MPT Customers Can Enjoy Music, Videos, Celebrity Updates & Games With New Affordable 4-In-One COMBOX Entertainment Portal Service

(Yangon, 29th November 2018) MPT today announced the launch of its new 4-in-one COMBOX entertainment portal service. COMBOX provides its customers with a variety of online entertainment content including Music and Videos, Celebrity hot news plus updates and fun casual Games, all in one place for just Ks.99/day. The service aims to offer all these fun and engaging content affordably accessible on a single service for MPT customers nationwide.

As part of the COMBOX entertainment portal service, offered in collaboration with content provider partner company TIMWE, Myanmar hit songs will be available for download, covering different genres for users’ listening pleasure. Furthermore, short films on cooking from local and international food programs, comedy and cartoon miniseries, are featured. For fans of local celebrities, the service also gives access to the latest updates and news heating up Myanmar’s entertainment scene. A library of exciting Android mobile games are available for download as well, such as gaming favorites Jewel Bubble™ and Zombie™.

This convenient browser-based service incurs no extra charges, with all content featured ad-free. With just the affordable daily subscription rate, customers can download as much of the content, updated regularly daily and monthly, as they want (data charges apply). All they need is a 3G-enabled mobile device connected to MPT’s high-speed 3G/LTE+ mobile network, and an internet browser app on their device. 

“With COMBOX, we have an exciting Entertainment Portal service which consolidates even more online entertainment, from Myanmar Music, Videos, Celebrity updates and pictures as well as fun mobile Games, on a single 4-in-one offering at very affordable rate of Ks.99 a day. We hope our customers take the opportunity to experience the convenience of accessing such engaging content on MPT’s first and leading nationwide telecommunications network,” said Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

“We are pleased to be partnering with MPT as content providers for the service which aims to make different types of entertainment widely available and accessible at affordable rates, from reputable sources. This is why with MPT’s high-speed 3G/LTE+ mobile network and the largest user-base, even more people in Myanmar can enjoy the COMBOX browser-based offering now available for subscription across the country,” said Mr.Ajeet Chauhan, VP Asia Pacific of TIMWE Group.

Htaw B Video Contest EN

Htaw B Dance Video Competition

It is all your chance to win latest Iph XS MAX by dancing like MPT Htaw B. Dance and post a video on Facebook will put you in the competition.
It is just one video clip to win Iph XS Max, Gold coins, Gold Necklaces and Ipad pro.
How to participate in Htaw B Dance Video Competition?
(1) Get the sample competition video Titok by using #HtawBDance or get voice file from Lotaya web portal.
(2) Upload your video on your Facebook account with public and with #HtawBDance.
(3) Then mention your friends and get the votes.


The prizes for the first week are
(5) Pieces of Gold Coins, (250) Htaw B Balance

The prizes for the second week are
(5) iPad Pro, (250) Htaw B Balance

The prizes for third week are
(5) pieces of Gold Necklaces, (250) Htaw B Balance

The prizes for fourth week are
(5) iPhone XS Max, (250) Htaw B Balance

Competition period is from 20th November to 20th December 2018.
Let’s upload the best video and win the prizes!

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for AirAsia Mobile App

1. A non-refundable processing fee is applicable for payments via credit, debit or charge card.

2. Fare includes airport taxes (except for selected airports where airport tax is collected at the point of departure).

3. Seats are limited and may not be available on all flights.

4. Valid for new purchases only.

5. All fares are quoted for single journey (one-way) only.

6. All taxes must be paid at the time of purchase unless otherwise stated. Foreign fares are subjected to currency exchange rates.

7. Offer is subject to availability and AirAsia’s Terms and Conditions of Carriage.

8. No refunds are permitted after payment has been made

9. Guests travelling need to provide all necessary travel documents (eg valid passport, visa where applicable etc) at the time of departure.

10. AirAsia reserves the right to deny guests from boarding without proper documentation. Full payment shall be made upon booking.

11. Changes to flights and dates are permitted subject to change fees.

12. Changes to name are not permitted.

13. Promotions are applicable for bookings made on the AirAsia Mobile App only.

Data Promotions

Daily Data Pack

More flexible and kyat-worthy data packs for everyone

Mobile Legends

MPT brings to you a great way to enjoy your favorite game - Mobile Legends

More Data Promotions →

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AirAsia On Sale with MPT?

AirAsia provides discount privilege to all MPT mobile subscribers across the country. All MPT users can access the AirAsia Mobile App on their smartphones and book their preferred trips with an exclusive discount of 20% off the base fare.

2. Are all MPT users eligible to join the AirAsia On Sale with MPT?

All MPT GSM users are eligible to join this promotion.

3. How can I join the AirAsia On Sale with MPT?

All MPT mobile users can download the AirAsia Mobile App and enjoy 20% discount on all base fare; except AirAsia Japan (flight code DJ) and AirAsia Indonesia’s domestic routes (flight code QZ).

4. How can I download the AirAsia mobile App?

You can download the AirAsia Mobile App this link;

5. Can I get the AirAsia App as a free download?

More FAQs

Htaw B Video Contest Terms & Conditions EN

2nd-week Htaw B Dance Video Terms & Conditions

Htaw B Video Competition, organized by MPT, will be held from 29th November to 5th December 2018.
The contest is not open to employees of MPT.

Terms and Conditions

(1) The participant must upload the video on their Facebook or Tiktok account (must be public on both) with #HtawBDance hashtag included.

(2) Video must be your unique creation and must be appropriate for all viewers, or will otherwise not be considered.

(3) The participants must permit MPT permission to use this uploaded video for any occasion.

(4) 1st-week prize winners are not allowed to enter this weeks’ competition.

(5) For those who have not won any prizes during the previous week, you must upload new videos to participate in this week.

(6) The prizes for the second week (29 Nov to 05 Dec – 5 PM) include: 5 x iPad Pro, 250 x 10,000Ks Htaw B balance.

(7) We will choose 5 Winners among the contestant’s videos in a 2nd week and give iPad Pro. The winners must follow Htaw B Video Competition’s terms and conditions. Winners of Htaw B balance will be chosen at random.

(8) We will announce a total 255 Winners for 2nd week on Dec 7 from MPT’s Official Facebook Page.

(9) If the participants use fake votes or don’t abide by our competition’s terms and conditions, they will not be eligible to participate in this competition.

(10) We assume that participants have read all terms & conditions and they completely understand.

(11) MPT has the right to change the policy in any conditions.

(12) For any disputes, MPT’s decision will be final.

MPT To Light Up Nine Pagodas Around Myanmar On Sacred Festival Of Tazaungdaing

(Yangon, 19th November 2018) On the full moon day of Tazaungdaing, on 22nd November, MPT plans to commemorate the auspicious festival of lights with donations of oil lamps, candles and shawls at pagodas in Yangon, Mandalay, Ayawaddy, Bago, Sagaing and Mon. In Buddhist tradition the festival of Tazaungdaing is marked with religious offerings to monks including special robes called Matho Thingan, weaved tirelessly from night to dawn for two consecutive nights.

Public ceremonies will be held at the nine locations of the Botahtaung, Kyeik Htee Yoe, Pyay Shwesandaw, Phowuntaung, Shwesigon, Kaung Hmu Daw, Mahar Ant Htoo Kan Thar, Shwe Mok Htaw, Shwe Maw Daw and Kyeik Than Lan pagodas, an expansion of festivities from last year to include even more states and regions for this special day of observance.

NoEvent Locations


States and DivisionTownshipsFestival Activities

(Donations on

22 November)

1ShwesandawBagoPyay18 – 22 November
2PhowuntaungSagingYin Mar Bin20 – 22 November
3ShwezigonMandalayNyaung Oo20 – 24 November
4KaunghmudawSagingSaging21 – 23 November
5Mahar Anthtoo Kan TharMandalayPyi Oo Lwin21 – 23 November
6Kyeik Htee YoeMonKyeik Hto21 – 23 November
7Zalun PagodaAyeyarwadyPathein22 November
8Shwe Maw DawBagoBago22 November
9BotataungYangonYangon22 November

Table: Pagoda ceremony locations at the various states and divisions where special MPT activities will be held for the public in conjunction with the Tazaungdaing festival.

MPT will be donating the shawls, oil lamps and candles to the public at these events. MPT staff and the members of public will also be invited to jointly create oil lamp and candle arrangements that will light up the pagodas into the evening. Joining the activities for the day will be Myanmar celebrities Poe Mamhe Thar who will participate at the Botahtaung Pagoda, Yangon, Nyein Thaw at the Kyeik Htee Yoe Pagoda, Mon State and Thazin Nwe Win at the Shwe Si Gon Pagoda, Bagan. All of the celebrities will be at the respective locations from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM on that day participating the auspicious event with the people who come to that Pagodas.  MPT sales booths will also be set up at all the pagodas where the ceremonies will be held.

Mr. Yoshiaki Benino, Chief Operating Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said, “As a truly local operator, MPT is pleased to be commemorating this most auspicious festival together with the people of Myanmar yet again, as we have been celebrating through special events since 2015. This year, we are organizing ceremonies at nine locations in more regions and states to honor this unique religious day of observance for Buddhist devotees, in recognition of its cultural significance for so many here in Myanmar. At the nine sacred pagodas, we will give offerings of oil lamps, candles and shawls. We look forward to seeing thousands of attendees at the Tazaungdaing Festivals and we hope everyone joins us to light up this joyous occasion.”

With Tazaungdine coming soon, MPT is inviting the public to participate at the nine pagodas where it will jointly offer candles/oil lamps and donate shawls to the pilgrims, as well as to mark the auspicious day together by conducting good deeds.

For more information, call 106 or, visit and MPT’s Official Facebook page .

MPT’s High-Speed LTE+ Mobile Network Successfully Crosses 250-Township Milestone This Month

(Yangon, 14th November 2018) This month, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator, MPT announced that it has expanded its nationwide high-speed LTE+ network coverage to 256 townships, following the recent addition of 40 more townships around the country.

“We are pleased to announce that we have surpassed the 250-township mark this month, which is a huge jump from our update last month of just over 200 townships covered at the start of October. Now many more Myanmar mobile users from the 40 additional townships can experience the high speeds of our 4×4 MIMO-powered 4G LTE+ service as they connect online with friends and family over social media, for work, downloads and uploads or as they stream entertainment content on their mobile devices. Our team has been working diligently to connect even more communities here to our cutting-edge network and this rapid expansion demonstrates MPT’s commitment to enriching the lives of Myanmar’s people through enhanced telecommunications services,” said Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

Following this announcement, MPT is continuing the rapid pace of deployment of its LTE+ network, and is on-course to cover more than 300 townships in the country by the end of 2018. The list of 40 newly-added townships are as below:

State / RegionTownship
Shan (East)Mongyang
Shan (North)Kutkai

“On top of the significantly improved online speeds in these areas, customers can now also enjoy more with our recent Htaw-B promotion offering five times the value on their prepaid balance amounts for pay-as-you-go data, as well as our various Data Carry Plus packages to maximize their experience on Myanmar’s leading mobile network,” he added.

For more information on the latest LTE+ coverage areas and attractive promotions available, call 106, or visit and MPT Official Facebook page

MPT Continues Its Digital Skills to Go Forward Program by Adding Training Of Trainers for Students from NLDEN Schools

(Yangon, 12th November 2018) MPT today announced that it is supporting the NLD Education Network through its program to train trainers on the usage of basic Microsoft software courses who will then go on to teach underserved youths as part of the ongoing ‘Digital Skills to Go Forward’ computer literacy campaign. Altogether 50 trainers were undergone instruction on how to develop and provide lessons on Microsoft Office solutions including Word, Excel, Power Point, and the proper usage of email applications.

The aim of ‘Digital Skills to Go Forward’ is to leave no one behind as Myanmar develops into the future by increasing access to technology and education to the youth in sub-urban areas. Rather than travel to Yangon or larger urban areas, young people in more remote areas will have the technology and training delivered right to their townships or neighborhoods by MPT and the NLD Education Network as part of this campaign.

“As we forge ahead with our computer literacy efforts with the NLD Education Network to empower more underprivileged youth in areas outside of the main urban centers in the country, we also need to develop and train a capable team of trainers through intermediate level of Microsoft office suite courses. Our support also extends to the provision of the internet services, and other related costs under this “Training of Trainers”-approach program. We hope that these trainers will go on to provide critical computer skills training for many youth to help improve their career prospects and in turn, help move Myanmar forward,” said Mr. Benino, Chief Operating Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

“Firstly, we would like to express our appreciation to MPT for their continued support of our mission to help equip youth with computer skills, which would serve them well in their futures. The trainers will undergo mentorship from qualified MPT experts, and upon the completion of the program will be assigned to teach at the various Amay Eain Centers located outside major urban areas where the “Digital Skills To Go Forward” computer literacy initiative is being carried out. With more trainers, we can cover even more students and that is why we look forward to the impact this will bring for youths that may reside outside of urban areas where training programs are less accessible,” said Dr. Myo Nyunt, Central Executive Committee member of NLD.

The NLD Education Network established computer literacy courses at several Amay Eain Schools to help address the lack of access to computer skills programs outside of major urban centers. With the program being initiated 3 years ago, more than 2,000 students have already completed classes, increasing their employability. However additional support is required in order to increase the scale and reach of the project. With the help of MPT, the program was able to expand to new areas, with the operator also providing Wi-Fi facilities and data connectivity, as well as support for extra trainers to cover the student courses.

Under the main pillars of education, healthcare and business incubation, MPT is working consistently to support the future generations in various kinds of CSR initiatives. With the “Myanmar In Our Heart” initiative, which guides its commercial, operational and CSR efforts, MPT leverages its leading market position for the benefit of its customers and Myanmar’s economy and local communities.

For more information about MPT initiatives, call 106, or visit and MPT Official Facebook page

Blood Donors Are Invited to Participate in MPT’s 6th Nationwide Blood Donation Drive at National Blood Center and Regional Hospitals

(Yangon, 9th November 2018) MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator, will organize a massive public blood donation drive on 16th November 2018 at the National Blood Center in Yangon as well as at regional hospitals nationwide. This marks the sixth blood donation drive thus far in recent years, and since 2017, a total of more than 2,000 MPT employees and members of the public have joined hands to donate crucial life-saving blood supplies to blood banks and hospitals around Myanmar.

This time, MPT’s blood donation drive expect more than 1,000 donors both MPT and  volunteers from public to take part this noble efforts to supply blood for necessary people and MPT will always support its community in line with the operator’s “Myanmar in Our Heart” initiative.

Although there has been an increasing number of blood donors in the past few years, voluntary blood donation levels in Myanmar are still significantly less than those in developed countries, even when the need is just as dire, in particular for some rare blood types. The aim of the drive is to contribute to the build-up of blood supplies and to raise the awareness of the difference it makes for people.

Mr. Yoshiaki Benino, Chief Operating Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said, “Over the course of our blood donation drives in recent years, we are extremely heartened by the increasingly stronger responses with each campaign receiving more public participation alongside our own MPT staff. Thousands now line up on these special day to jointly do their part to address the acute need to for healthy blood supplies in Myanmar’s hospitals and blood centers.  We would like to invite more donors from the public to join this noble event and thank everyone who donate their time and blood, and for showing that Myanmar is always in their hearts.” 

If anyone wishes to pre-register to donate on the 16th, they can go to Yangon MPT’s own shops ( or regional own shop lists (  Blood donors are also able to call to 098630050 for the registration of blood donation. Following are the list of Blood Centers and regional Hospitals where blood donation to take place.

1YangonNational Blood CenterNo (97), Corner of Shwedagon Pagoda Road & Bo Gyoke Aung San Road, Latha Township, Yangon
2SagaingMonywa General HospitalBogyoke Street, Dawna Ward, Monywa Region
3Bago (East)General HospitalYone Gyi Ward, Bago
4Bago (West)General HospitalAung San, Pyi Tharyar Ward, Pyay
5AyeyawaddyGeneral HospitalMin Gyi Street, 4 wards, Pathein
6TaninthayiGeneral HospitalHospital street, Nyaung Yann Taung Ward, Dawei
7MagwayMagway General HospitalPyi Taw Thar, Hospital Ward, Magway
8Mandalay500 Beds Children Hospital66 street between 27 & 28 street, Chan Aye Thar San Township, Mandalay
9Nay Pyi Taw1000 Beds General HospitalZabuthiri Township, Naypyitaw
10Kachin500 Beds General HospitalCorner of Sum Para Bom Road and Yone Gyi Road, Duu Ka Htuang Ward, Myittkyina
11KayahLoikaw General HospitalSithu Street, Min Su Ward, Loikaw
12KayinHpa-An General Hospital1 ward, Hospital Street, Hpa-An
13MonGeneral HospitalU Zina Pagoda Road, Papedan ward, Mawlamyaine
14Rakhine500 Beds Sittway General HospitalLann Ma Gyi, Kyay Pin Gyi Ward, Sittwe
15Shan (South)Sat San Tun General HospitalBo Gyoke Aung San Roda, Sat San Tun ward, Taunggyi
16Shan (North)General HospitalLanmadaw street, 1 ward, Lashio
17Shan (East)General Hospital

(Keng Tung)

Mine Zinn Village, Hah Kha, Keng Tung
General Hospital (Tachileik)Gold Club street, Macao Kham Ward, Tachileik


MPT has been actively engaging in CSR activities in the past few years and have donated more than two thousand blood bags so far. As Myanmar is well known for its generosity in the world and blood donation is an honorable cause, MPT will keep supporting the staff and the public as they keep supplies up for those needing it during emergency cases and difficult times.

To find out more about blood donation and to register, please visit: and to learn more about all MPT CSR activities, please go to: .

Myanmar’s Mobile Network Operators Team up To Raise Awareness on Rapid Data Consumption

(Yangon, 8th November, 2018) Myanmar’s operators, MPT, Ooredoo, Telenor and Mytel are joining hands to help inform mobile subscribers in the country on how they can ensure efficient and proper usage of their network data connectivity and avoid unexpected charges or depletion of data quotas, which occasionally occurs when their devices are active.

With the rapid increase of mobile Internet in Myanmar, the positive result of the deployment of new technologies within the telecommunications sector, there has been a surge in the number of users nationwide, both in urban and rural areas. With the millions of mobile users getting on modern 3G and 4G networks every day to communicate with friends and family on social media, visit websites, enjoy videos and media content online, game as well as access numerous useful apps on a daily basis, data connectivity has made an indelible impact on the people, communities and businesses of the country.

However, many are still unaware of how certain factors such as mobile device settings or usage patterns can affect their data, in particular when unintended bill or data consumption takes place. To help address this ongoing issue, the operators will each be producing informative content for the mobile-using public on proper data network connectivity set up and tips on how to reduce unnecessary data loss and potentially save subscription topups from being used up rapidly.

To minimize your data consumption, following are the 10 ways you need to execute:

1. Turn-off auto updating
You should stop apps from updating automatically. It may lead instant and extra data usage without your permission.

2. Update Apps only via WiFi
Plenty of users out there continue updating their applications over cellular connections and this is OK if you choose to do it. But you have to notice that all your apps were auto-updated without your consent, spending all your precious Gbs many times.

3. Restrict Background Data
You may need to care that some apps just spend too much data, even when the smartphone is not in use. Remember to also delete old apps that you don’t use anymore.

4. Keep an eye on your account syncing settings
You must also realize many apps and services are set to keep sync by default, and often we don’t even use them!

5.Remove Ads to Minimize Data Usage
You should need to understand that advertisements also consume lots of Internet data to load and run.

6.Use Lightweight Browsers
Some of the default browser in smart phone uses maximize your data. Lightweight browsers that will consume less data usage.

7. Be aware when streaming content
Streaming videos and music, as well as looking through high quality images, videos or audio are the awesome stuff that use up the most data. On your phone, you can choose to stream lower quality of video without harming the viewing experience.

8.Limit and set the data usage in mobile
You can easily set a limit on your data usage on your device, use less megabytes, and get saved from paying extra charges, which can get exorbitant and inconvenient.

9.Turn off video auto play on Facebook
For data loss, auto play videos will be annoying where the device suddenly starts playing the video with sound while scrolling down through the page and you can disable these videos complete to save your data while checking Facebook.

10.Use a data pack
Data packs will give you most value for your money. All operators are offering a series of different pack options to best accommodate individual needs. A data pack will help you reduce your cost from standard PayGo rates.

Mobile users are also suggested to reach out to their relevant operators to find out how they can control the data consumption on their mobile phones. Operators’ customer service teams can help them find out the options to use their bills effectively.

All the operators would like to urge Myanmar’s mobile users to check their device settings and practice smart usage while connecting on their respective data networks. By being aware of the helpful steps and remaining careful with their connectivity, network subscribers can maximize the value of their online-based services and have a much improved overall experience.

For any queries regarding their bills, balances, data usage or other matters, customers may also visit the respective operators’ official Facebook or website and call centers.

MPT launch “Htaw B” promotion to convert balance by X5 value

(Yangon, 5 November 2018) MPT customers can now receive five times the value of their balance, through its exciting new “Htaw B” promo. This special program allows to convert the main balance by five times value in Htaw B balance, which can be used only for on-net (MPT-to-MPT) calls and SMS, as well as pay-as-you-go (PAYG) data at special rate. Continue reading “MPT launch “Htaw B” promotion to convert balance by X5 value”

MPT Returns with Nationwide Mobile Seminar For 2018-2019 Focusing on Protection from Cyber Threat Issues

(Yangon, 2nd November 2018) MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator, today announced the next phase of its nationwide Mobile Seminar Campaign to help educate and raise awareness regarding the dangers of cyberattacks amongst more than 30,000 people, with hundreds of free seminars scheduled to take place across the country. This year’s program will focus on identifying and educating the public, in particular the mobile internet-using youth here, on online threats such as fraud, hacking and disruption of smartphone security that is on the rise.
The topics to be covered in the seminars include identifying and protection against cybercrime, mobile etiquette, social networking and security, MPT services, call center information, MPT4U app information and LTE+ services. The sessions will also include tips for customers on ways to maximize their mobile experience including smart data use to avoid facing unintentional costs or data outages as well as the local laws pertaining to cybercrimes.

Detail Locations and Number of Events

 No State & Region Number of events
1 Kachin State 3
 2Kayah State 3
 3 Kayin State 3
4 Chin State 2
5 Sagaing Region 10
6Thaninthary Region 6
 ၇ Bago Region (East) 5
8Bago Region (West) 3
 9Magway Region 7
 110Mandalay Region 12
 11 Mon State 5
12Rakhine State4
13Yangon Region10
14Shan State (South)6
15Shan State (North)4
16Shan State (East)4
17Ayeyarwady Region11


The 100 free to attend seminars will be held throughout Myanmar. However, MPT is also offering additional mobile seminars upon request to institutions such as high schools, universities or public area.
“Our ongoing mobile seminars, held nationwide for thousands of members of the public demonstrates MPT’s commitment towards ensuring the safety of all telecommunications customers by way of providing informative and critical on how they can best protect themselves online and on their mobile devices. The seminars have been a great success and thus far well- attended, educating the public about the dangers that lurk online within today’s digital environment, as they connect via their devices for work, study, entertainment or simply to communicate with friends and family. This also falls in line with our “Myanmar In Our Heart” initiatives, which inform our commercial, operations and CSR activities, and we hope to press on with our efforts centered on improving and enriching the lives of the country’s many communities,” said Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.
The campaign has already started in Mon State on 30th October and will be carried out in Bago, Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Rakhine, Northern Shan, Southern Shan, Eastern Shan, Ayarwaddy,

Nay Pyi Taw, Magway, Mandalay, Sagaing, Tanintharyi and Yangon. Many customers benefited from mobile seminars previously done throughout the country in the respective regions’ schools, universities and public area give MPT to continue this initiatives and this year will be seen 100 mobile seminars at many locations around Myanmar starting from October 2018 to March 2019.

For further information about MPT Mobile Seminar please call 106, or visit and MPT Official Facebook Page