MPT Launches New Lifestyle Service “Byoh” To Enhance Life of Its Customers

(Yangon, 27th September 2019) Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator, MPT has introduced a lifestyle service, called “Byoh” Lifestyle Service, it includes over 50 contents for youths and covers a wide range of topics such as that relates to Health, Beauty, Fashion, Entertainment, Knowledge, Personal Development, Technology, etc and including engaging and funny video content at one place through

MPT customers can check their luck by accessing astrology service, get health tips from food safety consultant, enjoy yoga and zumba instructional videos. The concept of the Byoh Lifestyle Application unites news, fashion, nutrition, health, recreation, and leisure with affordable rate at only 99 Kyats per day.

To enjoy the “ Byoh” Lifestyle Application and Portal Service through sending SMS “ON” to “8637” or access through (or) via mobile devices using MPT data network or Wi-Fi. Simply follow the prompt on the screen to complete the registration process. Appication is available for Android devices but iOS users still can access the content by visiting

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said that ” MPT is dedicated to enriching the digital lives of its customers. Introducing a new, innovative mobile application/portal is one of the ways to improve the everyday lives of customers and to help them turn their dreams into reality. Our entertaining do-it-yourself videos or diet cooking demos are only a small part of our extensive curated content offer. A great variety of content includes celebrity news, make-up tutorials, science news and poems, Personal Development, Technology etc . With our new Byoh Lifestyle service, customers can develop new hobbies or passions and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are happy to provide a great selection of content to satisfy the differentiated needs of our valuable customers”.

For more information on Byoh Lifestyle Service, please call 106 or 01-2305273 or visit the MPT official Facebook page at and Byoh Lifestyle Service Facebook page at

SMS Donation Platform Is Open for General Aung San Film Production Process

(Yangon, 25th September 2019) Starting on 25th September 2019, MPT will be available a SMS donation platform for the people of Myanmar to involve themselves by charitable donations in General Aung San Biography Film Production Process which will become historic record of the country. This donation platform supports the action of working together by contributing funds for the historic event that portrayed about a National Hero who sacrificed his life for the country’s independence. This film production process will be operated with the supporting of public and planning to deliver the completed output to the People of Myanmar.

The process of donation through SMS Platform can be done by sending SMS “500” to 9000 and there will be no fees or charges incur to the donors who access SMS Donation, but their donation will fully go to this remarkable project. Each donation will be 500 Ks per SMS and customers can contribute as much as they want throughout the campaign period.

Donation Steps

To make the film’s script correct with historical facts of General Aung San, Government formed General Aung San Biopic Development Committee on 24th November 2017 chaired by the Union Minister, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture and made arrangement to start the development of General Aung San film immediately.

Thura U Aung Ko, Minister for Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture also shared his words at the eleventh coordination meeting of the work committee to produce biography film of General Aung San  that “Main Reason for development of the National leader General Aung San’s biopic film with flavor of art is ornate to emulate, to have thoughts and inspiration and to have heard by many generations not just to mark the history but to the occurrence of  many General Aung Sans in the futures of the country.”

MPT Sends Employees to Japan For Business Skills Training

(Yangon, 24th September 2019) – MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator announced today the launch of 3rd batch of the Business Skills Training Program in Japan in collaboration with its Japanese partners, KDDI Corporation. This program aims to improve human capacity development within MPT and to nurture employees meeting high global standards.

MPT has selected eight employees to attend the Business Skills Training Program in Japan. This year program is first 6 months from 1st Oct, 2019 to 31st March, 2020 and second-period training will be on 1st April, 2020 to 30th, Sept 2020. The number of training for each period is 4 and total 8 employees will be attended. These candidates will undergo rigorous hands-on training program designed to improve their industry related knowledge and competencies learning from global technical experts and specialists.

“This program is an important tool to transfer knowledge, business know-how, and to gain hands-on experience in various KDDI departments”, said U Myint Thein Htun, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations. “We are confident that further development of our human resources will foster MPT’s global competitive capabilities and help us to transform our staff into a truly global standard workforce. It is worth to underline that MPT-KSGM Joint Operation training initiatives are also a powerful catalyst of our market expansion in Myanmar”, he added.

For 1st Period, the four MPT employees selected to join the 3rd Batch of Business Skills Training Program in Japan include Daw Ei Ei Moe from Human Resources Department, Daw Theingi Soe from VAS Business Department, Daw Thinzar Yi Mon Shein from IT Strategy & Platform Department and Daw Mi Lwin Nandar Thin from Network Center Department.

For 2nd Period, the four MPT employees include Ms. Nwe Zin Nyunt from Core Department, Mr. Kyaw San Maw from Mobile Access Department, Ms. Ei Ei Han from Business Planning & Analysis Department and Ms. Phyu Phyu Kyi from Sales Planning Department.


One of the candidates, Daw Ei Ei Moe said: “I am very excited to be selected to for this training program where I will have once-in-a-life-time opportunity to learn from industry experts and specialists from Japan’s top telecommunication services provider. I am confident that I will be able to make positive and impactful contributions to the organization upon my return from Japan.

This training program is an excellent opportunity for these employees, to learn at one of the foremost telecommunications service providers in Japan, operating cutting-edge networks and providing impeccable service.

This Joint Program also showcases how MPT is investing in people in various areas dedicated to creating a culture of knowledge transfer at every organizational level while promoting the relationship and cooperation between Myanmar and Japan.

.For more information about MPT’s CSR programs and youth development initiatives, please visit .

MPT Launches New Night Safety Data Package

(Yangon, 12th September 2019)- MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator, has announced the launch of “Nigh Safety Data Package” which can be used for night -time data users who regularly use the internet between the hours of 11pm and 7am. This attractively priced data promotion is available from 12th Sept to until further notice.

“Night Safety Data Package” is available for every MPT Swe Thahar, Shal Pyaw, Shwe Zagar, GSM and WCDMA prepaid and postpaid users. Night safety Data Packs are as follow:

Customers can combine data usage between Night safety data pack with speed throttling and without speed throttling. Validity of package is depending on each ones (1 day, 3 days or 7 days).
Scenario 1, if customer buy Night safety data pack without “speed throttling” and after that, customer buy again Night safety data pack with “speed throttling”, it will be merged data quota and extended to the longest validity with “speed throttling”.

Price(Incl.Tax)ChannelData Volume(MB)Speed ControlValidityDirect USSD
199KsUSSD180 MBNormal Speed1 day*233*1#
499Ks466 MB3 days*233*2#
799Ks746 MB7 days*233*3#
199Ks180 MBMax1.5Mbps1 day*233*4#
499Ks466 MB3 days*233*5#
799Ks746 MB7 days*233*6#
199KsMPT4U184 MBNormal Speed1 dayNone
499Ks475 MB3 days
799Ks760 MB7 days
199Ks184 MBMax 1.5Mbps1 day
499Ks475 MB3 days
799Ks760 MB7 days


*In case of multiple subscriptions, speed throttling function will apply for the last purchased pack.

Scenario 2, In case of customers have other dedicated packs (For example, Mobile Legends Data Pack) and Night Safety Data Pack, Night Safety Data Pack’s quota has consumed firstly.
Customers who purchase this data package can use the allowance between 11pm and 7am each night; data will be consumed from the package before the main balance, or other bonuses and packages (i.e. Standard Internet Package).
To buy this data package, customer has to dial *233# and can chose the pack and also can enjoy extra data, by purchasing Night Safety Data Package via MPT 4U app. By purchasing this night time package, users will benefit from MPT’s strengthened 3G/LTE+ network and can experience joyful hours on data from only 1 Ks/MB.

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said that “With our new offer attractive data unit prices, MPT customers do not need to worry about exceed data consumption anymore. Our customers can decide if they want to slow down their mobile internet speed at night rather than during the day time. Now, with this data package promotion our customers can enjoy this quality internet with only 1Ks/MB and people can play video games, watch videos and use data consuming apps however they like. After the peak usage hours in night time, data packs with 1.5Mbps speed throttling will allow consuming data slower than compare with any other data pack or PAYG data rate”.

For more information on MPT’s products and services, please call 106, visit the MPT official Facebook page at or MPT official website

Night Safety Pack

What is Night Safety Data Pack?

MPT introduces Night Safety Data Pack for the night time users who want to use with

Normal Speed (or) Max 1.5 Mbps with speed limitation

Customers can enjoy night safety data pack between 11PM and 7AM.

Customers can subscribe this night safety pack by dialing *233#

Customers can get additional benefits by purchasing via MPT4U App.

How can I subscribe Night Safety Data Pack?

You can enjoy the internet usage at night by purchasing the Night Safety Data Pack

Dial to *233# (or) Purchase from MPT4U app.

Night Safety Data Pack

Price(Incl.Tax)ChannelData Volume(MB)Speed ControlValidityDirect USSD
199KsUSSD80 MBNormal Speed1 day*233*1#
499Ks220MB3 days*233*2#
799Ks360 MB7 days*233*3#
199Ks80 MBMax1.5Mbps1 day*233*4#
499Ks220 MB3 days*233*5#
799Ks360 MB7 days*233*6#
199KsMPT4U83 MBNormal Speed1 dayNone
499Ks225 MB3 days
799Ks365 MB7 days
199Ks83 MBMax 1.5Mbps1 day
499Ks225 MB3 days
799Ks365 MB7 days

For easily use, please download MPT4U Application

– Get extra data bonus

– Data Charge FREE

-Checking usage history

    Continue reading “Night Safety Pack”

Value Added Services Info

Value Added Services Info

About MPT’s Vaule Added Services & Information of Subscibe/Unsubscribe
No.Service Name DescriptionPrice/Frequency To SubscribeTo Unsubscribe
1Let’s PlayHTML 5 Web Based Games200 Ks/dayON to 8765GAME STOP to 8765
2Quest to MillionHTML 5 Web Based Games99 Ks/dayON to 8576OFF to 8576
3App BoxApplication Based Games250 Ks/dayON to 8980APP STOP to 8980
4VuclipWeb Based Unlimited Video Stores99 Ks/dayON to 8383OFF to 8383
5Myanmar SportsWeb Based Sports Portal150 Ks/dayON to 8633OFF to 8633
6m-LearningWeb Based English Language Learning158 Ks/dayON to 8282OFF to 8282
7Smart KidsWeb Based Education for Kids150 Ks/dayON to 8733OFF to 8733
8ComboxWeb Based All in one service such as Music, Games, etc.99 Ks/dayON to 8981OFF to 8981
9ApptouchApplication Based Games99 Ks/dayON to 8550OFF to 8550
10Guess itWeb & Application Based Quiz Games150 Ks/dayON to 8533OFF to 8533
11Ballone StarApplication Based Football Service105 Ks/dayON to 8118DD OFF to 8118
12Nay LaApplication Based Horoscope Service158 Ks/dayON to 8998DD OFF to 8998
13Thuta MyayWeb & Application Based Agriculture Service105 Ks/dayTTM to 8834STOPTTM to 8834
14GameloftApplication Based Games200 Ks/dayON to 8793STOP GAME to 8793
15Big9Web & Application Based Video Stores99 Ks/dayON to 8989OFF to 8989
16Health Tips & QuizWeb Based Health Quiz Service149 Ks/dayON to 8123OFF to 8123
17MyMTVWeb Based Music Video Service99 Ks/dayMTV to 8411UNMTV to 8411
18Digital InformationSMS Based Digital Information ServiceSMS Based Digital Information Service53 Ks/dayaDG to 8212
19Shwe StreamWeb Based Video Stores99 Ks/dayON to 8202OFF to 8202
20MaharApplication Based Video Stores99 Ks/dayvia applicationMAHAROFF to 8686
21MPT Ring TuneCaller Ring Back Tone1050 Ks/month,
47 Ks/day
REGD (or) REGM to 7979UNR to 7979

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MPT Kicks Off A New Batch of Advanced IT Skills Training Under Its Digital Skills To Go Forward Program

MPT and NLD Education Network continuously supports with a special training program for future digital skills trainers 

(Yangon, 9th September 2019) MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator, launched a new batch of “Training of Trainers” (TOT) program for 2019, as part of their hugely successful “Digital Skills to Go Forward” computer literacy program. This nationwide initiative is run in collaboration with the NLD Education Network (NLDEN).


The TOT program focuses on training students, who have successfully completed the “Digital Skills to Go Forward” program mastering of Microsoft® Office® applications and proper IT skills teaching methodologies. With the TOT program, 50 students from all parts of the country can become trainers and experts of essential digital skills and be able to spread their knowledge to local communities through NLDEN Training Centers nationwide. TOT program for 2019 will be conducted at the MPT Training Center in Yangon and the first batch of 25 students are now embarking their new phase of learning starting from 9th September 2019.


“At MPT, we are committed to empowering Myanmar’s underprivileged youth through computer skills training. Digital technologies can increase productivity and create new economic opportunities, but the success of our economy requires enough IT skilled people. With the rise of mobile internet and computer technologies, we want to be sure that every Myanmar citizen is able to participate in the creation of a modern, digital economy of our country”, said U Myint Thein Htun, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of MPT-KSGM JO.


“The process of teaching trainers how to leverage all available IT resources is crucial for the transmission of digital skills and profiting our citizens. Unfortunately, many small and medium companies within the country do not have the know-how and the operational capacity to benefit from digital technologies yet and we are very appreciated by MPT initiative on digital skills sector”, added Dr. Myo Nyunt, Central Executive Committee member of NLD.


The “Digital Skills to Go Forward” program was launched by MPT collaborates with NLDEN to increase access to technology and education for the youths not only to the city areas but also to outside of the main urban areas. Since its launch in 2016, more than 5, 000 students from different parts of the country developed crucial computer literacy skills by attending courses under the MPT’s campaign.


MPT is strongly dedicated to filling the digital literacy gap in many different ways. For example, MPT’s telecenters, easily reachable in 150 locations all over the country, have been designed to offer a wide range of beneficial information and communication services to its visitors. The operator is providing Internet connectivity to Amay Eain Schools across the Regions and States using 300 laptops computers to train the digital skills there. MPT is also organizing the mobile seminars nationwide dedicated for the people in the regions, especially for younger generation how to use mobile phone safely and also to promote the safe use of mobile phones.


For more information about MPT’s CSR programs and youth development initiatives, please visit



About MPT

MPT is the first and leading telecommunications operator in Myanmar and has been championing the development of the telecommunications industry for over 130 years. It provides both fixed and mobile telecommunication services to people and enterprises, including nationwide largest 3G network and Myanmar’s fastest, most advanced MIMO 4X4 powered data service known as LTE+.


In July 2014, MPT signed a Joint Operations Agreement with KDDI Summit Global Myanmar (KSGM), whose ultimate ownership is held by Japanese partners KDDI Corporation (KDDI) & Sumitomo Corporation (Sumitomo). Together, KDDI and Sumitomo have committed to invest over 2 billion dollars of ten years to accelerate the development of MPT and Myanmar’s telecommunications industry. This commitment is among the largest historical Japanese investments in the country.

Together with its workforce of over 8,000 employees and KSGM, MPT is committed to continually driving the development of the sector, upholding its values of social responsibility and moving Myanmar forward. Currently, MPT is providing its services to over 23 million users.


For more information and detailed terms and conditions, visit or To learn more about MPT’s activities focusing on youth development in Myanmar, please go to to view its informative free-to-watch corporate video.


Media Contacts

MPT/KSGM Joint Operations

Hay Mann Soe

(+95) 9 423000171

(+95) 9 8630050

[email protected]

[email protected]

MPT, Moving Myanmar Forward