MPT Users Can Run Their Luck with Lucky Bonus Promotion

 (Yangon, 31st August, 2018) MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator, will launch a new, exceptional Lucky Bonus Promotion. All MPT prepaid customers will get a chance to win the lucky to-up bonus up to 120% of their recharge amount starting from 1st September. Every MPT subscriber using E-top up or MPT4U Recharge is eligible to receive bonus.

To join the Lucky Bonus Promotion a one-time subscription by dialing *700# (or) sending SMS “Lucky” to 700 is required. User has to top up a minimum Ks 1,000 using E-top up or MPT4U to experience good fortune. Every MPT customer may strike lucky and receive maximum bonus with every single recharge. The amount of the lucky top-up bonus depends on a smile of fortune, varies from minimum 20% up to 120%. The Lucky Bonus can be used for MPT to MPT calls, SMS and PAYG data, and is valid for three days. The promotion period ends on 30th September.

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said, “I’m happy to announce that now every MPT users is a winner! All MPT customers using our convenient E-top up or MPT4U solutions will receive special bonuses to enjoy our high-quality network and connect with their families and friends even easier. Moreover, our customers can have the well-known Happy Friday Bonus in addition to our new Lucky Bonus to try their luck if they top-up every Friday to receive double happiness during promotion period.  I want to assure you that MPT will strive to offer a variety of promotions to suit all needs of our valuable customers.”

MPT offers a variety of promotions, bonuses and rewards on a daily basis. To learn more about the latest offers and affordable MPT’s data and voice packages, please visit:

Lucky Bonus FAQs EN

Lucky Bonus

1. What is Lucky Bonus for Data Promotion?

– Recharge more and check how lucky you are!
– MPT Customers need to can opt-in by dialing *700# to join Lucky Bonus for Data Campaign.
– All opt-in users can get up to 150% Lucky Bonus for Data for every 1000Ks and above E top-up or MPT4U Recharge within promotion period.
– Bonus % you received may vary depends on your luck.

2. Who can get Lucky Bonus for Data?

MPT GSM/WCDMA Prepaid users can opt-in by dialing *700# and enjoy Lucky Bonus for Data.

3. How the bonus can be used?

Bonus can be used for PAYG Data for 3 Days.

4. Do I need to dial *700# several time?

You just need to dial *700# only one time to opt-in.

5. How can I know that I receive Lucky Bonus for Data?

As soon as you make valid recharges, you will receive Lucky Bonus for Data and MPT will inform you by sending SMS. And you also can check your bonus amount by dialing *224#.

6. How does the bonus % vary (10% to 150%)?

– % of Bonus will be Randomly received by every recharge.

– Minimum is 10% and Maximum is 150%. You can receive one of the Bonus when you make recharge (Terms and Conditions will apply)

– It all depends on how lucky you are. You can recharge more and you can check your luck.

7. Is there any “No Bonus” in Lucky Bonus for Data?

Not at all. Every users will receive one Lucky Bonus for Data each ( Terms and Conditions will apply)

8. What happen if I recharge multiple times?

You will receive multiple Bonuses, if you make multiple recharges. Bonus amounts will be merged and extended to the latest Bonus

9. I dialed *700# and recharge through voucher card. Can I receive Lucky Bonus for Data?

No, you cannot receive Bonus. Lucky Bonus for Data can be received if customer makes E top-up or MPT4U recharge.

10. I recharged 500Ks+500Ks via E Top-up. Can I receive Lucky Bonus for Data?

No, it is ineligible to receive Lucky Bonus for Data. Customer need to recharge minimum solid 1000Ks.

11. If I recharge on Friday, what will happen?

If you are opt-in user and makes E top-up recharge on Friday, you will receive both Happy Friday Bonus & Lucky Bonus for Data. Happy Friday Bonus will be consumed first.

12. Do I need to opt-in again if I have already opt-in previous 120% Lucky Bonus?

No, you are already in Lucky Bonus for Data once you opt-in previous 120% Lucky Bonus.

13. If I have Htaw B Balance at the same time, from where will I get charged first for my data usage?

You will be charged from Lucky Bonus for Data first before Htaw B Balance.

December Guitar Detail EN


There is always a guitar for you. December Guitar shops are in Mandalay , Magway and Yangon.

At December Guitar, every MPT Club subscribers can enjoy buy 100,000 kyats and above  get 5 % discount off  just by showing your MPT Club ID.

How to get MPT Club ID:  Dial *345# for free and reply 2 for MPT Club ID. You will receive the SMS instantly. Show this SMS to the shop and enjoy the special promotion.

For more details:

The National Finals of The MPT University Tournament 2018

(Yangon, 21th August 2018) The opening ceremony of National Level Championship Matches of MPT University Tournament 2018 was held at the University Football Stadium on 20th August. Two men’s and women’s teams from Upper Myanmar and two from Lower Myanmar will be competing against each other starting from this week. This year’s tournament will reach a climax on August 27th when the finals will be staged at the University Football Stadium in Yangon.

MPT University Tournament 2018 was launched in February. The tournament is a part of a three-year partnership between MPT and MNL, which aims to accelerate the development of the new generation of Myanmar football players. It is also part of ongoing MPT’s strategy to support grassroots football, which consist youth leagues, coach training, and advancing football facilities.

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer for MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said, “We are happy to kick-off the National Level Championship Matches of MPT University Tournament 2018. This year, men’s and women’s teams from Upper and Lower Myanmar University Zones were competing fiercely for a place in the finals. But we also believe that the tournament helped to encourage the development of young, talented players able to participate in the upcoming 2018 ASEAN University Games. I would like to express my gratitude to MNL and the Ministry of Education for their constant support of the tournament.”

“This is the second step of our MNL and MPT collaboration to promote the development of Myanmar football industry. Previously, we have seen the talented young players in Upper and Lower Myanmar MPT University Football Tournament 2018 matches and we hope to see them in the final matches too. We also grateful to MPT for their intense support. Back to the Golden Ages, traditionally, university tournaments foster the aptitude of young players for Myanmar Football industry. Similarly, we hope this tournament could raise great players who can represent Myanmar University Champion Team and participate in upcoming ASEAN University Games”, said U Soe Moe Kyaw, CEO of Myanmar National League.

“I am a strong believer in the benefits of football participation, and I applaud MPT and MNL for their contributions to the game we all love. Their cooperation is to set an important role in helping to widen football participation amongst schoolchildren nationwide. It will also help to encourage a healthy lifestyle amongst the youth, because our aim is to see young footballers realize their full potential both on and off the field”, added Dr. Than Than Win, Deputy Director General, Department of Higher Education, Yangon Office, Ministry of Education.

Backed by the Ministry of Education, MPT is organizing University Tournament to produce qualified players for the Myanmar championship team. Regional champions have been crowned after months of competitions in regional legs. Now, the top teams from both regions will face each other for national-level honours. The tournament also aims to foster football talents in preparation for the upcoming ASEAN University Games, which Myanmar is hosting this year.

The National Level Championship Matches of MPT University Tournament 2018 will run as follows:

MPT – University Tournament 2018
Fixture (Men’s)

120.8.2018Lower University (A)VsUpper University


220.8.2018Upper University


VsLower University (B)University16:00
Rest Day
322.8.2018Upper University


VsUpper University




422.8.2018Lower University (A)VsLower University (B) 


Rest Day
524.8.2018Upper University


VsLower University (B)M3*15:30
624.8.2018Upper University


VsLower University (A)University15:30
Rest Day
Final Match
727.8.2018Group (1st) TeamVsGroup (2nd) TeamUniversity15:00


MPT – University Tournaments 2018
Fixture (Women’s)

121.8.2018Upper University (A)VsUpper University


221.8.2018Lower University


VsLower University (B)M315:30
Rest Day
323.8.2018Upper University


VsLower University




423.8.2018Upper University (A)VsLower University (B) 


Rest Day
525.8.2018Lower University


VsUpper University (A)M315:30
625.8.2018Lower University


VsUpper University (B)University15:30
Rest Day
Final Match
727.8.2018Group (1st) TeamVsGroup (2nd) TeamUniversity 08:00

Special Offer for You EN FAQs

MPT Special Offer (New Data Pack)

1. How to subscribe?

Dial *555# and you will find data pack as your special offer – [email protected] You can select the menu and subscribe the offer.

2. How is the priority of the balance?

If you have both Data Carry pack and this 1Ks/MB pack, 1Ks/MB Pack will be the first to consume than Data Carry.

3. How long is the validity?

30 days from the date of purchase.

4. Can we carry over the unused amount over 30 days validity?

It cannot be carried over.

MPT Is Supporting Nationwide Digital Skills Education Program with Internet Connectivity and Special Training For Graduates

(Yangon, 17 August 2018) MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator, celebrates the graduation of over 450 students who completed computer literacy courses. This is the fifth and largest batch of graduates of the “Digital Skills to Go Forward” program. A ceremony to mark the graduation of the fifth batch of students which takes place on 17th August in Yangon.

The “Digital Skills to Go Forward” program was launched by MPT in 2016 and focuses on empowering Myanmar’s underprivileged youth through computer skills training. Thanks to the program, more than 2,100 students developed crucial computer literacy skills. MPT supports this nationwide program with laptops, data connectivity, and provides fees to trainers. The initiative is run in collaboration with the National League for Democracy (NLD) Education Network.

“We are happy to offer Myanmar’s youth new opportunities to build digital skills and fluency with our Digital Skills to Go Forward initiative. All of us can benefit from knowledge and skills related to software development, digital media content or technology design. However, we are aware that there are many young people across the country who still don’t have access to the internet and computer literacy. That is why providing the education which helps supporting to those youths has been a priority for our CSR strategy”, said Mr. Yoshiaki Benino, Chief Operating Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

Dr. Myo Nyunt, Central Executive Committee member of NLD, added “Ensuring that young people are digitally skilled for our nation’s future is our obligation. I am deeply grateful to MPT for ongoing support of our mission. Your ability to work in partnership on digital fluency has the power to give young people incredible opportunities to improve both the social and economic prospects of our nation for decades to come.”

MPT is strongly dedicated to boosting digital skills in Myanmar. The operator will support “Digital Skills to Go Forward” program by providing Internet connectivity to Amay Eain Schools in fifteen locations across the Regions and States for another two years. This year, MPT will be training graduates from the “Digital Skills to Go Forward” program to become future mentors for their respective schools so they can continue to support NLD’s future initiatives. This will help to ensure that the positive impact of MPT’s community work in education is sustainable and self-sufficient. Additionally, MPT plans to triple the number of its technology information centers to support the development of basic digital literacy skills. A wide range of beneficial information and communication services is available free of charge for all MPT telecenters’ visitors.

Under the main pillars of education, healthcare and business incubation, MPT is working consistently to support the future generations in various kinds of CSR initiatives. With the “Myanmar In Our Heart” initiative, MPT leverages its leading market position for the benefit of its customers and Myanmar’s economy and local communities.

For more information about MPT’s CSR programs and youth development initiatives, please visit

MPL Launches New Quiz Game Service for Football Lovers

(Yangon, 14th August 2018) MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator, has launched the new “Guess it” game service. MPT users can guess goal positions to earn points for every correct answer. Top performing players will get a chance to win prizes such as iPhone X , MPT branded phone (M50) and top-up bonuses. To enjoy the new service, MPT’s customers can visit or download the special application from LoTaYa portal.

MPT users are granted access to a fully functional game with 3 lives every day. Players subscribing to the service will be able to post points on the scoreboard and can play the game all day long. Each game play, users will have 3 lives. The daily subscription costs as little as 150 Ks, allowing players to purchase extra lives (100 Ks) and have even more fun.

Photo: “Guess it” Quiz Game App for Myanmar football fans

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations, said “We are happy to introduce an engaging quiz game with daily, weekly and monthly prizes. I believe that all football supporters in Myanmar will enjoy our new service and an opportunity to win awesome prizes. Let’s start our day with Free Play!”

Detailed information on available prizes:

1st Prize 2nd Prize3rd Prize
Daily5,000Ks Top-up card
WeeklyMPT Branded Handset (M50)15,000Ks Top-up card10,000Ks Top-up card
MonthlyiPhone X 64GBMPT Branded Handset (M50)20,000Ks Top-up card

To learn more about “Guess it” service please visit or call 106 for more details.

Unique Customer-Tailored Offers for MPT Customers

(Yangon, 7th August 2018) MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading communications operator, introduced a new and unique “Special Offer” system based on customers’ usage history. Extra Bonus on your data packs, longer validity period, top up bonus or new exiting and unique bundled offers will be offered every day to meet everyone’s communication preferences.

Starting from 7th August, all MPT customers can dial *555#, every day the offer can vary for every customer. To enjoy this special offerings, MPT customers need to dial *555# and accept the offer by pressing 1. There is no limit to the number of special offers that users can subscribe, but we encourage our customers to enjoy the offer on the same day.

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said, “With this exceptional program we want to express appreciation to our loyal customers. We believe that our personalized offers will meet the needs of all our valuable customers. Some customers prefer talking or texting, others like surfing on the Internet and online gaming – now, our special offers will help all of them enjoy our expanding LTE+ network even more.”

MPT provides a variety of affordable packages for voice calls and data transfer designed to meet needs of different groups of customers. To learn more about MPT’s data and voice packages, please visit:

Three Young Start-ups Businesses Raised In Collaboration With MPT and MCF

(Yangon, 6th August 2018) – MPT, Myanmar’s leading telecommunications operator, announced that MOU signing ceremony for company registration and handing over prize of 5 million Ks, successfully accomplished the Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program 2018, held in a partnership between MPT and MCF. MPT expects three awarded teams to become businesses which can compete on the existing market with support of Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program 2018.

Mr. Yoshiaki Benino, Chief Operating Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations, said “We are very proud for these three teams which won the competition and had a chance to step in to the real business. Everyone can see that the products developed by these teams have many market advantages. We are privileged to support youth’s dreams of success in the business world. MPT will try to raise more successful youth entrepreneurs in the upcoming years.”

President of Event Committee for Kanaung Hub, which organized Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program 2018, U Thaung Su Nyein said: “We believe that Myanmar youth are very smart, go well with technology and they just need a chance to show off their skills. They could become successful business owners if they get the working space, right leadership and mentoring – that is why we started this program. After this first year of competition, we are now supporting three new teams with great ideas in their efforts to register companies and start off operations. We hope their products or services will be available on the market next year. We would like to say thank you to MPT who supports this program and MCF management who led us to make it.”

Three selected teams are provided with free co-working space for six months at Kanaung Hub, one of the department supporting start-up businesses, under the management of MCF. Not only the co-working place and the prize, but also mentoring by members of MCF and Myanmar Computer Professional Association for technological and business-related issues.

MPT and MCF will keep trying to support these three start-ups training and technological support as necessary for market penetration, market expansion and technology updates.

Brief Information about awarded teams from Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program 2018

Team Name: Secret Art
Product Name: Talking Books
Talking Books is a mobile application, developed by Myanmar technopreneur Aung Agga and technician Nyan Lin Htut that contain thousands of audiobooks in their database. An IPR (intellectual-property right) licensing agreements with the copyright owners have been conducted for all the available audiobooks. Users can choose from various content choices ranging from religious instructions to books on management or cartoons.

Team Name: Klenic
Product Name: Doctor Kyaw
Doctor Kyaw, a product of Kieran Yi and Saw Nerdar, is an affordable healthcare mobile application service available for free. Users can discuss and check their health conditions by chatting with AI chatbot on smartphone. Paid service users can discuss their health concerns with personal doctor and the doctor can advise on medical issues via this app. Doctor Kyaw will also deliver instructions to the users at the right time.

Team Name: Digisportal
Product Name: Digicafe
DiGiCafe is a mobile application, developed by young technopreneurs Kaung Myat San, Aung Khant and Hein Thu. The app will introduce e-gamers to each other. Gamers can use this app to search for the nearest e-sport centers and book the seats online. Additionally, an in-app ewallet function will be included.

Special Offer for You

By subscribing to this service, you agree to MPT’s latest General Terms and Conditions, which can be found at [link].

What is MPT Special Offer?

MPT is bringing a special offer for everyone. As all of our customers are different from one another, we are offering a different offer only for you on every single day. Special Offer is available via USSD (or) MPT4U app where you can get different offers only for you everyday. Don’t miss your chance to get your special offer today.

How to subscribe?

For Special data packs, HtawB, Voice and SMS packs with affordable prices, dial *555# and *2006# to subscribe.

Terms and Conditions

1. Eligible for select MPT GSM/WCDMA Prepaid Customers who are not on Base Tariff Plan.

2.Special Offers are based on Customer behavior and will be different for different customers based on their profile.

3.Special Offers might not be the same every day and may change, Customer should check *555# or MPT4U app every day to discover the latest Special Offer of the day (or) check *2006# every time before purchasing the pack.

4. Special Offers, even for the same Customer, might change, so Customer must keep checking by dialing *555# and *2006# or visiting MPT4U app or read SMS to make sure not to miss these Special Offers.

5.Special Offers on *555# and MPT4U app provide a set of Voice, HtawB and data packs with bonus data, extra validity or attractive bundled offers that Customer can enjoy every day, so Customer must keep discovering the Special Offers.

Special Offers on *2006# provide a set of Voice, data or SMS packs with bonus data, extra validity or attractive bundled offers that Customer can enjoy for a specific promotional period based on different Special Offers via *2006#.

6.Package price is inclusive of commercial tax.

7.Validity of a Special Offer is different for each product and will be mentioned in the description of the Special Offer on *555# or MPT4U App and *2006# or SMS Script

8.CDMA, Postpaid & Base Tariff users are NOT in scope.

9. Unless otherwise stated in the description of the special offer, users can purchase the packs multiple times, however bonus benefits and/or prize will be only one time per customer.

11.Unless otherwise stated in the description of the Special Offer, users are only entitled to claim the bonus benefits and/or prize from the Special Offer once for each Special Offer. In case Customer receives an additional benefit from the same Special Offer, MPT reserves the right to claim back such additional benefit.

12.In case of any wrong credit or extra credit or multiple credit of benefits to a Customer on account of any technical issue, MPT reserves the right to claim back the benefit per its discretion.


(Inclusive of 5% Tax)





Pack Validity






Direct USSD




Bonus Validity





30 Days





*777#*777*1#DC1 to 1332Subscribe for 350MB
949MMK600MB*777*2#DC2 to 1332Subscribe for 600MB
1,499MMK850MB1,500 MMK*778#*778*1#DC3 to 1332 


5 days






Subscribe for 850MB
2,999MMK1,700MB3,000MMK*778*2#DC4 to 1332Subscribe for 1700MB
4,999MMK2,900MB5,000MMK*778*3#DC5 to 1332Subscribe for 2900MB
9,999MMK5,800MB10,000MMK*778*4#DC6 to 1332Subscribe for 5800MB
19,999MMK12,000MB20,000MMK*778*5#DC7 to 1332Subscribe for 12000MB

Other Voice Promotions

Night Safety Pack

MPT introduces Night Safety Data Pack for the night time users

Daily Data Pack

More flexible and kyat-worthy data packs for everyone

Special Offer for You

MPT is bringing a special offer for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to subscribe?

Dial *555# (or) *2006# (or) visit MPT4U app and you will find data packs, voice packs and SMS packs as your special offers. You can select the menu and subscribe the offer.

2. What is the priority of special offer data balance?

The special offer data pack will be the first to consume than any other data packs.

3. How long is the validity?

Offer Validity changes product to product, Product validity will be as mentioned in the product description on *555# or MPT4U App and *2006#.

4. Can we carry over the unused amount over validity period?

Unused amount cannot be carried forward.