MPT Introduce Poh B Service Allowing Users To Send MPT Products as Gifts To Their Loved Ones

(Yangon, 28th February 2019) MPT, Myanmar’s first leading telecommunications operator today announced that its mobile customers around the country can now enjoy new Poh B service which allows its users to send the gifts of three major products namely, New Data Carry Pack, Pyaw Pee Yin Pyaw Pack and Htaw B+ balance to any MPT number.

This new and convenient service will be made available nationwide starting from March 1, 2019.  To enjoy this service, users can simply purchase any of the above three products at any time and send those products as gifts to their loved ones without incurring any addition charges to them. In this Poh B services, the respective purchase price will be deducted from the sender’s  balance and the receivers can enjoy the products that they received, according to our strand Terms and Conditions. There is no limitation for sending and receiving MPT gift products.

To use Poh B service, customer has to dial USSD code (eg. To gift Htaw B+, just dial *500#) and choose the pack or by using MPT 4U application.

Poh B Services – MPT Products & Channels

Product NameUSSDOthers
New Data Carry Pack*777# 


Pyaw Pee Yinn Pyaw Voice Pack*600#
Htaw B +*500#

 Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations, said “This is a new service of MPT to provide users’ everyday requirements for the purpose of communication and connectivity. In these days, connectivity is an important aspect of our lives  as technology becomes necessary for our daily operations and with this sharing service Poh B, the communications become more meaningful and easier”, .

 For more information on Poh B and MPT’s other interesting services and promotion activities, call 106, or visit and MPT Official Facebook page

MPT Now Collaborating With 32 Partners for “MPT Club” Customer Rewards Program

(Yangon, 26th February 2019) MPT today announced that it has successfully tied up with 21 additional partner brands as part of its “MPT Club” customer rewards program, with users on the Myanmar’s first and leading mobile network now able to enjoy spending their redeemable points earned from topping up their balances and making purchases at selected partner outlets.

Together, there are now 32 “MPT Club” partner brands/outlets and MPT Club available over 200 locations throughout the country, ranging from mobile stores, electronics shops, hotels, online shopping portals, petrol stations and more nationwide where users of MPT’s nationwide 3G/LTE+ highspeed network can receive benefits with MPT Club.

Under the partnership with Max Energy, “MPT Club” members in Yangon, will earn 25 points for every Ks. 5,000 purchase at any 18 MAX petrol stations, which can later be redeemed for MAX Energy Fuel gift vouchers. This partnership is also plan to extend at other States & Regions and “MPT Club” members will enjoy this program in there soon.

With additional partners, MPT customers in States and Regions can receive points by using the services respectively as below:

* Customer will get the points when they purchase MPT services or our partner goods and redeem those points with MPT services or partner goods.

 Some of the new partner outlets will also be participating in Lucky5, the exciting rewards promotion especially for “MPT Club” members which offers amazing discounts on selected products and services on every 5th, 15th and 25th of each calendar month. The list of new locations taking part in the “Lucky5” promotion throughout the country are as below;

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said, “In appreciation to our valued customers, we wanted to offer them even additional benefits as they connect to our nationwide mobile network. We are excited to announce that we are now collaborating with 21 more partners providing various services, significantly growing the roster of participating “MPT Club” brands and stores where even more customers in more parts of the country can enjoy rewards and benefits from their points. These points are not only granted through using MPT services but can also be received through purchases of selected products and services. As we are expanding our attractive program offers, it is a great time for customers to sign up and start racking up reward points.”

 Launched in May 2018, MPT Club is a rewards program for all MPT customers. MPT Club members can obtain reward points by top-up from MPT and purchasing various products and services from the MPT alliance partners. To become an “MPT Club” member, MPT users can sign up for free by just by dialing *345# or sending SMS REG M/F DOB to 345 (E.g. REG F 09/07/1991) or MPT 4U Application.

For more information about this amazing program and other attractive offers from MPT, please call 106 or visit MPT’s website and  official Facebook page at





dome pyan Form For Franchise En

*Bandwidth upgrade promotion until end of Dec 22

*All FTTH users who join MPT until May 22 are eligible.

MPT Customers Can get extra allowance on New happy Friday for Htaw B+ and Data Carry Packs

(Yangon, 15th February 2019)  MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator, has introduced the New Happy Friday with extra balance for Htaw B+ and extra data for Data Carry packs. Starting from 15th February and on every Friday, customers who get any Htaw B+  balance will receive extra balance, from 500 Ks to 2,500 Ks while the customer who purchase the New Data Carry Packs will receive extra MBs from 15 MBs up to 1,200 MBs based on the packages they purchased.

To enjoy this extra allowance, you just simple have to buy any Htaw B+ balance or any Data Carry Pack on Friday and you automatically will receive more balance and/or more data out of the respective products.

To buy Htaw B+ balance, customer has to simply dial *500# and choose the product he likes the most, and automatically will get extra balance with same long validity.

To Buy Data carry, customer has to dial *777# and choose the pack and enjoy the extra allowance with same 30 days validity & carry over benefit.

As an alternative, customer can get same extra allowances by buying the same products from MPT 4U app.

 Data Carry Packs (dial *777# or MPT 4U app):

Htaw B+ (Dial *500# or via MPT4U app)

“We always aim to provide the best value for our customers and their mobile usage needs. With this extra allowances, customers can enjoy even more data, voice and SMS from their Htaw B+ balance and New Data Carry Packs they purchased. We hope that all MPT users take the opportunity to enjoy these amazing allowances by buying their preferred MPT products on Friday as they reach out to their family and friends, or go online for social media, entertainment, work or their favourite content or service, anytime anywhere as they like in the widest network of Myanmar,” said Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Offer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.


For more information on this extra allowance and other amazing promotions, call 106, or visit and MPT Official Facebook page


MPT Delivered Mobile Telecommunication Services to 6 Remote Villages in Lewe and Pyinmana Townships in Nay Pyi Taw

(Yangon, 18th February 2019) Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator, MPT is extending its telecommunications network by dedicating to the development of myanmar as MPT is trying to Move Myanmar Forward with best-in-class connectivity all around the country. By December 2018, MPT has achieved its LTE+ network up to 314 townships across the country while improving the existing network quality to provide the best services to its customers.

MPT, now, is pleased to announce that 6 new villages in the township of Lewe and Pyinmanar  of Nay Pyi Taw have received the telecommunication network and residences from  Chinbyit , Kyauk Mee Ku, PaLaung, MePauk, San Thit Lwin, Thein Pyaug Auk are now able to make calls and using online via mobile devices to explore more and communicate with their loved ones while improving their business by utilizing the reliable network of MPT.

“It is the good example of MPT’s efforts to achieve Moving Myanmar Forward by providing better services to the community not only just in the urban areas but also in the rural areas in which communications is vital for their development. Until now it has been very challenging for the residences to access internet there for many reasons. With this expansion, people in this regions are able to access online services to communicate better with friends and family, as well as finding out important information related to work and play,” said Mr. Noboru Edagawa, Chief Technical Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

Out of 6 villages, Chinbyit from Lewe and MePauk and San Thit Lwin from Pyinmana will be the first villages access to mobile telecommunications services by the operator and residences will have opportunities to experience MPT’s best quality network and make communications throughout the nation and to the world.  One of the villagers, U Tun Lin from Kyauk Mee Ku said “I’m so happy as MPT extends its network to the areas of having difficulties in both transportation and telecommunication. Now, we can communicate quickly and easily with each other and these can lead us to economically and socially improvement. These improvements are because of kindly support and effort of MPT. So, on behalf of the local people, I would like to say I really appreciate MPT for your support.

MPT Value-Added Services Brings Enriching Mobile Life For People

(Yangon, 14th February 2019)MPT today launched Value-Added Services (“VAS”) for its customers. Through the country’s largest network coverage spanning 3G/4G LTE+ networks, MPT features a range of innovative VAS services that enrich customers’ lives, with news, entertainment, music, health, sports and even horoscope offerings that are relevant to them, at attractive rates and also customers can enjoy data pack. MPT has partnered with various local companies to launch many services over the last year, ensuring its largest customers based can experience compelling and useful content catered to their diverse unique local tastes and needs.

Joining MPT’s strong lineup of existing VAS are three exciting further services unveiled today: Min Thein Kha Astrology, Thi P P Lar and Sellel. Providing qualified consultation on love, business, health, finance, education, family and more with MPT’s unique “Min Thein Kha Astrology” offering at affordable prices. Through this unique astrology value added service, customers can conveniently receive helpful advice and predictions regarding life’s important questions such as their relationships, family, business and much more.

In collaborating with Thi P P Lar, to offer subscribers about promotion, event and discount information in Yangon and also subscribers can easily find their interest by categories, distance and rating etc.

MPT is also collaborating with Sellel, which is the latest mobile music application offering Myanmar music for fans around the world. Listen to your favorite songs anytime, anywhere, charged an affordable daily rate.

For more detail information about Min Thein Kha Astrology, Thi P P Lar and Sellel, please kindly see attached fact sheets.

We always keep our customers’ needs in mind and are very excited to announce this value-added services to our customers. Whether it be through horoscopes, music, news, horoscopes, or health advice, MPT aims to provide the best enhanced experiences through our nationwide 3G/LTE+ mobile network and will look to offer even more enriching services in the future. We understand that our consumers want the most out of their devices and we are committed to delivering the information or entertainment they need, at very reasonable rates, through our fast and reliable network” said Mr.Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

“Min Thein Kha Astrology, Thi PP Lar and Sellel Music App are great new additions to our suite of services. Min Thein Kha  is conveniently available for internet-enabled devices, saves MPT users’ precious time and money as they do not need to travel far to meet astrologers only to have to wait for hours before their consultation and Thi P P Lar also serves as  information hub for the people who seek for various commodities at affordable price in one place while Sellel Music App provides a variety of premium local music to our users by simply sign up with their mobile number and enjoy the music. We hope our customers continue to enjoy this convenient value-added services and take the benefits by creating more value in their daily life,he added.

For more information about any of these services, please call 106 or please visit .mm  or

Detail Link :  Min Thein Kha Astrology  App

Detail Link :  Selle Music App

Detail Link :  Thi Pi Pi Lar App

Myanmar’s Next Generation Technopreneurs Shine At the Finals Of MPT-MCF Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program 2019

(Yangon, 11th February 2019) The Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program 2019, collaborative efforts between MPT and Myanmar Computer Federation (MCF), is proud to announce the final winners of this year’s competition. 10 finalists competed with the unique ideas to materialize their dreams of becoming tech entrepreneurs in the business field and now 3 teams have successfully grasped the opportunities for that.

Three winning teams includes Idea Capsule, WMM and Blue Frog. Team Idea Capsule presented an online lottery platform named Lottery Palace and it has a lot of interesting review throughout of testing period. Many lottery tickets have been sold and even got 6 lotteary winners in that testing period. Another winning team WMM presented their project named Waste Managing Machine (WMM) same with their team’s name. It is a waste managing machine that carried out for environmental support objectives and can immediately apply in current urban development functions. Also, people who use this machine to litter can get telephone top-up as refund since this maching is supporting systematic waste managing habits. Team Blue Frog efforts to learn Ethnic Languages by using LEL (Learning Ethic Languages) App which is developed by AR/VR technology and makes people closer. This app attempts that users are able to learn the cultures, languages and knowledge of each and every Ethnic Groups.

A total of 110 teams nationwide with various business ideas and products applied for this program.  An initial 30 teams had been shortlisted coming from both Upper & Lower Myanmar zones. The judges further trimmed down the selection to final 10 teams, five teams from each region.  After that they underwent entrepreneurial business workshops and training from well-known trainers and mentors for their specific proposals such as entertainment, civic tech, agriculture, healthcare, business, education, society and IoT (Internet of Things).

MPT is focusing on the development of younger generations in every area which it worked on. This Technopreneurship program is one of the key pillars of MPT’s focused area in which entrepreneurs from technical field are trained and developed to support the conveniences of the lives of the everyday people in Myanmar.

“It was a long journey from the application to this day where winners are determined.  MPT recognizes the talent, hard work and dedication of these young people who show their passion to change society for the better and contribute to nation-building through their unique ideas,” says Mr. Yoshiaki Benino, Chief Operating Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.  “MPT is here to help them reach their full potential and achieve commercial success,” he added.

This year’s distinguished members of the panel of judges for the final selection event include top technopreneurs, luminaries and industry-leaders such as : Dr Tun Thura Thet, Vice President of Myanmar Computre Federation; Daw Win Win Tint, President of Myanmar Retailers’ Association; U Aung Kyaw Moe, Vice President of Myanmar Computre Industry Association; Daw Khin Thet Maw, Joint Secretary of Myanamr Women’s Entreprenuers Associations; Daw Cho Thiri Maung, CEC of MWEA; Dr May Pyae Sone Kywae, CEC of MYEA & Regional Committee Chair; and U Aung Aung, EC of MCPA.

U Min Zeyar Hlaing, President of Myanmar Computer Federation shares-: “This is the 2nd year that our federation has partnered with MPT in this technopreneurship program.  The excitement of unearthing raw talents from among our youth is overwhelming. We can predict a bright future for our country if we stay focused on this path.  MCF, together with MPT, will continue to champion and harness youth-power in competitions like this, so that we give them an avenue to make a lasting positive impact for present and future generations,” he concludes.

 As a reward for their hard work, the top 3 winning teams will each receive seed funding worth Ks 8 million and the opportunity to gain 6-month access to a working space at Kanaung Hub, which is the MCF’s business incubation hub.   The rest of the (7) contestant teams will also receive Ks 500,000 as honourable mention prices for their effort.

 Ko Saw Le Ya Gaw who is the leader of winning team Blue Frog said,” This moment is amazing and deeply appreciate on Organizers, Deputy Minister, all participants, and every single mentors who guide us. And also thank to God who created these opportunities. Currently on our App, we are continuously working on Kayin Language which is on processing by AR/VR technologies and Shan and Yakhine languages will be soon. We promise this Application will be useful for every ethnic groups.”

MPT Telecenters Reached To 150 Locations Nationwide Serving More to Communities By Uplifting Digital Literacy

(Yangon, 6 February 2019) – MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator recently completed its 150 Technology Information Centers by January this year, as it continues to fulfill its commitment to fill the digital skills gap and bring the benefits of modern-day information and communication technologies closer to more people, including those at the farthest areas of the country.

The first batch of MPT’s Technology Information Centers rolled out in March 2018 with 40  MPT telecenters in various locations offering Laptops and tablets for free use while providing unlimited free Wi-Fi for use with mobile devices by the users. It likewise assigned with trained personnel to assist visitors and demonstrate safe internet browsing techniques to them. By January 2019, MPT has completed 110 more MPT telecenters spreading even more locations all over the country, bringing the total number to 150 before its planned time which is by March of 2019.

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said, “With the completion of our 150 MPT Technology Information Centers, we have established a trend in Myanmar Telecom Industry using necessity infrastructure and educate the people how to maximize the benefits of this technology,”.

MPT telecenters serve not only as business operation touch points of MPT but as a total information hub.  Visitors can learn about MPT’s products and services as well as avail themselves of free VAS services on whole range of subjects like health care (7887), English speaking and listening (upstreaming), 800 games (Timwe), more than 10,000 comics and  novels (Wunn Zin), celebrity programs (Content Hubs) and Myanmar movies (Mahar) for entertainment supplied by the well-known content providers.

“Early on, we determined that the best approach is to champion the literacy of the masses to fill the digital literacy gap. This shows our commitment to move Myanmar forward to the 21st century. But this is just the beginning, as we will increase this number to 300 by March 2020 and to look for opportunities that will bring the benefits of modern tech to more people and more communities,” Mr. Reizo Umeda continued.

MPT has been focusing on three main pillars namely Education, Health and Business Incubation while supporting to the younger generations as we believe those are our future forces to move Myanmar forward and digital literacy to younger generation is vital to achieve the goal and to abreast with the modern world. These MPT telecenters will be filling that gap with providing of information and technologies to those generation and to the community as a whole.

Customers can find MPT telecenters by below location and enjoy the free internet access with Laptops and tablets to explore more about digital world;

MPT telecenters “150” Locations

No.State/RegionTownship No.State/RegionTownship
1AyeyarwaddyMyaungmya21Bago (East)Deik -Oo
2AyeyarwaddyMyanAung22Bago (West)Tharawaddy
4AyeyarwaddyPathein (1)24KachinTanine
9AyeyarwaddyNyaung Tone29KachinMohnyin
11AyeyarwaddyKyaiklat31KayahLoikaw (1)
12AyeyarwaddyWakema32KayahLoikaw (2)
16BagoMin Hla36KayinKyarinnseikgyi
17BagoLatpandan37KayahLoikaw (3)
19BagoTaungoo39MagwayPakokku (1)
20Bago (East)Phyuu40MagwayMyaing
No.RegionTownship No.RegionTownship
42MagwayMinhla (Upper)62MandalayKyaukpadaung (2)
43MagwayPakokku (2)63MandalayMandalay (2)
44MagwayPakokku (3)64MandalayNyaung Oo
50MagwayAunglan70MonThein Saite
51MandalayPyin Oo Lwin71MonMawlamyine (1)


73MonMawlamyine (2)
54MandalayKyaukse74MonKyite Hto
55MandalayPyawbwal75MonMawlamyaing (3)
56MandalayMandalay (1)76MonMawlamyaing (4)
57MandalayTaungtha77SagaingMonywa (1)
58MandalayMaharaungmyay78Nay Pyi TawOttaythiri
59MandalayChanAyeTarZan79Nay Pyi TawTat-Kone
60MandalaySingu80Nay Pyi TawPyinmana (1)
No.RegionTownship No.RegionTownship
81Nay Pyi TawZabuthiri101Shan Sout)Hisheng
82Nay Pyi TawPyinmana (2)102Shan SouthLawksawk
83AyeyarwaddyPathein (2)103Shan SouthKalaw @ Aungban
84RakhineMaungdaw104Shan SouthTaunggyi
85RakhineKyaukphyu105Shan SouthLoilen
86RakhineKyaukphyu106Shan SouthTaunggyi
87RakhineTaunggop107Shan SouthNyaung Shwe
88RakhineSittwe108Shan SouthAyetharyar
89RakhineThandwe109Shan SouthNant San
90SagaingHteechink110Shan EastMone Hsat
91SagaingYae Oo111Shan EastTachileik (1)
92SagaingShwebo112Shan EastTachileik (2)
93SagaingKathar113Shan EastKyeng Tong
94SagaingSagaing114Shan EastMonghpyak
95SagaingMonywa (2)115ThanintaryDawei
97Shan NorthMuse (1)117ThanintaryPalaw
98Shan NorthMuse (2)118ThanintharyiKawthaung
99Shan NorthMuse (3)119ThanintharyiThetyetchaung
100Shan NorthLashio120YangonThingangyun
No.RegionTownship No.RegionTownship
121YangonBahan141YangonKamaryut (2)
125YangonTarmwe145YangonNorth Dagon
126YangonHlaing (1)146YangonSouth Okkalapa
127YangonKyauktada (1)147YangonKyauktada (3)
128YangonKyauktada (2)148YangonHlegu
132YangonKamaryut (1)
133YangonSouth Okkalapa
134YangonHlaing (2)
135YangonPabedan (1)
138YangonPabedan (2)
139YangonHlaing (3)

For more information, about MPT telecenters details address please visit this link (, others MPT services please call 106 or visit or MPT official Facebook page

MPT Launches Htaw B + Promotion Offering 5x the Value for Data, On-net Voice Calls and SMS with Longer Validity

(Yangon, 1st February 2019) MPT today announced that its mobile customers across the country will be able to enjoy its new Htaw B+ promotion, an upgrade of previously-offered Htaw B option which brings the same five times balance conversion values for pay-as-you-go (PAYG) data, on-net (MPT to MPT) voice calls and on-net SMS rates, but now with double the validity period for the corresponding package choices, up to 60 days.


For example, a user’s 1000 Ks main balance can be converted into 5,000 Ks Htaw B+ balance. The converted 5,000 Ks can then be used to connect to MPT’s high-speed 3G/LTE+ network for their usage on PAYG data, on-net voice calls and SMS. This is the same with the Htaw B offer which for the same choice brings only 7 days validity but with Htaw B+, customers now get 15 days of validity, ensuring that they can experience the amazing 5x value even longer.

The following table contains the details about the new promotion:

DetailsHtaw B+ ValidityHtaw B+ Balance Usage

(Tax Inclusive)





1,000 Ks Main Balance = 5,000 Ks Htaw B+ Balance15 Days 


PAYG Data = 5.5 Ks/MB

MPT-MPT Voice = 28 Ks/Min






2,000 Ks Main Balance = 10,000 Ks Htaw B+ Balance30 Days*5002#
5,000 Ks Main Balance = 25,000 Ks Htaw B+ Balance60 Days*5005#

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said, “We are very excited to announce the new Htaw B+ promotion bringing the same popular 5x value but now extending the usage validity period to double the length, up to 60 days! MPT’s former Htaw B offer, with its unique proposition, proved to be a big hit with mobile subscribers who enjoyed getting the most value for their top-ups. In appreciation to our customers, we have decided to go a step further to add the option of having the 5x balances last even longer. At MPT, we always look for ways to bring enhanced services and flexible offers that ultimately meet our users’ diverse needs, as they connect to Myanmar’s first and leading mobile network.”

The balances can be activated and converted as many times as the customers want although it is not applicable for purchasing data packs, value added services (VAS) and voice packs. However, users can enjoy the promotion by purchasing on-net voice, SMS and PAYG data.

If a user has already purchased and is  currently using an unexpired Htaw B promo, the new Htaw B+ purchased balances will only take effect upon the expiry of the Htaw B option (either through validity expiry or balance consumption). The promotion is non-transferrable and non-refundable.

For more information on Htaw B+ and MPT’s other amazing promotions, call 106, or visit and MPT Official Facebook page



MPT Offers FTTH and ADSL Users the Opportunity to Enjoy Additional Benefits on Their Registered MPT Mobile SIMs

(Yangon, 31st January 2019) Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator, MPT announced that starting from 1st February, all MPT ADSL and FTTH internet subscribers will be able to enjoy special bundle service offers, with data quota, on-net call time, and on-net SMS for their MPT mobile numbers. This gives MPT’s fixed internet subscribers additional benefits for their usage on their mobiles as they also connect to the operator’s highspeed nationwide 3G / LTE+ network.

Depending on the type of fixed internet plans customers subscribed, they will receive up to 3GB of data, 200 on-net minutes voice call and unlimited on-net SMS services as additional monthly benefits. The following table contains details on the bundle benefits, which scales higher based on the type of fixed internet plans subscribed.

 Bundle Benefits for FTTH Subscription

Bundle Benefits for ADSL Subscription

Mobile benefits will be transferred to the registered MPT mobile phones numbers on the 15th of every month. During the process, the fixed internet line should be active or in use. The allocated mobile benefits will expire on every 14th of the following month. Also, the benefits are only available to MPT users on the Shwe Sagar, Shal Pyaw or Swe Tha Har tariff plans.


MPT also expands its FTTH network in January and February 2019 to provide the service in 7 cities.

State & RegionNew Areas
MandalayChan Mya Thar Zi
Mahar Aung Myay
Bago (East)Bago


State & RegionExisting Areas
LathaMingalar Taung NyuntPabedan
MandalayAung Myay Tha ZanChan Aye Thar Zan


Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said, “As Myanmar’s leading telecommunications operator offering both fixed and mobile services, MPT is able to leverage its offerings on both platforms to provide customers with even more value. With this fixed internet and mobile bundle offerings, customers can connect online from home with fixed internet services and out of home with our fast 4G / LTE+ network in 314 townships. Also, with the FTTH area expansion, we can now offer our amazing high-speed fixed internet service to more customers. This is a unique proposition for MPT customers unlike any other, rewarding their usage with more benefits through our bundled offerings.”


New FTTH and ADSL services customers can bring their MPT SIM numbers along while registration for their FTTH or ADSL internet subscription, to also enjoy the benefits.


To enjoy the benefits, existing FTTH and ADSL users can first register their one MPT mobile number (main number) through contacting MPT customer services or visiting the nearest MPT branded stores with their digital subscriber line (DSL) number from their respective FTTH or ADSL subscription invoice or the phone registration book and personal information. To register the other maximum two MPT numbers alongside the main number for the mobile benefits, simply dial *6767# from the main number to add or change the second and third numbers. To change the main number for the benefits, please visit the nearest MPT shops for the change request.


For more information about the fixed internet and mobile bundle services and the applicable terms and conditions, FTTH and ADSL internet service availability locations, please call 106 or visit or MPT official Facebook page: