MPT’ LTE+ Network Now Available in Every State and Region of Myanmar

(Yangon, 28th December 20017) MPT’s fastest and widest LTE+ network has been turned on in Hakha, Chin state and Kyeikhteeyoe, Mon state, extending the award-winning network to every State and Region in Myanmar.

MPT is transforming internet access around Myanmar with the continued rollout of its advanced LTE+ network. Capable of delivering high-speed internet access to thousands of customers at one time, Hakha city residents can expect a high-quality experience for browsing the internet, listening to music, or watching HD video. MPT recently announced upgrades to its LTE+ 4×4 MIMO network, enabling speeds of up to 300 Mbps on compatible devices.

Hakha city means MPT LTE+ is now available in 82 townships across the country. 2018 is set to be a big year for the Myanmar’s largest mobile carrier, with the operator on track to rollout LTE+ to 280 townships nationwide by the end of 2018. Customers can connect to this revolutionary network by turning on 4G network access in the settings app of their compatible mobile device, or by heading to their closest MPT-branded store.

“MPT has seen firsthand the amazing ways that our customers use our award-winning LTE+ network around the country, so we are proud to see the introduction of our LTE+ network in both Hakha and Kyeikhteeyoe. This important milestone in the development of Chin State means that MPT LTE+ is now available in every State and Region of Myanmar. With the highest speeds in Myanmar, our customers can browse the web faster than ever before. We encourage our customers in Hakha and Kyeikhteeyoe to enable 4G on their handsets to connect with friends and family on the country’s fastest and widest mobile network,” said Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

For more information, call 106, or go to and MPT official Facebook page of

MPT Announces New Affordable FTTH Plans

(Yangon, 27 December 2017) MPT today announced new, much more affordable Fiber To The Home (FTTH) fixed broadband internet plans launching on the 2nd of January, 2018.

MPT’s FTTH new plan offerings come with no download limits and allow customers to conveniently connect online for social media, rich media content, downloads and entertainment worry-free starting from the 2Mbps option for only 39,000 Ks. per month. Installation cost is also reduced to 50,000 Ks., down from 200,000 Ks. Previously. Continue reading “MPT Announces New Affordable FTTH Plans”

MPT Sponsors New Hit TV Show “The Voice Myanmar”

(Yangon, 26 December 2017) MPT has announced as the main sponsor for new hit TV show ‘The Voice Myanmar’, starting in early 2018 on MRTV – 4. With famous singers Ni Ni Khin Zaw, Lynn Lynn, Yan Yan Chan, and Han Htoo Lwin as coaches, contestants will compete in an international-format singing competition to be crowned “The Voice” in front of a live studio audience, receiving a life-changing recording contract with Universal Music Group. Myanmar music lovers are encouraged to tune in to watch young people from around Myanmar share their unique musical abilities on the national stage!

The Voice Myanmar is set to become a program, attracting younger generations to make their dreams come true and providing new musical talent to Myanmar music listeners. It is different from other talent shows, because of the revolutionary blind audition round, which focuses exclusively on the singer’s voice quality, rather than clothes or appearance. To ensure the best competitors are chosen, the coaches are top artists in the Myanmar music industry. These coaches are Myanmar music industry heavy-weights, with strong nationwide and international followings. After passing through the audition stages, the famed coaches will choose the contestants best suited to their musical styles, supporting them and developing their singing skills to compete in Knockout rounds and Live Performances.

The Live Performance rounds are sure to be particularly thrilling. Filmed in front of a live studio audience, contestants will perform for the support of their fans. MPT’s LTE+ network will deliver performance live-streams on Facebook Live, as well as enabling voting, interacting with friends and discussing various topics in there.MPT is excited to be a part of this world-famous TV show. We love music and live performances, and we want to support young people to achieve their dreams on the international stage. Our network is ready to power such an important new TV show, and voting for your favourite singers is a great new way to use your phone! MPT hopes to work together with famous coaches, to make The Voice Myanmar an utmost success.” Said Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT- KSGM Joint Operations.

Faster Data, Better Calls, Everywhere’ is the Future of MPT LTE+

(Yangon, 21 December, 2017) Ground-breaking developments to the MPT’s leading LTE+ network were announced today at PARKROYAL Hotel, Yangon, focused on upgrading data speeds and improving calls for MPT customers around Myanmar.

MPT is drastically improving speeds for customers around Myanmar.  By doubling the bandwidth of MPT’s award-winning LTE+ network powered by 4×4 MIMO technology, customers can achieve speeds of up to 300 Mbps, double its previous maximum speeds, allowing faster downloads, higher resolution videos and less buffering on compatible devices.

At the same time, MPT is enhancing the online experience of customers in downtown Yangon, through the use of new technology called Carrier Aggregation. The rollout will begin in January at Junction Mawtin, Junction Square and Taw Win Centre shopping centres, drastically improving the internet experience of MPT customers in these areas. By allowing customer devices to connect to two different LTE+ frequency bands, MPT can combine several layers of LTE+ into the fastest data speeds seen yet. Furthermore, by combining three MPT LTE+ frequencies, we have achieved the fastest speed of 800Mbps in Myanmar.

MPT understands that while data is important, many of its customers still need to make phone calls. MPT is exploring ways to improve this technology, and today demonstrated the future of the telephone call. Called Voice over LTE (VoLTE), this technology allows for clearer voice calls and less background noise. MPT has presented for the first time in Myanmar for the media the future of the telephone call on Myanmar’s leading mobile network. “With VoLTE, it’s just like the caller is right next to you!”, said Noboru Edagawa, Chief Technical Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

Finally, MPT is happy to announce that the  LTE+ network will be rolled out to 280 townships by the end of 2018. This milestone means that MPT’s  LTE+ network, the fastest in the country, will be available truly nationwide.

“MPT has seen firsthand an incredible boom in data consumption by its customers since the introduction of  LTE+ earlier this year, so we are delighted to announce upgrades to our LTE+ network, giving our customers even faster data speeds in selected locations around Yangon,” added Noboru Edagawa. “We are also very excited today to demonstrate the future of the telephone call, with technology called Voice over LTE which will enable clearer voice calls with less background noise. Finally, today’s announcement on the planned rollout of LTE+ in Myanmar, means that MPT’s LTE+ network will soon be available truly nationwide.”

MPT Moves Youth Entrepreneurship Forwards in 2018

(Yangon,15th December, 2017) MPT is excited to be the main supporter of “Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program 2018,” a competition hosted in partnership with Myanmar Computer Federation and MPT to support youth and their ability to start businesses in areas relevant to MPT’s expertise. As part of its CSR efforts, MPT is dedicated to supporting young business entrepreneurs by providing access to business skills and capacity-building training to leave a lasting impact for the next generation.

The competition seeks entrants from around Myanmar to compete for the chance to turn their business ideas into reality. Organisers expect hundreds of teams to apply nation-wide to compete to find the most promising new start-ups in the following categories: civic technology, open data, business, agriculture, education, health care, society and entertainment.

Applications open from 18 December 2017, and applications close 18 January 2018. To apply, teams are asked to identify a problem, propose a solution, and then supply their commercialisation plan for a specific target audience. This is an incredibly important first step all businesses must undertake to be successful, and one of the many ways this program teaches real skills to participants.

15 teams will be chosen each from Upper Myanmar (based in Mandalay), and Lower Myanmar (based in Yangon) regions and they will have a chance to present their product in front of the selection board. If successful, final 10 teams will have the opportunity to refine their business plans, and pitch their ideas to a board of judges and media. The highlight is a 1-week boot-camp program hosted in Yangon. From there, 3 teams will be selected for implementation of their dream program till success undertaken in conjunction with MPT and the Myanmar Computer Federation.

Teams will also receive extensive media coverage on MPT and MCF Facebook pages, as well as invaluable mass media coverage of their business ideas. A dedicated website and social media presence will be launched for the competition, and applications can be lodged online, through respective MPT offices in states and regions around Myanmar.

The eventual winning team will be decided on 11 February 2018 in a final competition day, receiving 5,000,000 Ks., and 6 months access to a co-working space with other successful local start-ups at MCF’s incubation centre, Kanaung Hub, from March 2018. The winning team will also get the chance to further grow their business through the close assistance of mentors and skills transfer of successful start-ups in the field.

“The Myanmar Computer Foundation is delighted to be working with MPT to run the Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program. There are many opportunities here to develop new solutions to the problems faced by everyday Myanmar people, and we can think of no better group of people to do this than the youth of our country. We are very excited to see their projects develop over the next few months!” said U Khun Oo, President of MCF.

“MPT knows that today’s young people are the future of Myanmar, and business and digital skills will be an important part of their success. We want to encourage the next generation of technology entrepreneurs in Myanmar. The digital revolution will change workplaces significantly over the coming years, and Myanmar’s youth must be ready for this change. As Myanmar’s leading carrier, we have a very good understanding of digital technologies, and so we and MCF are especially excited to offer mentoring services to promising teams who use technology to move Myanmar forwards.” said Mr. Toshitake Amamiya, CEO of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

For more information about the competition, application process and criteria please go to  and official website and facebook page of MPT and MCF.

MPT New Year Dream Lucky Draw is back!

(Yangon, 12 December 2017) – MPT has announced the return of the Lucky Draw promotion starting from 13 December 2017 to 9 January, 2018. Myanmar’s first and leading telecom provider is excited to offer its 26 million customers more chances to win in its prize draw, with exciting prizes than ever before.

The prizes this year are bigger and include 30x iPhone X, 3x New Toyota Vios, and 1 incredible major prize, 1x Star City Condominium room.

MPT has made it easier than ever before to enter the prize draw. Customers can generate Lucky Draw entries simply by using their MPT mobile service on Myanmar’s widest mobile network. User will automatically join lucky draw by just spending 1000Ks! Once user spend 1000Ks, they get the chance to be in the next lucky draw until the final draw.  And as shown below, the more you spend, the more chances to win!

 Usage Chances to win
 1,000 Ks 1x chance to win
 5,000 Ks 5x chances to win
 10,000 Ks 10x chances to win
 15,000 Ks 15x chances to win
 20,000 Ks 20x chances to win
 25,000 Ks 25x chances to win
 30,000 Ks 30x chances to win

Prize draws will happen on December 20, December 27, January 3, broadcast on Facebook Live to all subscribers over the super-fast MPT 3G and 4G networks. These first three prize draws will include 7x iPhone X, and 1x Toyota Vios. Winners will be called live to share their joy with the virtual audience.

The final prize draw, at Myanmar Plaza on January 10, 2018, will include 9x iPhone X and the major prize of 1x brand new condominium room at Star City, Thanlyin Township, Yangon. A “community within a community”, Star City provides residents with convenient access to a wide range of services and amenities, including shops, restaurants, a supermarket, a spa, a 9-hole golf course, banking facilities, round-the-clock security and shuttle bus services to downtown Yangon.

“MPT is delighted to announce the return of the Lucky Draw this year. The prizes are bigger than ever before, and it’s easy to enter the prize draw. Winners of the new Apple iPhone X will be able to connect to MPT’s super-fast 4×4 MIMO 4G network for a great online experience. MPT cares about its customers, and wants to thank them for their support during over the end-of-year holiday period with some great prizes. We hope you enter as often as possible!” said Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer, MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

For more information, MPT customers can dial (106) for customer care service assistance.

Lucky Draw FAQs EN

Lucky Draw

1. What is MPT New Year Lucky Draw?

• “MPT New Year Lucky Draw” shall be launched on 13 December 2017, and it will run until 9th January 2018.
• MPT mobile users (GSM/WCDMA and CDMA) with Myanmar Nationality are eligible to join Lucky draw.

3. What is the meaning of “spend”? What are the eligible usage?

• All the usages which are deducted from main balance are eligible. (PAYG Outgoing Call, PAYG Data, Outgoing SMS, Package Purchasing & VAS services).
• But bonus usage are not eligible.

5. How many chances can each user get?

• Once the user spend more than 1000Ks, then they will be in the lucky draw – from the next draw till the final draw.
• If users spend the amount listed below, they can get higher chance to win lucky Draw from the next draw till the final draw. Reach 5000Ks … X5 times chance than 1000Ks
– Reach 10000Ks … X10 times chance than 1000Ks
– Reach 15000Ks … X15 times chance than 1000Ks
– Reach 20000Ks … X20 times chance than 1000Ks
– Reach 25000Ks … X25 times chance than 1000Ks
– Reach 30000Ks & above … X30 times chance than 1000Ks

7. If I could not answer the call of MPT, what will happen?

• MPT will continue to call/contact for next 5 days (until successive Tuesday).
• But if there is totally no response, the prize will be incorporated into the Final Week & new winner will be selected.
• But Final Week Lucky Draw – winning numbers has to be contacted 3 times continuously. If he is not reachable, MPT will skip that prize and draw for next prizes. At the end of the Lucky Draw Session – skipped numbers will be re-called 2 times continuously. If he is not still reachable yet, MPT will draw again ( will choose another number )

9. I won Toyota Vios Car. How can I pick up my prize?

• Toyota Vios winners will be invited to Yangon attend awarding ceremony.
• Detail information of Awarding Ceremony will be informed separately.
• You need to cooperate with MPT team/ Toyota Team to fulfill all required documents for formalities and/or regulatory process.

2. Who can participate in the Lucky Draw?

• All MPT GSM/WCDMA & CDMA users with Myanmar Nationality are eligible can participate.
• No opt-in is needed. As soon as user spend 1000Ks, MPT will notify that they get the chance to win Lucky Draw and they can get more chances to win by spending more.

4. What are the prizes?

• On 20th December, 2017 – winners of 1 Toyota Vios 2017 Car & 7 iPhone X will be announced.
• On 27th December, 2017 – winners of 1 Toyota Vios 2017 Car & 7 iPhone X will be announced.
• On 3rd January, 2018 – winners of 1 Toyota Vios 2017 Car & 7 iPhone X will be announced.
• On 10th January, 2018 – winners of 1 Condominium & 9 iPhone X will be announced.

6. How can I know if I win the prize?

• On 20th December, 27th December, 3rd January & 10th January – MPT will choose the winners.
• MPT will call the winners on that days and inform the prize with detail information.
• All will be lived on MPT official Facebook Page.

8. I won iPhone X. How can I pick up my prize?

• IPhone X winners will be invited to Yangon MPT- MPT Bo Aung Kyaw office office to attend awarding ceremony.
• Awarding Ceremony will be held on continuous Wednesday.

10. I won Condominium. How can I pick up my prize?

• Condominium winner will be invited to Yangon to attend awarding ceremony.
• Detail information of Awarding Ceremony will be informed separately.
• You need to cooperate with MPT team/ Star City Team to fulfill all required documents for formalities and/or regulatory process.

MPT Wins Big in Inaugural Myanmar Employer Awards

(Yangon, 11 December 2017) – In a show of MPT’s commitment to being a top employer in Myanmar, the nation’s first and leading telecom won five awards at the inaugural Myanmar Employer Awards Gala Night, held at Sule Shangri La Hotel on 9 December 2017.

MPT is especially proud to have won the People’s Choice award, being recognised by its employees as the organisation with the highest level of commitment to the development of its human talents, and as voted by the Myanmar public.

Powered by, and with verification by international accounting firm Deloitte, MPT won in the following 5 categories:

– People’s Choice Award
– Gold for Most Effective Recruitment Strategy for Talent Attraction
– Gold for Best Use of Technology in HR
– Bronze for Best Use of Rewards & Recognition
– Bronze for Best Career Advancement Program

In winning Gold in the Effective Recruitment Strategy for Talent Attraction, MPT was recognised for its effective methods to receive large volumes of candidates. By using the top two online job portals, as well as recruitment agencies, general and functional-specific job fairs, and its own job fair, MPT spread its reach wider than any competitor. This combined well with a clear interview structure, and speedy recruitment process that included the use of personality assessment tests.

The Gold Award for Best Use of Technology in HR was down to MPT’s effective use of simple technology, like SMS blast alerts for trainings, fingerprint attendance systems, automated payroll software, online recruitment systems with database file sharing capabilities. This smart use of technology allowed MPT’s HR team to effectively find the best candidates for its fast-growing teams.

“All of us at MPT are honoured to receive these awards as recognition of our efforts. These accolades are testament to our ongoing commitment to our more than 8000 employees around Myanmar, all of whom are together dedicated to Moving Myanmar Forward” said, U Naing Ko Ko, Deputy Chief Operating Officer for MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

MPT congratulates all competitors in a strong field of nation-wide employers competing in the fast-growing recruitment and HR industry. Refusing to rest, MPT hopes this win in the HR field is the first of many.



1. What is MPT4U?

MPT4U is a place which user can top-up bill, buy the packages, check the daily usage and other services. And, it can use the MPT4U app with Myanmar Version.

2. How to download MPT4U?

Please check every step of MPT4U App download and install from below link.

Android Customers can dial *4040# or through Lotaya website to Download/Upgrade for FREE. For IOS users, they can only update/download from App Store. It is not free to download application for iOS, there will be some data charges to download the App from App Store.

3. How can I upgrade MPT4U App?

Android Customers can dial *4040# or through Lotaya website to Download/Upgrade for FREE. For IOS users, they can only update/download from App Store.

4. How to use MPT4U App?

Please follow below steps to use MPT4U App.

  1. Access mobile data
  2. Tap the MPT4U app in the phone
  3. Will reach to the main screen of App

User can use whatever his/her required services.

5. What are the services of MPT4U App?

User can use below features from MPT4U.

-Balance check

-Top up bill

-Daily phone bill and VAS usage check

-Buy the packages

-Loan balance

-Balance transfer

-Remaining packages balance check

-My Subscription

-Call service

-Check FAQ

-Get MPT Ring Tune

-Check the MPT Club points

-Access to Lotaya Portal

-Can change the plan (Shalpyaw, Shwezagar)

– MPT4U game Services  etc…

6. Can MPT4U App use with other networks?

MPT4U can use not only with MPT but also with another network and Wi-Fi. It will be the FOC if login with MPT network.

7. What is new version of MPT4U and What is the minimum Android and iOS version required to use new version MPT4U?

New version of MPT4U is IOS : 1.4.0 Android : 4.3.0. If Android is less than “5” and iOS is less than “9”, users could not use for new version of MPT4U .

8. Can I download and install to use New version MPT4U if my phone is low version?

User can install the App but cannot use some functions & App which will log out automatically.

9. How can I check my Application version?

You can check from the Setting page on Side bar menu.

10. How can I change language?

Under the Setting icon on Side Bar menu, you can change language

11. Can I continue to use old MPT4U?

Old user can continue. But they need to update new version as old system will be run just 3 months.

12. Can I play Hti Pauk in old MPT4U?

Customer can play Hti Pauk in the MPT4U Old version within the limited timeframe. For getting better experiences we prefer to play Hti Pauk in MPT4U New version.

13. Can I get free chances in MPT4U old version which specially offered for MPT Club member?

If one customer only login old App, and old platform will continuously give the free chance of lucky draw.

If one customer login new App or new website, and new platform will give the free chance of lucky draw, in this case, the customer cannot come back to old app. For getting better experiences we prefer to download and try new version of MPT4U.

14. I used MPT4U Website and now I cannot use old MPT4U. Why?

As MPT4U web supports new version of MPT4U, you cannot use old version what you ever used. When the customer login to old App, customer will get pop up message to update latest version for getting lucky draw chances.

15. I purchase package from USSD, and I received Hti Pauk chance SMS also but why it’s not showing in MPT4U application?

After introducing of MPT4U new version, for any kinds of package purchase from any channels including USSD, customer will get chances on MPT4U new version platform. So, customer can play on new MPT4U Apps.

16. Where can I check my history of Top Up, Package purchace etc?

You can check from Account detail.

17. How many icons I can put on home screen and how can I change these icons?

You can put 11 icons on your home screen. If you want to change the icons, click edit from Service and you can edit or change by dragging the icons as you like.

Remark: When we see above only 4 icons which users could not change as he/she wants because we set up as default.

18. What is Privilege icon in Home screen?

For more detail’s information of MPT Club, customer can click Privilege icon on Home screen.

19. How many days history I can check for each usage group?

You can check Real Time Balance, Up to 90 Days Daily Usage, 6-month history of Top up and Package Purchase under Account Details.

20. What is Hti Pauk History? How many days I check history?

All Hti Pauk rewards customer can check in Hti Pauk History under Lucky Draw in Main Page & you can check for 7 days.

21. What is % in My Profile?

It is customer’s registered information percentage.

22. What is Gift icon from Package Puchase page?

It is gift service for all MPT users who can give gift to others MPT users.

23. What’s the MPT4U game service and how to play these games?

From the MPT4U home page, users can play the games by clicking game icon and enjoy.

24. Who are eligible to play the MPT4U games?

MPT users who already installed MPT4U application, can enjoy the games from MPT4U

For the MPT users who still don’t have MPT4U application, can download the app here or dial *4040# to get application for both Android and iOS.

25. How many games are included in MPT4U games?

There at least 5 games will be included.

26. Are there any data charges for playing games?

With MPT SIM card data network, no data charges for playing games.

27. Are there free games or need to pay to play the games?

There are two types of games which customers can choose;

  • Free games – Users can play the games without paying anything.
  • Paid games – Users must pay entry fees to play the games.

28. Are there rewards for free games?

There will be games with free tournaments are included and players will have a chance to get telecom rewards (data, voice, SMS, etc.) and non-telecom rewards (handsets, gold, etc.) base on the ranking in the games.

29. What’s the ranking in the games?

During the tournaments period, the user who play with best score will get the no.1 rank and ranking is based on the game score. If there are same score in the tournament, first one who got the score will get higher rank.

30. What are the rewards for paid games and how much for entry frees?

Users will get MPT mobile balance back base on the ranking on the games.

Entry fees will be started from 99 Kyats.

31. When will users will get their rewards?

After the tournaments finish, users will get the rewards within 10 days.

32. Will send SMS notification if the win prize?

Will send SMS notice when rewards deliver to player. Players can know their ranking in game page during tournaments and after the tournaments finish as well.

33.How will telco rewards validation period effect if player win current tournaments and previous tournaments?

Telco rewards validation is 7days and will deduct first from the rewards that player got earlier from tournaments.

MPT’s ‘Digital Skills To Go Forward’ Programme With NLD Education Network To Expand To 5 More Regions and States

(Yangon, 30 November 2017) – MPT today announced that it is significantly expanding its support for the successful ‘Digital Skills to Go Forward’ programme which aims to empower Myanmar’s underprivileged youth through computer literacy knowledge, with a further 100 laptops, data connectivity and trainer support in five more regions and states.

The CSR education initiative being run in collaboration with the NLD Education Network operating the Amay Eain Centers hosting the programme in Yangon and Mon, will now include locations in Kayin, Thanintharyi, Ayeyawaddy, Mandalay and Sagaing in the coming year.

‘Digital Skills to Go Forward’ was launched last year to increase access to technology and education for the youth outside urban centers. Rather than travel to Yangon city or larger urban areas, young people in remote places will have the technology and training delivered right to their doorstep. More than a thousand of students have since already completed classes, increasing their employability, with MPT providing the required support to the NLD Education Network which has run computer literacy classes in the past few years to increase the scale and reach of the project.

The announcement was made at the graduation ceremony in Yangon for the fourth batch of students, who have completed courses on computer usage and training on how to use computer programme solutions such as Microsoft Office. At the ceremony, certificates were awarded to the students who have completed the computer classes at 10 NLD Education Network Amay Eain Centers and representatives from each schools accepted the certificates.

“MPT is committed to empowering the youth of Myanmar through education initiatives in collaboration with our partners such as the NLD Education Network. This programme has provided many students from underserved communities the opportunity to equip themselves with
the necessary digital skills to be better positioned in their future careers in a fast-developing Myanmar. We are pleased to be expanding it to locations in five more states and regions, allowing us positively impact for even more disadvantaged students,” said Mr. Yoshiaki Benino, Chief Operating Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

“As MPT moves Myanmar forward, we are also dedicated to supporting its communities through our CSR direction ‘Together for Future Generations’, which also focuses on education and youth, areas that this professional development campaign addresses. Together, we hope to make a difference for these promising young students who previously lacked access to such training and facilities, and ensure a brighter future for them,” added Mr. Benino.

Since August 2016, MPT donated 200 laptop computers and routers for the NLD Education Network schools located in Yangon and Mon including the honorarium fees for the trainers to run the program delivering computer training across the country. To date, 1149 students have successfully completed the courses.

The operator has been taking a positive action to address on youth development by engaging young people where recently this month, MPT has partnered with the Myanmar National League for the next three years to highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle through football at the
same time to inspire youth leadership through sport.