MPT launches Subscription Schemes for Unlimited Viewing Pleasure Through Mahar Mobile App

Yangon – 29th July 2019) – Myanmar people who love the country’s cinema and films will have much reason to be elated as MPT unveils daily, weekly and monthly subscription rates for Mahar Mobile Application Service that would give MPT customers unlimited watching, downloading and streaming of classic and contemporary Myanmar movies and videos.
The service launched in 2018 with pay per movie only, starting from today MPT customers can enjoy variety of Myanmar’s Favorites movies and videos in different genres ranging from comedies, dramas, romance to action and horror at the affordable subscription rate Daily 99 Ks, Weekly 549 Ks and Monthly 1,999 Ks for UNLIMITED enjoyment or they can pay 150 Ks rental fee per one movie for 7 days. Movies can be downloaded and saved for later viewing for up to 7 days. The average file size of a movie is 330 MB, for convenient downloading and storing in users’ mobile devices.
Mahar Mobile App can be accessed Lo Ta Ya portal to download via this link (no data charges will be charged) or play store via this link (android user) (standard data charges will apply).

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations, expounds on the cultural impact of Mahar Mobile App on the market: “With our collaboration with Mahar Mobile App, we are able to bridge the gap between new generations of Myanmar and the cinema era of past that was never possible before the dawn of digital technology. This way, the new generation will also understand and preserve the culture and traditions inherent to Myanmar people are reflected in those films. MPT puts the digital technology in the hands of its Myanmar customers. We harness the power of our 3G and 4G/LTE+ network to deliver world-class quality service to every corner of Myanmar.”

After downloading the Mahar Mobile app, customers would only be required to sign up with MPT Phone number/Email/Facebook accounts to use or watch Myanmar Movies and Videos from Mahar App. Customers can watch Movies and Videos directly by streaming or downloading using the app.

For more information on Mahar Mobile App, please call 106. Users may also visit the MPT official Facebook page at or MPT official website for further details on MPT’s products and service.

MPT’s Touch Win (Hti Pauk) Promotion Gives Its Customers a Chance to Win Instant Prizes

(Yangon– 26th July 2019) –  In its quest to continue enhancing the digital life experience of its customers, MPT, the first and leading telecommunications operator in Myanmar, launched the MPT Touch Win (Hti Pauk) promotion that encourages all its customers to download or upgrade their MPT4U App, play Hti Pauk game 1 time daily and be rewarded for it with attractive prizes.

Customers who download or upgrade the app and play game 1 time daily, and will have a chance to win attractive daily prizes such as credit, data, airtime, SMS including Samsung Galaxy A80 and 1 Tical Gold coin. Weekly winners will get brand new iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S10+.

For those who have not yet installed the app, follow these simple steps to download MPT4U app and install:

  1. By dialing *4040# and get the update link.
  2. Download the app from Google Play Store or App Store (Note: standard data charges apply); or
  3. Directly download MPT4U App with no data charges by Lo Ta Ya. Find “Free Direct download link – Click ”; or
  4. Get them from the following links:

Google Play Store:

Apple Store:

Free Direct Download–

 To upgrade existing MPT4U app installed in your phone, follow these steps:

  1. Every user will see an update dialog box when they open the App. In case of “Optional” update, customer can choose to update immediately or later. In case of “Mandatory” update, customer HAS to update or he/she can not use the App;
  2. Click on “Update Now” button of Popup dialog, customer will be directed to the landing page (Lotaya) for FREE download options. Click on the Free Direct download link <> (Note that for iOS users they can only update/download from App Store); or

3.Get the updates from the following links: Google Play Store: Apple Store:, Lo Ta Ya –; or

  1. By dialing *4040# and get the update link.  

Lucky daily winners will receive notifications via SMS and in-app notice. In addition, daily and weekly winners will also receive a call from MPT the following day for his winning of prizes. Telecom prizes can be used for 7 days from the winning day and voice and SMS prizes can be used among MPT customers.

Details of the Telecom and Non-Telecom prizes are as follows;

Telecom prizesNon-Telecom prizes
·  Data – Upto  100 GB

·  Balance – Upto 100,000 Ks

·  Voice – Upto 500 Mins

·  SMS – Upto 500 SMS

·  Daily Prizes
a. Samsung Galaxy A80 (8/128GB)
b. 1 Tical Gold Coin·  Weekly Prizes
a. iPhone X 256GB (8/128GB)
b. Samsung Galaxy S10+ (8/128GB)

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations, explains the rationale of the promotion:  “We want our customers to experience continued service enhancements that would bring their digital experience to the next level, and this is only possible if their MPT4U app is updated, as newer features and improvements are added periodically. Through this Touch Win promotion, we give attractive incentives to customers to use our app regularly so that they do not miss out on exciting things our app offers, including gacha-type games that can enjoy with their friends during their downtime.  We hope our customers will take advantage of this promotion so that they can experience fully the superior power of our fastest and wide nationwide network while winning the prizes.”

To join in this amazing moments, customers are required to download MPT4U app or upgrade existing app installed in their smart phones.

For more information on Touch Win promotion and other on-going promos, please call 106. Users may also visit the MPT official Facebook page at or MPT official website for further details on MPT’s products and service.

MPT Launches a First-Of-Its-Kind Interactive Chat Service in Myanmar for People who Love Short Stories

(Yangon, 24th July 2019) Always searching for ways to enrich the digital experience of its customers by developing and providing exciting and relevant services, MPT, the first and leading telecommunications operator in Myanmar, launches another breakthrough service in the country, the Chat Tin Zat Lan, an online interactive content service especially targeted at people who loves short stories but don’t have enough time in their busy schedules to sit down and read.

Created in collaboration with UPSTREAM, a leading mobile technology company in the world with presence in 45 countries, Chat Tit Zan Lan is an innovative and trendy service that will deliver easy-to-read, original short stories. It is especially designed for people who are on-the-go and have little downtime in their busy schedules. The contents can be consumed in various occasions conveniently.

Chat Tit Zan Lan features stories that have local and international flavors to hook readers. The stories are delivered in chat style format that adds to the sense of mystery, suspense, thrill and excitement. To navigate through the story, users tap the screen of their mobile phones instead of turning pages, similar to mobile games, and keeps on hitting the next button until they reach the end of the story.

There are 5 genres to choose from: thriller, romance, comedy, drama and fantasy, with fresh stories constantly being added every week expanding the catalogues, so you’ll never run out of stories to read. Reading the story you loved one more time is also possible at no extra fee but you are encouraged to give ratings to the stories you’ve read based on how much you liked them.
To subscribe to the service, MPT sim user can send ON to 8181 or subscribe via the Lo Ta Ya portal ( The service has a daily cost of 99MMK (including VAT).
Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT- KSGM Joint Operations happily shares his thoughts on this new portal service: “MPT strives to be part of every moment of the lives of the people in Myanmar. We fill it with relevant contents that resonate with them. Chat Tin Zat Lan is one such service. It aims to fill those micro-moments with something that touches the heart, excites the mind, or triggers the imagination, through various short stories that are easy to read anytime and anywhere. We want to deliver a fulfilling experience to our subscriber that why we make every moments matter. ”

For more information on the Chat Tin Zat Lan, please call 106. Users may also visit the MPT official Facebook page at or MPT official website for further details on MPT’s products and service.

Apply for MPT Fresh Graduate Recruitment Program 2019 and Be Part of The Nation’s First and Leading Telecommunications Operator To Design Your Future

(Yangon – 22nd July 2019) – MPT opens its doors to graduating college students and gives deserving and aspiring young professionals a rare chance to become part of MPT’s winning team via the MPT Fresh Graduate Recruitment program 2019.

MPT is the first and leading telecommunications operator in Myanmar and has over 130 years, the operator has been championing the development of the telecommunications industry in Myanmar. Today, it operates a nationwide network infrastructure, with the widest mobile network throughout Myanmar.

Through its wide network of retail outlets and points of sale, MPT aims to make telecommunications services more accessible nationwide. Together with the workforce of over 8,000 employees, MPT is working intensively supporting its operation and committed to continually driving the development of the telecommunications sector and moving Myanmar forward.


Graduating students who want to start their career in telecommunications industry must have obtained the following requirement.

Fresh Graduate Yangon Office Positions 

  • Bachelor Degree or Any Graduate
  • Basic English skills
  • Basic computer skills
  • Good personality
  • Zero to one year of relevant experience
  • Ability to work at MPT Head Office, Yangon

Fresh Graduate Outside Plant Maintenance Supervisors (Nationwide)

  • E., B. Tech., A.G.T.I. (Civil, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Electronics and Electrical Power) or B.Sc/M.Sc (Mathematics, Physics)
  • Basic English skills
  • Basic computer skills
  • Good personality and Good Health
  • Zero to one year of relevant experience
  • Ability to work anywhere

Interested parties are enjoined to send their complete curriculum vitae with a digital copy of their Transcript of Records to [email protected] starting from 22 July 2019.  They can also call the following numbers to obtain more information:  01-380666 and 09-423006347, 09-423005225. Short-listed candidates will be called in for next steps.

U Khin Maung Tun, Managing Director of MPT (DY CEO of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations), enjoins the young people who wants to jumpstart their career in telecommunications industry to send their CVs: “MPT believes in the great potential of Myanmar youth to become good business managers and leaders of tomorrow. That is why we open our doors to talented graduating students who want to design their careers with a big organization like us.  Working with MPT gives our employees cross-cultural background work experiences, exposure of the best business practices in the world, and constant professional and skills updates and training that would keep them valuable to the industry for a long time. We welcome you to be a part of the MPT family where we can all collaborate and drive success for both MPT & your career”.

For more information on MPT Fresh Graduate Recruitment Program, please call 106. Users may also visit the MPT official Facebook page at or MPT official website for further details on MPT’s products and services.

MPT Launches Lucky Data; Offering the Myanmar People Can Get a Chance to win up to 200GB

(Yangon– 18th July 2019) – Life just keeps on getting better and better for MPT customers as MPT continues to give them more reasons to live their digital life to the fullest. MPT, the first and leading telecommunications operator in Myanmar, unveils today the Lucky Data Promotion open to all MPT customers.
The simple mechanics of this promotion is, every Data Carry Pack purchased during the promotion period, which starts from 18th July until further notice, gets a chance to win data prizes in random up to 200GB. All GSM/WCDMA users have the chances to win attractive data prizes. To buy Data Carry Pack, customer has to dial *777# and choose the pack he prefers and enjoy the Lucky Data Promotion with standard 30 days validity and carry over benefit. Customers may also opt to use MPT4U app to avail of the packages they need.
Data Carry Packs that are eligible in this promotion are as follow:

Price [Tax Icnl] KsData Volume (MB)Lucky DataValidityDirect USSD
699 Ks415 MBCan win up to 200GB!30 Days [can carry over within 7 days after expiry]*777*1#
999 Ks1000 MB**777*2# or *777*3#
1399 Ks1400 MB*777*4#
1999 Ks2000 MB*777*5#
2999 Ks3000 MB*777*6#
4999 Ks5000 MB*777*7#
9,999 Ks10000 MB*777*8#
19,999 Ks20000 MB*777*9#
29,999 Ks30000 MB*777*0#

MPT users can also gift this to friends and loved ones by following these simple steps :  Dial *777# or *106*2#, choose Data Pack you want to share and choose option 2.’Gift’, enter mobile number of the recipient. Customers are allowed to buy as many packages as they need (multi-subscription) to get more chances to win.  The package data quota and validity of Data allowances will be merged. Validity and quota of lucky data will not be merged. Validity of lucky data is 7 days.

Happy Friday + Lucky Data Promotion for a happier MPT customer!

Customers who buy the Data Carry Pack on every Friday get extra free data (MBs) because of the Happy Friday promotion, and also can get a chance to win data prizes in random up to 200GB as Lucky Data Promotion on other days.

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations enjoins the customers to avail of these promotions as he says : “Data packages are the important windows to our access of internet especially for today Myanmar’s people who required heavy usage. It has become the lifeblood of our daily existence, from home, school, work, business and every aspect of our life today is powered by data.  To this end, MPT would like to give its customers the utmost satisfaction for choosing us, by way of adding more values to their hard-earned money through promotions that maximizes enjoyment of their digital life.  The new Lucky Data promotion is the special promotion that can get extra data, thereby exponentially increasing the benefits the consumer obtains. I would like to invite all MPT customers to avail of this Lucky Data & Happy Friday promotions and maximize their digital life experience through the power of MPT.”

For more information on Lucky Data and other on-going promos, please call 106. Users may also visit the MPT official Facebook page at mptofficialpage/ or MPT official website for further details on MPT’s products and service.


Nationwide Collective Efforts of MPT and Local Communities Raised Awareness of Littering Practices, Supporting the Necessary Bloods and Preserving Environment Under “Myanmar In Our Heart” Initiative

(YANGON – 12th July 2019) –   MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator, has been spearheading changes in the country through the development of digital infrastructure and bringing the benefits of modern communications to all corners of the country. In conjunction with this infrastructure rollout are projects aimed at enriching the lives of the people, it serves through its nationwide Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs and activities.  As a responsive local telecommunication operator, the sizeable part of its profit flows back to the community by way of its CSR programs that focus on three (3) main CSR pillars:  Education, Health and Business Incubation and many remarkable moments has been built together with the people and authorities.

MPT believes that engaging with local communities is the vital to Move Myanmar Forward in many areas as collective works can conquered the hurdles that our community faced in daily basis and MPT has been working continuously by involving local communities,  NGO organizations and government body for below activities;

Nationwide Blood Donation Activities

MPT’s Nationwide Blood Donation Drive is a recurring activity to raise public awareness to the importance of blood and to mobilize volunteers across the country to donate clean and life-saving blood for medical use. The donation drive happens at the National Blood Centre in Yangon, and are simultaneously replicated in 17 regional hospitals nationwide. To date, there are more than 3,000 people including MPT and local community donated their valuable blood at nationwide blood centers and hospitals and this will continue under the slogan of “Safe Blood For All” .

Nationwide Tree Planting Activities

This initiative aims to reduce the risk of natural disasters, carbon emissions and expects to encourage the public to maintain natural environment and biodiversity by increasing awareness about importance of tree planting. Under this “MPT Green Movement” initiative, there are over 12,000 trees has been planted by 8,000 people. The operator is encouraging local communities to participate in the public sphere and promoting activities focused on resolving social issues important for Myanmar society, as ecology and healthcare.

Nationwide Clean Campaign

MPT periodically organizes extensive nationwide clean-up campaigns, named “Clean and Fresh To Move Forward” with MPT employees, families, friends and the members of the public joining hands across the country to clean and clear up litter in popular landmarks, sacred pagodas and public places. This large-scale effort aims to raise awareness on the importance of maintaining clean and hygienic communities amongst those residing and working in these areas and there are over 15,000 people participated during two years of 2017 and 2018.

Moving forward by carrying the value “Myanmar in Our Heart”, MPT is planning 8th time of Blood Donation program in 18th July, 3rd time of its Nationwide Tree Planting Program during the raining season of July and August, and raising awareness about good littering practice among the general public, clean-up program  is planned to organize in January 2020 as 3rd time in every States and Regions of Myanmar.

U Myint Thein Htun, Deputy Chief Operating Officer for MPT-KSGM Joint Operations has this to say:  “At MPT, we like to give back to the community we work in, the benefits of doing business with them.  As the community develops, their needs grow, and our services also improve to meet these growing needs.  It becomes a mutually beneficial, symbiotic and sustainable relationship for both MPT and Myanmar people.  And we will continue to support and move Myanmar Forward, not only in terms of technology, but also in many aspects of total human development.”

MPT is developing its infrastructure for telecommunications sector to make more of the regions of the country get connected and also keep deep-focusing on the development of the country as a responsive local operator always keeping the promised value “Myanmar In Our Heart”.

For more information on MPT’s CSR activities and product and services, visit and MPT Official Facebook page

MPT Introduces “Khint Kabar” Portal Service that Empowers Myanmar Women Through Best Contents Specifically Tailored for Their Needs

(Yangon – 2nd July, 2019)–   MPT celebrates woman-power as it launches a new service totally designed for the needs of young Myanmar women in today’s digital evolution, called “Khint Kabar” portal service, it is an all-female-oriented website in Myanmar language that aims to provide women of various ages with a range of helpful knowledge and fun activities at one place through

“Khint Kabar” portal service is a product of the collaboration between MPT, the first and leading telecommunications operator in Myanmar, and CSS Technology, telecoms service provider with extensive experience in offering value-added-services (VAS) for mobile and web environment.

“Khint Kabar” is a web portal that provides various knowledge and funs, and it is available on a daily subscription service exclusive to MPT users. This service can assist the women’s personality traits, knowledge, fun and their thoughts are described in our portal through MPT’s fastest and widest network. MPT customers can access 8 different categories which are Articles, Fun, Promotion. Cooking, DIY, Fashion, Knowledge and Music with affordable rate at only 99 Kyats per day.

The Articles Section contains helpful and informative write-ups and tips about health, beauty, relationships and other general topics with special focus on women’s concerns;

The Fun Section houses memes, horoscopes and Tarot readings to help guide any girls through her day giving helpful tips on her lucky color, lucky number, lucky day and lucky hours within the day as well as prospects of her love life and relationships;

The Promotion Section gives one leads and tips to interesting shops and brands on sale around Yangon to get the best value for her money;

The Cooking Section features easy-to-prepare, delicious Western, Asian and traditional Myanmar recipes to help home-cooks and housewives to shine in every family meal;

DIY Section showcases a collection of easy-to-do home-made crafts and arts as well as life-hacks to make life easier each day;

Fashion Section features the latest styles and trends in clothes, fabrics, cuts, hairstyles, make-up and accessories and all fashion-related products and tips for that Instagram-worthy OOTD and OOTN (outfit-of-the-day & outfit-of-the-night);

Knowledge Section gives insightful and in-depth reviews on books on subjects relevant to one’s career and life as well review of upcoming and currently showing movies in cinemas;

Music Section contains a catalogue spanning a wide range of genre and international artists for pure listening pleasure.

*Khint Ka Bar Web Portal’s Homepage & Service Categories

MPT customers who want to subscribe “Khint Kabar” portal service can send ON to 8440, or access through (or) via mobile devices using MPT data network or Wifi.  Simply follow the prompt on the screen to complete the registration process.

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT- KSGM Joint Operations happily shares his thoughts on this new portal service: “To mark women’s valued contribution throughout over 23 million and within our organization. With more young women getting college education, international trainings, and entering the workforce, we feel that there is a need to give them a service that is specifically focused on their needs, as they try balance their multiple roles at home and society.  Myanmar women today are no longer leading a simple life of a mother or daughter or wife.  Many are now business-owners, career employees, educators, legislators and leaders in their community.  ‘’Khint Kabar” portal service is exactly what they need to help them stay informed about the world, motivated and focused on their multi-faceted roles, as well as entertained and be successful in their chosen endeavors.”

For more information about “Khint Kabar” service please call 106 or  Hotline Number 09 898 22 55 44 or visit the MPT official Facebook page at or MPT official website for further details on MPT’s products and services.

MPT Launches Magic Service To Bring More Fun With Magic Into Everyday Life

(Yangon – 9th July 2019) – MPT never stops from providing new, fun and exciting contents to its customers that enriches their digital life experience.  With this aim in mind, MPT, the country’s first and leading telecommunications operator, teams up with Myanmar Teleapex Group Co., Ltd., a home grown IT company providing mobile Value-Added-Services (VAS), mobile engagement solutions and a host of other services, to bring to life Magic Service, that dedicated to the art of magic for people who are interested to learn the craft and magic.

With the Magic Service application and portal (, customers can access amazing 4 categories with affordable rate of just 99 kyats per day for following contents;

1) Magic performance and training– which could assist the great magic technics in various ways such as General Magic, Hat Magic, Card Magic, Mind Magic, Coin magic, Dice Magic, String Magic, Paper Magic and Rubber Magic.

2) Stage magic– which could assist to watch the magic performance of famous magicians,

3) Mr. Top live chat – which could assist to watch the live fun magic performance video of Mr. Top and

4) Magic Shop– which could assist to buy the rare and interesting magic items which are shown in video.

Customers who want to subscribe to Magic Service can send SMS “ON“ to 8435; or access the service through ; or download it from Google play store via mobile devices using MPT data network or Wifi; or LoTaYa Portal  and just follow the instructions on your mobile screen or computer to complete the registration process to the Magic Service.

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations says, “MPT is always looking for ways to make the digital life of our customers interesting, fun, entertaining and educational.  Aside from providing the fastest 4G/LTE network in the country, we engage them with app and services that will bring smiles on their faces every day. With this Magic Service app and web portal, anyone who is interested to learn magic can unleash the hidden wizzard in him with very simple and easy way.  We hope our customers in various ages including young people who are magic-enthusiasts will avail of this service so that they can learn something fun and entertaining that can be used to strengthen the bonds of friendship and family.”

For more information please call 106 or Hotline Number 09 450577111 or visit the MPT official Facebook page at or MPT official website for further details on MPT’s products and services.


*Magic Service Homepage & Service Categories

MPT Kicks Off its 2019 Grassroots Football Festival and U-14 Football Tournament in Collaboration with MNL, MFF, Department Of Basic Education and Sports & Physical Education Department

(Yangon – 3rd July 2019) –  Forging partnerships and collaboration with education department and mandated sports associations to promote football among the youth, and recognizing the inherent passion of Myanmar people for football as a national sport, MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator, in cooperation with Myanmar National League (MNL), Myanmar Football Federation (MFF), the Department of Basic Education and Sports & Physical Education Department, kicks off the MFF MPT Grassroots Football Festival 2019 and the MPT U-14 Football Tournament 2019, at Mandalar Thiri Stadium today. MPT’s top management and employees and their counterparts from the government and private sectors graced the occasion.

This is the second year that MPT is embarking on this sports activity that aim to discover and nurture the fresh blood and potential future football heroes in the country.  It has expanded its coverage to 10 (from previous 8) States and Regions nationwide, to reach more audiences and to encourage them to take up the sport and develop their skills in football and lead active lifestyles.  The sports fest will be rolled out in the following states and regions:  Mandalay, Sagaing, Yangon, Magway, Kayin, Shan, Bago, Mon, Ayeyarwaddy and Rakhine.

MFF MPT Grassroots Football Festival 2019 encourage kids ages 6-12 years old to become physically active and take up the sports early on to develop their playing skills.  As a preparation for this event, physical education teachers from local schools underwent a two-day training seminar under the tutelages of professional coaches from Myanmar Football Federation who shared important playing skills and methods to them which they, in turn, cascaded to their pupils.  MPT, for its part, provided logistical supports like goals, uninforms, balls and cones, and other needs. For the next four months, these Grassroots Football Festival and U-14 Tournaments will be organized at local stadia in the 10 regions wherein the kids will be able to showcase their talents in the respective grounds.

MPT Under-14 Football Tournament 2019, which aims to foster athletes and raise them for selected teams and academies, will also take place in those stadia, starting from Mandalay where 12 teams will face-off each other starting from 4th July to 12th July where the best teams will be selected among them.

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations excitedly shares his thoughts on these game tournaments, “MPT’s involvement in football demonstrates MPT’s strong commitment to ‘Move Myanmar Forward’, in all aspects of modern society.  As an integral part of our ‘Myanmar in our heart’ initiative, we create opportunities for their improvement in various fields like education, entrepreneurship and health including sports. We are honored to be collaborating with the private and Education Departments in this nationwide sports festivals and tournaments.  MPT is positive that we can help discover those obscure talents that will become household names in the future that would catapult Myanmar into a strong regional or global contender in football.”

U Soe Moe Kyaw, Chief Executive Officer of Myanmar National League shares this excitement “Last year’s success of Grassroots Football Festival and U-14 Tournament proved that football is in the heart of every Myanmar citizen.  Our MNL and MFF officials and coaches had a chance to identify potential players from all over the country who can be recruited into the national football talent pool. We intend to surpass that success this year.  We are thankful for the strong support we are getting from MPT, the number 1 telecommunications operator in Myanmar.  Our associations vow to discover and nurture these talents who will be our country’s superstars tomorrow.”

Daw Khin Hnin Si from No.1 Basic Education High School of Aungmyaytharsan, Mandalay echoes the same sentiment: “We, are strongly looking forward to these MFF MPT Grassroots Football Festival and MPT U-14 Football Tournament this year.  This will encourage our pupils to take up sports while they are young that will aid in the development of their personality, teach them discipline, sportsmanship, camaraderie and people-skills, which cannot be found in textbooks. It will also develop them to be physically strong and healthy individuals. We are grateful to MPT, MNL and MFF, for supporting the dreams of our young people.  Congratulations to you for this worthy-endeavors.”

MPT also produced the basic football skills drill and exercises video last year with the professional couches and youth players from national football academy to promote the basic football skills among the youths nationwide and these videos can be accessed through MPT’s Lotaya page of without incurring any data charges using MPT mobile network.

For more information please call 106 or visit the MPT official Facebook page at or MPT official website for further details on MPT’s products and services.