MPT Funds Tube Wells and Ponds to Help Fix Chronic Water Shortages Around Myanmar

(Yangon, 27 February 2018) With the collaboration of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), MPT Clean and Sustainable Water Program will provide solutions to the incredibly important problems that communities face around water supplies by drilling tube wells and creating reservoir ponds.

This initiative is part of MPT’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. In creating the fastest and widest network available in all parts of Myanmar, every day MPT sees the issues that people face. MPT cares deeply about the wellbeing of all Myanmar citizens, and continues to provide the support needed to help benefit livelihoods.

The Clean and Sustainable Water Program and initiative was first funded by MPT last year with altogether 15 tube wells and ponds. This year MPT will donate 200 million Myanmar Kyats, with funds to go towards alleviating issues in water stressed regions and provide clean water for the healthy life. MPT is working with the relevant authorities, as well as the NGO partners – the Network Activities Group (NAG) and Bridge Asia Japan (BAJ) to ensure that donations are going to the best possible causes. MPT wants to make a big difference to the communities where these projects take place, and MPT is committed to long term and sustainable solutions.

“We all know that water is life, and too many people in Myanmar still have poor access to this most important resource. MPT has designed the Clean and Sustainable Water Program to provide projects in several locations around the country where people are in need of assistance. We hope that by providing communities with access to safe and viable water sources, it will contribute towards rural economic development that will help Myanmar move forward,” said Yoshiaki Benino, COO of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

Akiko Mori, Country Representative of BAJ, said “We thank MPT for their continued support in rolling-out high-quality water supply projects around Myanmar. It is great to have the support of such a well-recognised brand when delivering such an important piece of infrastructure like permanent water supplies in water-short areas. From several years of Tube Well projects, we have seen great outcomes from this project, and MPT’s continued support is the validation needed to maintain this program for another year.”

“Safe and Clean water is essential for everyone. Without safe and clean water, it is impossible to attain Food & Nutrition Security, maintain livelihood or sustain healthy human resources. Universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all is Sustainable Development Goal No. 6. Improving access to safe and clean water will not only reduce burden of the community but also lead to productive and healthy life” said U Bobby, CEO of NAG.

This year, MPT has identified several locations where these projects will be delivered including Mandalay, Sagaing, Magway, Bago (west), Ayeyarwaddy, Mon state and Kayin State. MPT works closely working with NGOs and has based its selection according to the respective areas’ urgent needs together with the Department of Rural Development and in line with the budget available. Important to the success of the program is the creation of local water committees. MPT and its partners work together with the local people who are expected to benefit most from the new infrastructure to develop strategies to maintain performance of the tube well and associated parts. This longevity and design-thinking is the difference between MPT’s Tube Wells programs and other water availability programs, ensuring that water can be supplied in a way that is viable in the long-term.

MPT has a wide range of CSR activities ranging from education, communications to earthquake relief. We have identified that access to water is an ongoing problem in many parts of the country especially during the dry season. Sources of water may be available, but adequate storage facilitates, or the means to tap groundwater reservoirs, can be too expensive or difficult to build without expertise. Therefore, MPT is keen to assist in this area for the coming dry and hot seasons especially, but also for building lasting and viable water supplies for the foreseeable future in these communities.

Win Exciting Prizes with MPT Lucky Draw Program

(Yangon, 23 February 2018) MPT prepaid customers across the country have a chance to win grand prizes when recharging their phone by E Top-up or by purchasing a new SIM at MPT branded stores. From 14 February to 14 March 2018, MPT is giving away 8x iPhone X, 12x laptops and 40x LCD Televisions. Winners will be called from MPT head office in two rounds on 8 March and 20 March 2018.

When activating a new MPT SIM and purchasing a 1000Ks E Top-up at any of the 174 MPT-branded stores during the promotion period, customers will receive one entry into the competition. Existing customers purchasing a 3000Ks E top-up or above will also receive one entry. The more E Top- ups you purchase, the more likely you are to win!

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said, “We have ensured that participating in the program is simple and easy. Customers from every state and region who purchase just 3000Ks or above will automatically be part of the lucky draw and have a chance to win a beautiful new iPhone X and other valuable prizes. We also welcome new subscribers to Myanmar’s first and leading mobile network, where they simply need to purchase a 1000 Ks E Top-up and SIM at an MPT branded store to be eligible. We hope you enjoy our new lucky draw program.”

The lucky draw will be conducted two times on 7 March and again on 19 March. The first lucky draw will be for points accumulated from 14 to 28 February. The second lucky draw will occur on 19 March, for points accumulated on 14 February to 14 March. During both periods, winners have a chance to win great prizes, like a new television or laptop computer. 60 winners will be announced by phone from the MPT head office in Yangon and winners will collect their prizes from the store he or she purchased.

MPT users will be notified by SMS the following morning after successfully entering the draw, including information on the number of entries submitted, and a reminder of the promotional period.

For more information, MPT customers can dial (106) for customer care service assistance, or head to

MPT- University Football Tournament 2018 Kicks Off

(Yangon, 22 February 2018) MPT MNL is thrilled to announce the first round of 24 team matches of the MPT – University Football Tournament for 2018, held in all universities nationwide. With the involvement of Ministry of Education, respective universities and colleges from Upper and Lower Myanmar will compete for the champion of Myanmar among the universities.

The agreement with MNL signals MPT’s commitment to promote the long-term growth of the “beautiful game”, bringing a new generation of players with innate ability to the fore. With the help of the Ministry of Education, the MPT MNL will highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle through football, bringing good health practices to future generations.

8 zones from Lower Myanmar Universities will select 8 male and 8 female teams to compete male and female matches respectively. From there, champion male and female teams will be chosen and award will be given to 3 winners for each category. Similarly, 6 teams from Upper Myanmar Universities will be chosen from the selected 6 University zones where once again champion teams (male and female) will be chosen and awards will be giving to 3 winning teams. The final 4 teams in each male and female category will be selected from above teams and then compete in Yangon for the national level championship match, with the winning female and male teams receiving a trophy and cash prize. Once again, MPT MNL will include female participation to grow the number of female athletes participating in traditionally male-dominated sports, especially football.

Each game will consist of 25 members including 20 players, a supervisor, a goal advisor, a physician, a coach and a manager. The tournament aims to foster football talents in preparation for the upcoming 2018 ASEAN University Games, which Myanmar is hosting and for Myanmar National University Champion to claim victory. As a primary mission of conducting a fair match, all games will be conducted with rules laid down by the international games to ensure the safety of players is prioritised in the process of achieving victories in the championship.

“We are excited to kick off the MPT- University Football Tournament 2018 around the country. With highest performing teams competing for top honours in University FC this year, it is sure to be an outstanding success. As the first and leading carrier in the country, we are proud to be supporting the development of football, particularly amongst the youth of the nation, and we especially proud to be supporting the female participation in university-level league football. We foresee an upward trend in participation continuing following the launch of our university-level tournaments nationwide,” said Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer for MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

“This tournament is a fantastic opportunity for all students of aged between 18 to 28 years old to come together and participate in the game of football that we all love. This inter-university tournament is a brilliant way for players to socialise with each other and create a bond during the game. We are running this tournament to get as many students playing football as possible during these matches as before and it is great to be working with MPT to make this year a thrilling success in fostering the next-generation of football talents in the country. These tournaments will produce future football stars for the country, who we hope will achieve ultimate success in the future. We encourage every university student that is passionate about football to come and participate. We are looking for the best male and female players in each category which is why we are working closely with the Ministry of Education and MPT to find the overall winners. Making it to the University FC and achieving further success could mean being selected at a national level, and becoming football superstars. This is a huge step towards improving football, and we hope that it is exciting and enjoyable for all participating universities,” said U Soe Moe Kyaw, Chief Executive Officer of the Myanmar National League. 

“On behalf of Myanmar Football Industry and University Football Industry, we take pride in the strong efforts of growing youth football in Myanmar are being put into action. As a great source of aerobic exercise, football provides great health benefits improves emotional well-being, energy levels and it is a good moral practice for the future of the country. Further, university-level women’s football has increased in popularity and importance across the globe, and it is deeply important to us that this continues. Not just male but female participation in the MPT-University Football Tournament 2018 will help develop football skills of all Myanmar youth, thereby improving the performance of the country at an international scale in both global leagues,” said Dr. Nay Win Oo, Deputy Director General for Higher Education Department (Yangon), Ministry of Education.

MPT Announces its Support on Japan Myanmar Pwe Taw 2018

(Yangon, 21st February, 2018) MPT is pleased to announce its continued sponsorship of the Japan Myanmar Pwe Taw 2018 festival held at Thuwunnabhumi Event Park on 24 February 2018. Under the theme of “Dreams shared by Myanmar and Japan together”, this is the fourth time this event is being held jointly by the Embassy of Japan, Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Myanmar, Yangon Japanese Association, NHK and MNTV with the goal of giving visitors a taste of Japanese food, music and culture from Yangon.

MPT will be hosting a stall in conjunction with Sumitomo. Leveraging on their large base of Japanese employees at both companies, we are very excited at the opportunity to present traditional Japanese culture to the people of Myanmar for another year.

Activities at the stall jointly organized by MPT and Sumitomo include such things as tasting traditional Japanese snacks, MPT-logoed cake presentation event, DIY cake making event, as well as Yukata wearing opportunities, a common sight in Japan during the hot summer months and Origami paper-folding activity stations. Also the performances of some famous Japanese and Myanmar music stars, including Ni Ni Khin Zaw, Diramore, Ah Moon, Thar Nge and Billy Lamin Aye from local and Prizma X and AKB48 with BNK 48 from Japan will also be there on that day.

“By working together alongside Japan and Myanmar, MPT is helping to improve the lives of Myanmar people every single day. As a proud Japanese person myself, I too am very excited to display the beauty of my country’s culture to the people of Myanmar. I encourage all MPT customers to come to this free event to experience a taste of Japan in Yangon with activities like Origami and Yukata wearing, as well as seeing some members of a very famous Japanese band performing live in concert,” said Yoshiaki Benino, Chief Operating Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

The event will be broadcast nationwide on MNTV for the public to watch, with demonstrations of cultural activities and music performances. With the event aiming to present a joint festival of both Myanmar and Japan containing Japanese food, Japanese products and  outdoor live performance by artists from both Myanmar and Japan, it looks likely to be another great success in 2018. The event is held at Thuwunna Bhumi Event Park on 24 February 2018 from 12pm to 10pm, with free entry for all attendees. The prior night at the Chatrium Hotel, an Eve Party will be held for special guests.

MPT Works With Local Volunteers in Ayeyarwaddy Region to Clean the City and Environment

(Yangon, 19 February 2018) MPT employees and other volunteers in the Ayeyarwaddy Region worked together for the benefit of the environment in stage 4 of the MPT Clean and Fresh to Move Forward CSR Campaign on the 17th of February in Ayeyarwaddy Region. Over 500 volunteers congregated in the morning to enact a clean-up campaign throughout the city, hoping to clean the environment for the local people of the region.

In running Myanmar’s fastest and widest mobile network, MPT sees firsthand the impact that environmental pollution has on people, animals, agriculture and waterways. Accordingly, this CSR program is designed to use group power to make a huge impact in a local environment, and also
to encourage the youth of Myanmar to develop an understanding of the importance of better trash disposal and environmental maintenance. Over the past 3 engagements in this series of CSR events, MPT’s Clean and Fresh to Move Forwards campaigns have engaged the local communities of Mawlamyaing, Mandalay and Bago and in coming months, the campaign will move to other States and Regions.

“We all live together in this beautiful country, so it’s in all our best interests to do what we can to maintain and even improve our natural environment. Especially as the use of plastics and nonbiodegradable materials continue to grow, we are all experiencing a growth in the amount of trash generated every day. We thank everyone that came out to support the next stage of the MPT Clean and Fresh to Move Forward CSR event, and we hope to see as many people as possible at the next events of the program,” said Yoshiaki Benino, Chief Operating Officer of MPT-KSGM
Joint Operations.

Saturday’s efforts in the Ayeyarwaddy region were only the latest in a multi-stage campaign centred around bringing MPT’s city-level cleaning efforts to major cities in the country. In the Mandalay, Mawlamyaing and Bago events held in the past few months, more than 2000 MPT employees and volunteers took part, collecting trash and improving the local environment.

As national icon of Myanmar, MPT runs many corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaigns each year. Outside of the Clean and Fresh to Move Forwards campaign held in major Myanmar cities, MPT focuses heavily on improving educational outcomes for Myanmar youth. The MPT
MCF’s Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program encouraged students and youths from all around the country to develop their entrepreneurial skills in a supportive environment with advice from some of the most respected people in business, telecom and technology in the country. Other efforts have included the MPT First Aid for All, aimed at improving health outcomes, and the efforts with the NLD Education Network on digital education.

MPT Launches Unlimited Entertainment from Vuclip Videostore

(Yangon 16th February 2018) MPT has announced a partnership with Vuclip for unlimited access to fun and entertaining videos. Vuclip will be available to MPT customers for an affordable daily subscription price of only 99 MMK. Available for all MPT mobile subscribers, over 300,000 hours of top quality content from over 250 content providers is ready for unlimited streaming.

Some of the content includes:
– Korean dramas and movies (with MM language translations)
– Best of Hollywood Scenes
– Football sports action
– Myanmar and international music videos

At only 99 MMK per day, Vuclip is an affordable and fun way to get more from your MPT phone service. New subscribers receive 7 days of free complimentary access to Vuclip. Recognising that customers do not always have internet access, videos can be downloaded for consumption offline later.

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer for MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said, “Since the launch of our award-winning 3G and 4G/LTE mobile network, mobile video is one of the fastest growing categories on the MPT network. Our aim in providing this platform is to give our customers a great entertainment experience wherever they are, at an attractive subscription rate. We know our customers are always hungry for more video content, so we are very excited to launch a store that provides a wide selection of premium video content that is regularly updated and available at an attractive daily rate.”

“We’re pleased to partner with MPT for this video store solution which will enable MPT users to consume content on the fly. Our patented technology enabling buffer free experience ensures that the consumers viewing experience is unparalleled. This is an exciting time for Myanmar, one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the world, to launch on-the-go entertainment. We’re happy to be a part of this growth story through our partnership with MPT.” said Salman Hussain, Chief Revenue Officer for Vuclip.

For more information, or to get access to the new service, customers can go to

Three Winners of 2018 Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program Announced

(Yangon, 13 Feb 2018) The final 10 teams battled head-to-head in the 2018 MPT MCF Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program, with the final winners announced on Sunday 11th February 2018 at the MICT Hall in Hlaing Township, Yangon. The winning teams were Secret Art, DigiSportal and, Doctor Kyaw.

Having made it through an application process and a pre-selection round, the final 10 teams, selected from around the country, battled it out to achieve fame and glory in the inaugural program. Organised in conjunction with MPT and the Myanmar Computer Federation, the program aims to encourage the development of the next generation of technology-savvy entrepreneurs in Myanmar, by using technology to Move Myanmar Forwards.

10 teams competed for the chance to win one of three company registration, 6-month residency at Kanaung Hub, a Yangon-based incubation centre for new companies that supplies extra support during early development. Winning teams also received a cash prize of 5,000,000 Ks. to help with early business costs. In order to achieve success in the competition, the teams spent the past week at an intense boot-camp style program in Yangon, where they attended meetings, workshops, hackathons, and mentor sessions to improve their business sense and fine-tune their interpersonal skills.

Winner one, Secret Art, designed an audiobook app for the Myanmar market. Including also Dhamma and children’s stories, the app allows users to stay in touch with books while also helping develop Myanmar literature. Winner two, DigiSportal, made DiGiCafé, which will connect cybercafés with players, in a very similar fashion of how ride-sharing apps connect taxi drivers with passengers. Partnered cybercafés will be featured on the DiGiCafé platform, and players can easily search for the nearest cybercafé near them, and book seats for them and their friends. Winner three, Dr Kyaw, allows everyone with a smartphone to have access to affordable healthcare, with a free app that makes it simple for users to track their health through the use of an AI-powered chatbot. Users answer a series of questions about their health complaint before being advised what to do next, for example medical attention, go to a pharmacy or deal with it alone etc.

MPT is heavily involved in improving outcomes for Myanmar youth. The development of this new Technopreneurship program is one of the many efforts MPT has established to improve Science and Technology education around the country. MPT believes that the power of access to the communication and information transfer can improve the lives of everyday people in Myanmar, and develops many CSR efforts to make this goal a reality.

“We at MPT are extremely proud of the final competitors of the 2018 Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program. As major partner, we love seeing the ways young Myanmar people are using world-class technology to develop innovative solutions to local problems experienced by people around the country. These competitors have shown impressive growth over the course of the competition as they refined their product or service, and we can’t wait to see how the winners will use the amazing opportunities awarded to them to develop their business plans even further. We congratulate competitors for their hard work in this year’s competition,” said Yoshiaki Benino, Chief Operating Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

Some of the other teams competing included Baby Lovers, Myanmar CNC, Myanmar CNC, Team Liquid, Team Hexasky, Particles, Butterfly and My Player. (a platform to advise new parents on best practices for baby health, a tool for automatic machine cutting of woods and metals in factories, a sales tool for Myanmar farmers, a travel planning tool for Myanmar tourist destinations, a trusted philanthropy platform, Voice Activated Home Automation System Using Arduino and My Player-media device) and they received the runner-up awards of 500000 MMK each as well.

“Our team Dr Kyaw is so excited to be one of the winners of this amazing competition. We would like to thank MPT and MCF for creating this great competition, I’m so happy that I have had a chance to apply the skills I have learnt over the past  years in a practical way. Our project Dr.Kyaw is all about improving the quality of lives of people in Myanmar, it’s so good that we can now do this on a bigger scale with the support of 5000000 Ks. prize money from MPT and a 6 month residency at Kanaung-hub. Congratulations to all of the other competitors who have worked so hard over the past month, it was great to meet all of you,” said Dr.Kyaw, One of the winner Team.

“What a great group of final contenders we had for the first MPT MCF Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program! It has been great to work with MPT to find the best new Myanmar technology entrepreneurs seeking to improve outcomes for every day Myanmar people.  We are very proud of all the competitors and their efforts, and we look forward to welcoming the winners to Kanaung Hub for a 6 month residency,” said U Khun Oo, President of MCF.

Myanmar’s Mobile Network Operators have To-Date Successfully Exceeded 50 Million Subscribers

(Yangon, 9 February 2018) Myanmar’s three established operators, MPT, Ooredoo, and Telenor have in total reached 50 million subscribers, a milestone figure that almost encompasses the total population of the fast-developing Southeast Asian nation. This success is attributed to the forward-looking industry liberalization efforts which began in 2014,that have resulted in a vibrant and healthy competitive sector, positively impacting Myanmar’s many communities.

The operators expressed their appreciation to the people of Myanmar and the Union Government that have been instrumental to the growth of the telecommunications sector. They reaffirmed their commitment to further progress mobile network growth, in particular to rural areas, and effort to provide much-needed investment for the deployment of cutting-edge 4G infrastructure and services to better serve the public.

The companies also pledged that to contribute to Myanmar’s development, they would ensure that users receive improved services and that as responsible operators, they abide by sound price competition practices – hallmarks of a healthy marketplace and to adhere to industry best practices and ethical business guidelines.

This cover compliance with the authority imposed floor pricing as set out in the Post and Telecommunications Department’s Pricing and Tariff Regulatory Framework of 28 June 2017, including refraining from behavior such as free distribution or sales of SIM cards and supplying services and handsets at below the cost including delivery.

MPT, Ooredoo and Telenor are firmly committed to competing based on the stated guidelines and the relevant laws of the country that as the telecommunications operators in Myanmar, they are bound to.

Myanmar holds 2nd Mobile Symposium as It Strives for A Digital Future

February 08th 2018, Nay Pyi Taw – The four licensed mobile operators in Myanmar — MPT, MyTel, Ooredoo Myanmar, and Telenor Myanmar — jointly organized the second annual Myanmar Mobile Symposium today in Nay Pyi Taw. The event, attended by almost 200 participants, builds on the success of last year’s event to show how Myanmar can continue its efforts to create a digital future. Speakers at this second symposium outlined the factors and conditions necessary for Myanmar to leapfrog ahead in its goal to become a digital leader among the ASEAN nations.

According to Myanmar’s Directorate of Investment and Company Administration, Myanmar’s telecommunication’s sector has become a top destination for foreign investment as global multinational firms such as Telenor, Ooredoo, KDDI/ SUMITOMO, and Viettel invest in mobile networking equipment and new services to help develop the country’s telecom industry.

Speakers at the event included representatives from the GSMA, a global trade body representing mobile operators worldwide; the four mobile operators in Myanmar; the government of Myanmar; the World Bank in Washington, D.C.; the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India; Phandeeyar, a local incubator for high-tech innovation; and an international consultant, Ms. Lynne Dorwood, who has expertise in universal service funds.

At a roundtable, moderated by Ms. Emanuela Lecchi of the GSMA, CEOs of the four telecom operators discussed what should come next after Myanmar’s successful launch of nationwide mobile services, in order to leapfrog ahead of the smartphone era. “Myanmar has made more rapid progress than perhaps any other country in moving directly from a largely unconnected society into the era of four-generation mobile telephony, said Ms. Lecchi. “Now we’d like to help prepare the country for the next steps into the future.”

Among the speakers, a representative of the Myanmar government, Dr. Tun Thura Thet from the Digital Economy Development Committee, shared a roadmap for a digital Myanmar. Other speakers at the symposium made recommendations to the Myanmar government and telecom operators on regional and global best practices, key risks, and potential alternative approaches to ensure regulatory consistency for continued growth of the telecom industry and economy.

A second panel discussion focused on the topic of mobile money whereby banks or telecom operators with a banking subsidiary enable their customers to send, receive, and store electronic money via their mobile phones. The CEO of Phandeeyar also updated participants of the symposium on the status of the country’s ecosystem for fostering innovation around the country’s mobile industry.

“Myanmar is poised to see increased investments that will positively impact the telecoms sector. To move the country forward, we also need to jointly work with industry regulators to ensure that legislation encourages a sustainable business operating environment. Clear legislation that effectively meets the needs of the market and help it grow will be crucial to foster healthy competition and ultimately uplift quality of service for customers.

With conducive legislation and smart funding into key infrastructure and platforms, we should see sustainable market growth whilst providing social benefits for all of Myanmar’s communities,” said Toshitake Amamiya, CEO of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

Nguyen Thanh Nam, Chief Executive Officer of Telecom International Myanmar (Mytel) said, “Myanmar still need to extend its best effort to provide broadband connectivity for citizens who lived in rural area. Again, we also need to promote ICT infrastructure and innovation of local contents that can help the development of Myanmar.”

Vikram Sinha, CEO of Ooredoo Myanmar said, “We are committed in supporting Myanmar’s vision to become a fully digital nation. We do so by working to enrich the lives of Myanmar people with affordable and fast data services as well as investing in long-term infrastructure to build a stable and reliable network offering cutting-edge speeds. Our advanced technology and innovation efforts focus on providing a quality service to our customers and helping people, including those in rural areas, to enjoy the best of the internet in a way that is personal and unique to them. We are delighted with the success of the second annual Myanmar Mobile Symposium and will leverage the insights gained from this collaboration with the government and fellow industry stakeholders to ensure Ooredoo Myanmar continues contributing to a successful digital future for Myanmar.”

“With one of Asia’s most modern mobile infrastructures, Myanmar is well positioned to enter the next phase in realizing its digital ambitions. The country’s digital economy has potential for significant growth if the right initiatives are executed. In our recently launched report “Realizing Digital Myanmar”, we outlined the need for a strong digital foundation basis digital frameworks, infrastructure, ecosystem and skills that can accelerate the development of value adding digital services. Telenor is committed to be a positive part of this journey, with the ambition to support government, businesses and people of Myanmar to take full benefit from being in a connected society.” Said Lars Erik Tellmann, Chief Executive Officer of Telenor Myanmar.

Ministry of Transport and Communications Myanma Posts and Communications Result for the appointment of (32) Deputy Supervisors

  1. Result for the appointment of (32) Deputy Supervisors, Pay scale (180,000-2,000-190,000) MMK of MPT, Ministry of Transport and Communications has been announced as follows:

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