MPT announces New Voting Packs for “The Voice Myanmar, Season 2” Via Online Portal and SMS for their Favorite Contestants

(Yangon, 29th April 2019) As the competition heats up in The Voice Myanmar Season 2, MPT customers can conveniently vote through the dedicated MPT x The Voice Myanmar Web Portal “” and SMS Voting for the upcoming Live Performance of the Voice Myanmar Season 2 by voting new packs, offering ample 10- and 100-vote options at just 263 Ks and 2,625 Ks respectively, for audiences all over Myanmar to support the contestants that capture their hearts.

Aside from the original way of voting via MPT Online Voting portal, No data fees will be charged for using the portal, MPT opens, for the very first time this season, SMS-voting feature for the fans of The Voice Myanmar Season 2 who are watching at home or in the studio. This SMS voting is only available for MPT customers. There is no limitation on the number of votes (via voting packs) that can be brought, however, PAYG has a limit of 3 votes per episode for both online and SMS.

MPT customers can avail of any of the 5 packages that have prices ranging from as little as 263Ks with 10 votes allocation to as much as 2,625Ks with 100 votes equivalent. Customers can choose from any of the 5 affordable packages with equivalent 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100 votes.

Online Voting Portal and SMS Voting new voting packs and prices information as follows:

*Above these packages are valid from date of purchase until the final episode of the competition

MPT customers and show enthusiasts who prefer the convenience of SMS voting feature can purchase the above packages by executing the following syntax on their mobile phones:  Buy (no. of votes, e.g. 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100) and send to “55500”. PAYG can be used to vote only during live episodes.

A helpful tutorial video how to use online voting platform, SMS and contestants’ Voting Codes will be uploaded soon to MPT official Facebook page, website and YouTube. Live voting of The Voice Myanmar Season 2 will be starting from May 26th 2019 and fans can cast their vote while watching the competition at MRTV-4 Channel.

“We believe in supporting competitions that bring out the best in our Myanmar youth, and The Voice Myanmar is one of those competitions where Myanmar identity, musicality and range is best displayed and harnessed,” shares Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT- KSGM Joint Operations. “A big part of our customers are avid fans of the The Voice Myanmar, that’s why we offer them more efficient ways of actively creating the next important Myanmar musical star with this new SMS voting feature.”

Meanwhile, Myanmar rock music star and first time coach R. Zarni who hopped on-board this season expresses his excitement: “I am looking forward to experiencing the whole process, from blind auditions to the final rounds.  I encourage everyone to actively participate in choosing the deserving contestant and to show their support to the contestants by way of Online Voting Portal or SMS votes. !”

For more information about the event and other MPT’s activity announcements, please call 106 or visit or MPT official Facebook page: .

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MPT Customers Can Now Enjoy LTE+ Data Roaming in Popular Holiday Destinations

(Yangon- 23 April, 2019) MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator, unveils the new MPT’s LTE+ roaming services for MPT users who are travelling to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia & Hong Kong with very affordable tariff. This gives Myanmar’s International travellers big savings & the ability to enjoy high-speed data during roaming while saving 99% on every MB they going to use during their travels.

Recently in March, MPT has launched a new data roaming rates and packages by which all MPT GSM/WCDMA mobile customers can use internet in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan with the roaming rate of just 9 Ks per MB with the subscriptions fees of 900 Ks per week. The subscribers who don’t want to subscribe the pack can still enjoy as pay-as-you-go rate of 15 Ks per MB.

Now, MPT Customers can connect and enjoy LTE+ data roaming in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and Hong Kong with existing promotions, by just enabling LTE+ on their handsets & connect to superior roaming experience.

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT KSGM Joint Operations excitedly shares his thoughts on this new service: “MPT is always putting Myanmar people at the forefront of technology, and in today’s world where speed is an important commodity, we are happy to offer MPT LTE+ roaming to our customers the ability to connect to the fastest internet services available abroad at the most affordable rates. With your Myanmar MPT SIM and 4G/LTE handset, you can almost instantly stay in touch with your business colleagues in Myanmar, your family and friends as soon as you land in another country without changing your SIM or Myanmar number.”

To subscribe to the tariff, customers can simply dial *9007# or *106*2*5*2# or SMS ‘NINE’ to 1332 either in Myanmar or overseas. This is also available on MPT4U app and valid for 7 days.
Get connected while you are travelling to abroad through MPT network with special offers as below; 9 Countries;

Meanwhile, MPT subscribers who travel to Japan, South Korea, India, USA, Australia and Sri Lanka, can also connect with a reasonable rate of only 50 Ks/MB.

For more information, contact our MPT Call Centre 106, or go to and MPT official Facebook page of

MPT Celebrates Myanmar New Year With Nationwide Donation Activities Preserving Myanmar’s Tradition

(Yangon – 2nd April 2019) – MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator, not only provides telecom services but supports its communities as well in various sectors. A total of 6,000 Million MMK had already been utilized to different Myanmar communities nationwide in the past 4 years.

MPT has been actively engaging in many CSR activities nationwide in the areas of education, healthcare and entrepreneurship programs as three main pillars– in particular for the youth, who will be the ones moving the country forward in the future.

For this year’s Myanmar New Year celebration, MPT announces that it will welcome the New Year with the observance of preserving the noble tradition by making a nationwide series of charitable donations to mark the festive Thingyan period. From 4th and 5th of April, MPT has enlisted to make donations at 48 locations all over the country by participating its workforce, from top management down to the regional MPT office members. A total of 100 Million MMK will go to different recipient organizations nationwide including schools, monastic organizations, orphanages and homes for the aged by this initiative.

U Khin Maung Tun, MPT’s Managing Director (Deputy CEO for MPT-KSGM Joint Operations), shares his thoughts on this year’s Thingyan nationwide donation activities: “MPT is being glad for this new year donation which is one of the great signature of Myanmar Culture. This New Year donation activity is our practice as a trademark of true local operator for every year. We maintain it by supporting the communities where really need helps. And, we are deeply enjoyed that all of our supporting efforts goes to the right places and communities. Moving forward, MPT keeps focusing to support the new generations by three mail pillars of CSR activities together with our partner organizations and MPT employees nationwide.

MPT is wishing to the people all over the country to achieve the great things in this New Year and also promise to deliver best product and services to our users. Thank you, and have an auspicious and Happy New Year Everyone.”

Here is the list of recipients of MPT donation on 4th and 5th of April 2019.

In line with MPT’s overall aim to benefit the country and its community, MPT is focusing on three main CSR pillars of Education, Health, and Business Incubation. In the education sector, MPT introduced the “Digital Skills to Go Forward” program by collaborating with NLD Education Network to provide basic digital skill training supporting the underprivileged youths. In the healthcare sector, MPT initiated the “Clean and Sustainable Water Program” with the support of building tube wells and ponds nationwide with NGO partners of NAG and BAJ and also partnering with Myanmar Computer Federation (MCF) to cultivate the next generation of innovators through “Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program” under business incubation sector.

MPT is also conducting the community support programs such as clean campaign, blood donation and tree planting activities nationwide by participating MPT staff, local community and other volunteers groups to give more to our community nationwide.

Short video of MPT’s CSR initiatives can be found at Lotaya web portal page with free of charge usage ( for MPT mobile users.

For more information about MPT’s CSR activities, please call 106 or visit MPT’s official website at and MPT’s official Facebook page, mptofficialpage .