MPT Brings The First Music Streaming Data Pack with JOOX

(Yangon – 22nd March 2019) – MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications service provider, announced the launch of its new data pack offer – the first of its kind in Myanmar which allows users to enjoy millions of local and international songs through JOOX, Asia’s biggest music streaming service, at the most affordable rates for all music fans. This heralds a new era in the way Myanmar people will listen to music with exciting MPT-JOOX data packages: the 24-hour MPT-JOOX Pack and the 7-day MPT-JOOX Pack, both available at easy-on-the-pocket prices.

Any of the two MPT-JOOX data packages give subscribers access to one of the world’s largest music catalogues that includes both local and international songs, playlists and karaoke, and songs exclusively released on JOOX. It is non-stop music, anytime and anywhere.

MPT-JOOX Data packages are guaranteed to deliver the same music streaming benefits experienced by JOOX subscribers across Asia for a minimal amount. The 1-day (24-hour) pack costs only 149 Ks and comes with 149 MB JOOX Data and JOOX VIP access, while the 7-day pack costs only 699 kyats with 699 MB of JOOX Data and JOOX VIP access.

JOOX VIP access bundled with these packs means MPT subscribers who buy any of the packages will have access to millions of great local and International songs, including exclusive songs available only on JOOX. They can play on-demand any artist, any song, anytime, anywhere. They can enjoy an ad-free listening experience and download their favorite songs on their device, create their own playlists and play the songs offline. All the music is delivered in high-quality streaming and high-fidelity audio quality.

Here is a summary of the packages customers can choose from:


(Tax incl.)


(JOOX Data)

ValidityPremium BenefitUSSD Code
24-Hour Pack149 Ks149 MB24 hoursJOOX VIP access 


7-Day Pack699 Ks699 MB7 daysJOOX VIP access

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations excitedly shares this news: “ We are the first telco in Myanmar to launch JOOX Data Packs with JOOX VIP access and big data allocation sufficient for our subscribers to enjoy unlimited music. Getting a JOOX Data Pack has more advantages as compared to free access such as ads-free listening, play on-demand and download capability to name a few. With this product, we continue to bring exciting contents to our customers at the most affordable cost.”

To enjoy JOOX, please download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Also visit the JOOX website and log-in with a Facebook, WeChat or email account.

For more information on the MPT JOOX Data Packs, please call 106. Users may also visit the MPT official Facebook page at or MPT official website for further details on MPT’s products and service.

MPT Users Who Are Travelling Abroad Will Have Amazing Data Prices with New Data Roaming Promotion

(Yangon –March 3rd to 14th 2019)  MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator, is excited to announce special international data roaming rates for customers travelling to other countries. With this new offer, MPT customers can stay connected with friends and family while they are abroad with promotional prices offering up to 99% discount on standard tariff.

Customers can access the special rate of just 15 MMK/MB as pay-as-you-go for 9 countries Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and China (including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan)

Further, for customers can reduce the tariff by buying a weekly package of only 900 kyats which offers the tariff of 9MMK/MB. More details are available on

This promotion is available for all MPT GSM/ WCDMA mobile customers. To subscribe to the tariff of 9 MMK/MB, simply dial *9007# or *106*2*5*2# or sending NINE to 1332 either in Myanmar or overseas. The package is priced at 900Ks and valid for 7 days.  These packages are also available on MPT4U App.

Get connected while you are travelling to abroad through MPT network with special offers as below;

Pay-as-you-go promotion is also available in 6 other countries in addition to above.

We are always happy and excite whenever we are about to introduce new promotions. With this special promotion, we can provide our mobile customers visiting Asia, Pacific and Western countries with a great value rate of up to 99% discount of original rate costing only 15 MMK/MB and 50 MMK/MB, without the restriction or inconvenience of choosing an international operator. Customers can now stay in touch with their beloved ones in Myanmar through online under this unique offering, with the simplicity of using their existing MPT SIM and Myanmar phone number. This is a very attractive action and we do hope to become effective product to our valued customers,” said Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT KSGM Joint Operations.

MPT is always serving its users with best services fit to the requirement of the customers and with this newly launched roaming package will help people to stay connect with their friends and loved one during long summer holiday and Thingyan period even they are in other countries.

For more information, contact our MPT Call Centre 106, or go to and MPT official Facebook page of

MPT Invites Public For The Participation Of Its 7th Nationwide Blood Donation Drive To Save Lives

(Yangon, 8th March 2019) In an effort to raise public awareness to the importance of blood and to mobilize volunteers across the country to donate clean and life-saving blood for medical use, MPT, the nation’s biggest and leading telecommunication operator, will once again maintain its good practice to organize a national blood-donation drive on March 15 this year. The donation drive will happen at the National Blood Centre in Yangon, and will be simultaneously replicated in 17 regional hospitals nationwide as a whole.

Aligned with MPT’s core value of supporting communities through its “Myanmar in Our Heart” initiative, this is the 7th time that MPT has initiated this project. Throughout of this journey of blood donation that MPT’s drive in Nationwide among 6th times, the track-record of more than 3,000 people had participated by comprising MPT employees and general public while replenishing the supplies at blood banks and hospitals across Myanmar.

MPT hopes that more people will come this time to support this noble-effort because despite the increasing number of donors recorded yearly, there is still very low incidence of voluntary blood donation in the country.  Increasing the numbers of blood donors will mean stabilizing the supply of precious blood that could save lives of thousands of people all over the country.

Mr. Yoshiaki Benino, Chief Operating Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said, “We are appealing to people who are physically-fit and healthy to come on March 15 to any of the participating regional hospitals nationwide and donate just a little amount of their blood.  Together with our own MPT employees, we will have an impact on the health and well-being of Myanmar”.

He continues, “I would like to thank everyone participated to this continuous blood donation drive in the past and also who is planning to join the blood donation drive this time, for their care and support for their fellow citizen. Please invite your family and friends to do the same. Together, we can build a better, more caring Myanmar society, through our own volunteerism.”

For those who wishes to take part in MPT’s Blood Donation Drive this coming March 15, 2019, please visit the regional MPT office to register.  For Yangon residents, please call 098630050 to register. Hereunder are the locations where the blood donations to take place.

Volunteers who are not available to join this event on 15th February can also have their noble donation done at the National Blood Centre by making online registration at its website of  by their convenient time. National Blood Centre is operating various functions to provide blood requirements of hospitals and urgent/accident case as well.

For more information about MPT services and activities, please call 106, or visit and MPT Official Facebook page

MPT-KSGM Joint Operations Appoints Dr. Noboru EDAGAWA as New CEO

(Yangon, 7th March 2019) MPT-KSGM Joint Operations today announced the appointment of Dr. Noboru EDAGAWA as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective from 1 April 2019. He joined MPT-KSGM Joint Operations in February 2017 and has been serving as its Chief Technical Officer (CTO) since October 2017, with the outgoing CEO Mr. Toshitake AMAMIYA. MPT-KSGM Joint Operations aims to reinforce 5G readiness with new CEO, Dr. EDAGAWA who has the strong technology background.

Bringing with him more than three decades of industry experiences both of development and operations in commercial and technology space, Dr. EDAGAWA had also served in various positions for KDDI group of companies, which includes roles as the Executive Vice President for KDDI Engineering between 2014 and 2017, as the General Manager for the Consumer Business Strategy Division and Product and Service Planning Division of KDDI between 2005 and 2013, covering mobile and Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) services, and as a leading Research Engineer/Manager for KDDI R&D Laboratories between 1985 and 2005, being engaged in the development of early-generations of optically-amplified transoceanic submarine cable systems and deployment of FTTH systems. He received the Ph.D. degree in opto-electrical engineering from Osaka University, Osaka, Japan, in 2000, was the recipient of the “Maejima Hisoka” Award for his contributions to the R&D field of telecommunications in 2011, and is a Fellow of the Institute of Electronics Information and Communication Engineers (IEIEC), Japan.

To date as its CTO, Dr. EDAGAWA has been driving the building Myanmar’s fast-evolving telecommunications infrastructures, overseeing milestone developments such as the nation-wide expansion of the MPT’s 3G and 4G/LTE+ networks and the deployment its FTTH services.  As its new CEO, he is ready to lead the operator and set its strategic direction including 5G and IoT introduction which shall evolve the telecommunication industry in Myanmar drastically.

“It gives me great honour to be appointed to this vital role during an exciting time for Myanmar’s telecommunications industry which is now seeing exceeding market competition and the rapid introduction of various new telecommunications offerings. Since the Joint Operations started back in 2014, it has achieved unprecedented progress, moving forward to provide highspeed network connectivity with our nationwide 3G and LTE+ 4G network and better offerings for the country’s many communities and businesses, resulting in the astonishingly-fast-paced introduction of the world of most advanced wearable computing life to Myanmar.  Looking ahead, we aim to do even more for our customers toward solid and sound “5G (era),” forming the next generation foundation for the future of Myanmar, in line with our commitment to Move Myanmar Forward to enrich more the lives of Myanmar people through enhanced telecommunications services,” said Dr. EDAGAWA.

MPT Offers a Special Opportunity of “MPT Books” with Affordable Rate for Daily Subscription

(Yangon, 7th March 2019)   MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator launches another first and innovative service that gives subscribers access to 25 journal titles and 27 magazine titles including, economics, IT, markets, real estate, health and human resources related magazines and journals. It enables subscribers to get these publications at an incredibly low price of only 99 Ks per day right on their smart devices and they will also have privileges to read over 100 past issues of those publications.

After accessing the “MPT Books” web page ( or direct dial “*7272#” to get MPT Books link via SMS) and MPT users can download android mobile application on their devices. Now MPT users can send SMS “ON” to 7272 for Journal package and “SUB” to 7272 for Magazine package.

Readers from all over the country can now read all of their favourite magazines and journals everyday fresh off the press with just a few clicks through MPT’s widest network. All customers have a chance to try these special offers for free for 7 days.

Aside from making accessible to a wider audience by providing the resources of over 50 publications of up-to-date issues, those who subscribe to MPT Books will also get a chance to win a brand new iPhone XS if they subscribe to magazine daily, or a 1 Tical gold stone  if they subscribe to journal daily, in a lucky draw to be held at the end of the promotion period, by daily packs.

Tapping on Myanmar people’s love for reading, MPT has decided to bring these publications to a wider audience using technology without requiring buying the papers.

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations, said: “We noticed that Myanmar people love to read, anywhere you go, you can find sidewalk bookstores in the cities and countryside. The newspapers and magazine business in the country is robust as evidenced by a huge number of titles available to the readers.  With MPT Books, we tapped into this insight and developed products that can fast-track the delivery process of these publications to the readers.  We also made it very affordable, too, for just 99 Ks per day and 1,999 Ks per month by the choice of subscribers.  Now, somebody from a far territory in anywhere of Myanmar can get a copy of his or her favourite magazine or journal the same time as someone in Yangon or someone in the other towns and cities of Myanmar.  We believe that this way, MPT is also contributing to the enhancement of literacy in Myanmar.”

The service is available on MPT now and Customer can access over 27 magazines by paying most affordable price 99Ks/day and for 25 journals by paying the same price 99Ks/day. The promotion will run until the end of May 2019. Together with grand prizes, subscribers can also win Remax Brand Power Banks as the special prizes of the promotion.

MPT Books Reward for Daily Subscribers

For more information about MPT’s other interesting services and promotion activities, call 106, or visit and MPT’s official Facebook Page of or MPT Books’ official Facebook Page of


Winners Of Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program 2019 Signed MOA For Their Way To Successful Businesses

(Yangon – 01 March 2019) –  3 winning teams of the recently concluded Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program 2019, a collaborative effort between MPT, the country’s leading telecom operator and MCF, Myanmar’s apex ICT federation, have already taken their first crucial steps into the exciting and dynamic world of ICT business and next step to pursue their dreams is now officially started.

A Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) and awarding of prizes ceremony is slated on 01 March 2019 at the Kanaung Hub, Block 14, MICT Park, Yangon.  As part of their prizes, they each will receive a seed capital of Ks 8 million and a 6-month rent free working space at MCF’s tech business incubation center, Kanaung Hub.  Consultation and mentoring with members of MCF and Myanmar Computer Professionals Association and Myanmar Computer Industry Association, including experienced entrepreneurs and founders of successful startups will also be accessible to the teams for business and technical related issues.

The proponents of the program, MPT and MCF, are positive that the winning teams will become key players which can compete in the existing market with their brilliant project proposal now being transformed into reality.

The winning teams and runners-up and their business models are as follows :

Team Idea Capsule presented an online lottery platform named Lottery Palace and it has a lot of interesting review throughout of testing period. Many lottery tickets has been sold and even got 6 winners in that testing period. Another winning team WMM presented their project named Waste Managing Machine (WMM). It is a waste managing machine that carried out for environmental support objectives and can immediately apply in current urban development functions. Also, people who use this machine for their trash can get telephone top-up money as refund since this matching is supporting systematic waste managing habits. Team Blue Frog efforts to learn Ethnic Languages by using LEL (Learning Ethic Languages) App which is developed by AR/VR technology and makes people closer. This app attempts that users are able to learn the cultures, languages and knowledge of Ethnic people starting with Kayin language.

Mr. Yoshiaki Benino, Chief Operating Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said, “Each product proposals of the winning teams addresses interesting aspects of our lives that technology can now address practical, intuitive and essential to our daily lives. We are positive about the viability of their products in the market, but more than that, the impact it will have in our society, to make our lives better as individual, and the nation as a whole.”

For its part, U Min Zeyar Hlaing, President of Myanmar Computer Federation stressed that, “Our youths are brimming with ideas and they are also a techno-savvy generation.  If we provide them with an avenue to show us their thoughts, and we couple that with technical and financial support, there is no telling how far their vision will take them.” He further added this information : “We have already started the process of registering their business names so that it gives them pride and fuel for their desire to excel to the next level, that of a professional businesspersons.”

Winning team leaders all expressed gratitude and appreciation for being chosen as one of the winners.  They also beamed with pride when sharing the benefits of their products.

 Ko Myat Lin Thu who is the leader of winning team Idea Capsule said,” Our project idea was started from a lottery seller who is rolling his mobile shop on the street and then we made our idea alive. Now this App has over 700 users and got 6 winners since preparation period. We are now starting some research about Mandalay Market since entering into MDY market is one of our top priority.”

Ko Saw Le Ya Gaw who is the leader of winning team Blue Frog said,” Currently on our App, we are continuously working on Kayin Language which is on processing by AR/VR technologies. It now covers many percentages of everyday usages. As the next step, Shan and Yakhine languages will be soon. We are also in search of this Application ranges and will be useful for every ethnic groups.”

Ma Nang Sabei Phyu who is one member of winning team WMM said,” We are currently on the research of what public needs and barriers that may come using our machine. Actually it is about people’s everyday needs but the challenges are machine’s operation systems. We are planning to do much feasible check before it launches. The first steps of our action will be on high footfall areas”

As a high socially responsive organisation, MPT is keep focusing on the development of younger generations in every areas which it worked on and also the big step of the objectives among various actions. This Technopreneurship Development program is one of the key pillars of MPT’s focused area in which entrepreneurs from technical field are trained and developed to support the conveniences of the lives of the everyday people in Myanmar.

For more information on MPT’s CSR activities and other interesting services and promotion activities, call 106, or visit and MPT Official Facebook page

Gifting Service (Poh B)

What's Poh B ?

“Poh B” is a gifting service that allows MPT users to gift MPT products to another MPT number. No service fees is required.

Below are the MPT products that can be gifted:

  • Data Carry Plus Pack
  •  A Kyite Pyaw+ Voice Pack
  •  Htaw B

How to use “Poh B” service ?

To use this, just dial existing USSD and chose your preferred pack. Choose Gift option and follow the instruction.

  • To gift Data Carry Plus Pack , dial *777#, choose the pack and follow the instruction.
  • To gift A Kyite Pyaw+ Voice Pack  Voice Pack, dial *600#, choose the pack and follow the instruction.
  • To gift Htaw B Balance , dial *500#, choose the balance and follow the instruction.

MPT Gifting Service “Poh B” FAQ

1.What is “Poh B”?

“Poh B” is Gifting Service. MPT users can send Data Pack, Voice Pack & Htaw B+ to another MPT numbers as gift.

  • To use this, just dial existing USSD and chose your preferred pack. Choose Gift option and follow the instruction.
  • You can also use MPT 4U app to gift MPT products to other MPT numbers.
  • There is no limitation for sending and receiving MPT products.
  • Receivers can enjoy the products that they receive, according to the standard Terms & Conditions of MPT.
Data Carry Plus Pack*777# 


A Kyite Pyaw+ Voice Pack*600#
Htaw B*500#

2. Do I need to pay service fees to use “Poh B” ?

  • No service fee is required.
  • If you are a sender (person who will gift MPT product to other MPT number), only package price that you gift will be deducted from your main balance. SMS notification will be received.
  • If you are a receiver (person who will receive MPT Product as gift from other MPT number), will receive the product automatically. You will be notified via SMS. You can check your pack quota by dialing *224#.

3. I have remaining Data Carry Plus Pack Quota and I also receive Data Carry Plus Pack from my friend as Gift. What will happen?

    • Both(remaining & new) will be merged and can be used according to the standard terms & conditions.
    • A Kyite Pyaw+ Voice Pack  & Htaw B  will also be merged with remaining quota of receive if they are same product.