of altogether 80 townships.

To mark the network availability at Muse, customers here will also be treated to exciting and engaging events held at various locations where MPT will carry out promotional shows and giveaways. These include activities such as special offers for new MPT SIMs, SIM swaps as well
as Top Up cards with premium souvenirs.

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer, MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said, “We are pleased to be rolling out our LTE+ network in Muse, powered by next-generation 4×4 MIMO technology enabling double the speeds over other 4G services at up to 150Mbps, where the residents and
businesses here can now enjoy markedly faster connectivity for both mobile call and data services. As an important gateway to China, this expansion milestone will help spur economic growth at this popular border town, underlining our commitment to bringing enriching
telecommunications to all of Myanmar.”

With its continuos network rollout, MPT is on-track to deploy LTE+ at locations in every state and region of Myanmar. The operator plans to implement further network improvements to upgrade existing coverage locations and add more LTE+ connectivity in the future as part of its commitment to moving Myanmar forward through enhanced telecommunications services.

MPT Teams Up With Myanmar Red Cross Society To Help Save Lives Through “First Aid For All”

New health awareness campaign to educate the public with basic first aid knowledge as part of MPT’s overall CSR vision encompasing healthcare, education and business incubation

(Yangon, 24 October 2017) – As Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications services provider, MPT has launched its health campaign in collaboration with the Myanmar Red Cross Soceity (MRCS) to impart first aid knowledge amongst the communities of the country, particularly to young people in Myanmar. Running as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) healthcare pillar, MPT’s “First Aid For All” aims to equip the general public with the skills and information necessary to respond to health emergencies.

MPT will be rolling out the program from November 2017 to March 2018. It will entail the publishing of 12 unique health education videos on media and social media platforms, focused on how basic first aid should be applied in situations such as the loss of consciousness, electrocution, snake bikes, heat stroke, as well as the treatment of wounds.

“In partnership with MPT, we have put together a series of informative videos for the public across various platforms covering the life saving and condition stabilizing techniques that can be performed by almost anyone in cases like the loss of consciousness and other accidents before they worsen. We need to be more prepared as a society and every individual in Myanmar should have at least a basic level of first aid knowledge as it can make a difference during crucial health situations,” said Dr. (Daw) Nang Htawn Hla, Vice President for Myanmar Red Cross Society.

This health awareness outreach is to educate members of society on handling medical emergencies, especially in the ‘golden hour’ – the first hour after a serious accident – as it is vital for victims to receive medical treatment to improve their odds of recovering. This is especially critical for responding to road accident victims and other common cases which require immediate attention.

“Through the First Aid For All campaign, more people will have the knowledge to appropriately recognize an emergency and provide basic first aid until professional help arrives. Learning first aid techniques can help many cope with emergencies and this is why we are collaborating with the Myanmar Red Cross Society to publish educational content for the public. Together, more lives can be saved and we hope that everyone will support this initiative, especially the younger generation who can benefit a lot from the initiative, by tuning in and viewing the engaging content on this important matter,” said Mr. Toshitake Amamiya, Chief Executive Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

MPT has established itself as a CSR leader with its various initiatives amongst the communities of Myanmar and prides itself on setting a strong example for social engagement. The operator has in the past engaged in various health, education, disaster relief and sustainable CSR programs. They include campaigns for providing clean and hygienic water, donating funds to hospitals as well as planting trees for a sustainable environment.

Aiming to achieve more positive impact in the next year, MPT has outlined its CSR vision, “Together for Future Generations”, which will be implemented through three main pillars:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Education
  3. Business Incubation

To aid in the development of each of these CSR categories, MPT is currently running and planning a number of programs in key areas, through collaboration with various institutions operating in these sectors, the details of which shall be announced in the near future.

Update Announcement on Migration of Auto Telephone Numbers

(Yangon, 23 October 2017) – MPT has been migrating its existing auto telephone numbers to new uniform 7-digit numbers in order to improve quality and provide better services. On 31 July 2017, MPT announce migrations to be performed at the exchanges in the South Dagon Exchange Area. However, the migrations were interrupted due to an unforeseen power issue on 31 August 2017 and could not be completed on schedule. Therefore, the remaining subscribers at the Dagon Seikkan Exchange, Yuzana Exchange and East Dagon Exchange will be upgraded on 31 October 2017 to the advanced system, with their numbers amended as follows: Continue reading “Update Announcement on Migration of Auto Telephone Numbers”

MPT Broadens Young Minds On Telecommunications Field With Special University Vocational Training Sessions

(Yangon, 17 October 2017) – As part of its commitment to support education amongst Myanmar’s youth, MPT this month organized the vocational training sessions for second and third-year electronic engineering students from Yangon Technological University, Thanlyin Technological University and the Government Technology Institute. Continue reading “MPT Broadens Young Minds On Telecommunications Field With Special University Vocational Training Sessions”

MPT Committed To Connecting Chin State’s Unconnected

(Yangon, 12 October 2017) – MPT today announced that in line with its commitment to offering enriching telecommunications services throughout the country, even in areas which previously lacked mobile connectivity, the operator has upgraded its tower network serving several remote locations in mountainous Chin State, to extend high-speed 3G coverage and enhance signal strength for the local communities living along Myanmar’s north-western frontier.

With the expansion, residents around Pan Sakhan of Makhwi Village, Makyine Village, Lay Shi Village from Mintub Township and Alin Wa Village and Ngamyinthaung Village from Palatwa Townships will now have access to Myanmar’s widest and fastest mobile network, enabling convenient communication, saving time and encouraging economic growth opportunities for the rural residents of these respective areas.

Recognizing the positive impact of the network rollout into the surrounding rural areas, Ning My Mang, a school teacher from the resident of Makyine Village, praised MPT’s efforts to bridge the telecommunications divide for residents: “Previously we have faced difficulties communicating and running businesses due to the lack of reliable communication networks. Communications was a challenge here but with the upgrades, MPT has significantly improved our daily lives and helped spur economic activity locally by building the towers in our area, providing mobile network accessibility. Now that the mobile connectivity has been provided, residents no longer have to travel the extra miles and waste energy merely to deliver messages.”

The upgrades involve improvements the existing local tower network, and constructing additional tower infrastructure which permits high speed 3G connectivity and markedly stronger call reception.

Mr. Toshitake Amamiya, CEO of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said: “We are pleased to extend our boosted coverage to Myanmar’s north-western region, some in very remote locations, which will enable customers to experience vastly improved connectivity. This will provide high-quality mobile and data services that will open up numerous economic and social opportunities. Not only have we implemented upgrades to the existing tower network, we have installed even more to ensure the area receives good signal reception. As Myanmar’s leading operator, it is important that the country’s diverse communities in rural areas also enjoy the benefits of advanced telecommunications.”

MPT already has the widest and fastest network spanning 96% of the country’s population. It was also recently been recognized for the second time within a year, for providing the fastest network service in Myanmar by global network testing expert Ookla. MPT has been continuously improving its network throughout the country and is poised to fulfil its plan to provide improved network coverage at locations in every state and region of Myanmar, demonstrating its commitment to moving Myanmar forward through enhanced telecommunications services.

IP-VPN Global Connection

(Yangon, 13 October 2017) MPT has announced its IP-VPN Global Connection which provides business, enterprise and government clients a highly secure, private, and flexible managed network offering to seamlessly connect their offices in Myanmar and more than 100 other countries. The first offering of its kind in Myanmar, MPT’s IP-VPN Global Connection is a private, secure and stable multi-protocol label switching (MPLS)-based wide area network service through four territorial and two different submarine routes that enables business customers to integrate their global communications onto a single secure and resilient IP-VPN.

Customers can easily expand their domestic data network to encompass foreign country locations under a single service hub that is based on “one-stop ordering” and “one-stop billing” in Myanmar. This allows customers to order and pay for service charges for both local and oversea IP-VPNs along with their respective access lines.

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said, “MPT’s IP-VPN Global Connection is a secure and high-quality IP network service utilizing advanced technology that is highly expandable and flexible, benefiting customers through a highspeed global network provided through one-stop shopping. This is the first time a cross-border network solution like this has been made available in Myanmar, in line with our goal of providing cutting-edge offerings to meet the growing needs of businesses here.”

MPT’s local IP-VPN, launched in 2015, was the first nationwide service in Myanmar, providing high-level security on a simplified network structure, with lower costs than leased lines available in the market. Customers also benefit from the reduced cost of ownership, less management complexity through one-stop shopping, more cost efficiency through the carriage of data on single network and better performance management and reporting.

MPT now supports the growth of Myanmar companies’ global businesses by expanding its IP-VPN network coverage with service level agreements (SLA) which ensures top customer service and offers refunds in the event of network outages.

For more information on the new MPT IP-VPN Global Connectivity, please contact the MPT Business division via the B2B sales department at [email protected] or hotline number: 106 (For MPT Subscribers) and 01-2399106 (For any other operators).

MPT Commences Next Mobile Seminar Series To Further Promote Safe Mobile Usage and Internet Security

(Yangon, 11 October 2017) – MPT today announced the return of its successful Mobile Seminar series that will be held throughout Myanmar from October 2017 to March 2018. The country’s first and leading telecommunications provider is planning to organize 110 seminars in communities nationwide on the topic of safe and proper mobile and internet usage.

These informative free-to-attend sessions that will be held at schools, universities and other locations in more than 100 townships, will feature MPT teams providing guidance and training on how to utilize smartphones safely and economically to ensure that people here make the most of their online mobile services. They will cover essential topics such as proper mobile usage and etiquette, internet safety, how to securely navigate the online environment from threats and deter cyberbullying, harassment, as well as safeguard one’s personal data in a connected world.

While the proliferation of online mobile telecommunications has contributed significantly to improving the lives of Myanmar’s people, there are potential risks present for users that need to be highlighted. Apart from raising awareness of the benefits of smartphones and services, MPT aims to encourage knowledge growth amongst the country’s growing number of connected communities on the issues of unsafe online activities, security and how to manage unintentional data consumption for a more enjoyable experience.

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said, “We are pleased to be kicking off our next round of mobile seminars that have been very well-received thus far, with many participants having joined the events around Myanmar since we first started last year. Even with the growth of mobile internet throughout the country, there is still an awareness gap on certain important issues like cyber abuse and safe online practices that we need to address. As a responsible corporate citizen, MPT is determined to press on with the initiative to achieve greater online usage literacy and ensure that consumer knowledge on the subject matter keeps pace with the rapid spread of connectivity in the country.”

Many customers benefited from MPT’s initiative previously, which has to-date seen 195 mobile seminars held in several townships throughout the country in the respective regions’ schools, universities and industrial zones.

For more information on the Mobile Seminars or other MPT announcements, please visit or

MPT Reveals Attractive New Tariff Plan ‘Shwe Zagar’ Offering Myanmar’s Lowest Voice Call Rate

Starting tomorrow, customers may subscribe to this affordable plan, by simply dialing *234*4# for prepaid user and *235*4# for postpaid users. The new rates are not just promotional and will instead be made available continuously to complement the operator’s already competitive Swe Thahar and Shal Pyaw plans for users. Continue reading “MPT Reveals Attractive New Tariff Plan ‘Shwe Zagar’ Offering Myanmar’s Lowest Voice Call Rate”