MPT’s Commitment to “Keeping Myanmar Connected”

(Yangon, 30th March 2020) – During this challenging time with the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Global Health Pandemic, MPT is committed to ensuring the health and well-being of our customers and employees with the implementation of a wide-ranging preventive measures.
We continue to closely monitor developments related to the coronavirus situation around-the-clock. We are prepared to take necessary measures to mitigate any risks that may affect our employees and members of our communities. In line with Government Directive, we start the resilient working scheme where we shift the workforce to 50% as Work From Home and 50% as Work From Office in order to maintain the sustainable operation.

Following guidance from public health authorities, including Ministry of Health and Sports (MOHS) and the World Health Organization (WHO), we have increased our cleaning levels to provide a clean and safe work environment for employees. Surfaces and touchpoints are being wiped down daily as part of the effort to clean and sanitize MPT branded stores, offices, vehicles, etc.

We also understand the importance of staying connected and as such we are ensuring our customers and business partners have access to the most reliable networks and solutions. As the situation evolves, we’re working closely with our employees, partners and suppliers to support ongoing business operations and serve our customers’ needs. MPT’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP) supports operational preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery.

As a provider of essential communications products and services, MPT has multiple layers of redundancy built into our network, operations and our ability to communicate with customers during critical periods. Our networks are designed and built to meet current and future demand as more businesses, schools and other organizations require employees to work remotely and stay indoors. We fully expect to be able to maintain communications with our customers.

MPT is continuing the safe business operations of all its units and updating internal policies and procedures to improve customer service in its call centers. All MPT customers can also seamlessly use MPT4U application to manage their accounts on mobile devices. For more information, please call 106, visit the MPT official Facebook page at or MPT official website


MPT Customers are Strongly Encouraged to Register their SIM Cards and Receive 100MB Mobile Data & MPT Money 1,000 MMK Gift

(Yangon, 26th March 2020) – As per the directive of Posts and Telecommunications Department (PTD), customers are required to register their SIM Cards using their legal name and NRC Number after purchase and MPT has simplified the updating SIM Registration process through multiple channels for the convenience of their customers.

Now, MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecom operator, is encouraging its customers to update the SIM Registration information, free-of-charge, to reflect correct personal information and to avoid purchasing SIM Cards that have already been registered. As part of this announcement, MPT is offering 100MB mobile data bonus to customers who update their SIM Registration details by MPT 4U Application or web-site for the SIM which is registered before January 2020. Beginning 7th March 2020, customers who completed update of registered information in SIM will receive the bonus which will be provided immediately after completion of update.

MPT Customers can conveniently update their SIM Registration information free-of-charge through various channels listed below –
1) Simply Dial *601# for checking on registered information in your SIM.

2) MPT 4U Application (The application is free to download by dialling *4040# for Android OS. Data fees will be charged to download MPT 4U Application at Apple® App Store and Google® Play Store
3) MPT’s Customer Self-Care website at

Registering the SIM Card under their legal name and NRC number can help customers enjoy MPT’s services safely, securely and avoid malicious activity by criminals especially in mobile financial services. SIM Registration can help preventing misuse and exploitation of the actual user and can help SIM Card holders accountable for their actions.

Moreover, MPT customers who update their SIM cards through MPT 4U Application between 18th and 31st March 2020 will receive 1,000 MMK gift in their MPT Money Account by 24th April 2020, which can be used at merchant shops and for top-up, transfer or cash out..
If MPT customers who don’t have MPT Money Application, simply follow the steps below;
1) Download MPT Money Application through for Androi Users and for iOS Users, but standard data charges apply
2) Register first to make an account, free of charge
3) Fill up your mobile phone number, a verification SMS will be sent to your mobile to complete registration
4) Confirm your information (Name, National Registration Card (NRC) number, phone number)
5) Submit National Registration Card (NRC) photo
6) Set a new PIN code by yourself
7) Successful Account Registration and log-in into MPT Money Application

*MPT Money Tutorial Link

“As per the government’s mandate, we are encouraging all our customers to complete the SIM Registration or update their SIM Registration Information quickly and conveniently at various locations and channels. MPT employees are ready to assist our customers with SIM Registration process and customers can also enjoy 100MB mobile data bonus and MPT Money 1,000 MMK gift for completing this quick and easy process,’’ said Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM JO.

MPT is conducting SIM Registration activities across all the States and Regions to encourage its customers to register their SIM cards. These activities allow customers to do SIM Registration at the nearest MPT Own Shops and Branded Shop.

As directed by the Posts and Telecommunications Department (PTD), customers are allowed to register only two SIM cards under one valid NRC number. MPT customers are encouraged to complete or update the SIM Registration with correct personal information no later than 30th April 2020.

For more information about SIM Registration, MPT customers can call 106 or by visiting the MPT official Facebook page at or by visiting MPT website .

MPT Expands its “Handwashing Programme” with the Launch of Four New Facilities in Ayeyarwaddy, Bago, Kayin and Mon

(Yangon, 24th March 2020) – MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecom operator, has announced the completion of the second phase of its “Handwashing Programme”, with four new handwashing facilities fully operational to help reduce the risk of germs spreading while promoting personal hygiene among the youth.

MPT recognizes the importance of public health and increasing awareness on personal hygiene and as such the healthcare sector has been one of the pillars of MPT’s CSR initiatives. The “Handwashing Programme” was launched in July 2018, in collaboration with the Public Health Department of the Ministry of Health and Sports. A total of 19 handwashing facilities were installed at public schools across various States and Regions, which significantly improved the health & hygiene standards among the youth.

During 2019, as part of the 2nd phase of “Handwashing Programme”, new handwashing facilities were constructed at public schools in Mandalay Region, Bago (East) Region, Mon State and Kayin State. This programme is accompanied by educational activities for the students to raise awareness about personal hygiene and proper handwashing techniques.

Keeping hands clean with soap and running water is one of the most important steps to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. Many diseases and infections are spread by not washing hands with soap with clean, running water. Moreover, various studies have shown that handwashing with soap could protect the youth from getting sick with diarrhea, E. coli and respiratory infections like pneumonia and human coronavirus.

During the time of global pandemic caused by novel coronavirus (COVID-19) which has infected 2 people in Myanmar and over 334,900 people globally and caused the deaths of over 14,600 people across the globe (Ministry of Sports and Health Myanmar and WHO Official Data as of 23 March 2020), MPT aims to address the lack of awareness, about the benefits of public health, personal hygiene and good sanitary conditions at public locations such as schools, among the youth.

U Myo Than, Deputy COO of MPT-KSGM JO explained that “MPT is dedicated to promoting and strengthening the health of the young generation. This initiative plays an important role in promoting good personal hygiene habits that can considerably limit the transmission of dangerous germs and viruses in small communities. Increased personal hygiene practices are crucial to keeping our citizens safe in the face of various health risks, like coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic happening across the globe at this very moment.”

Thus far, this MPT-led programme has spent over Ks 100 million to install water tanks, water pumps, tube wells, and build handwashing stations in selected schools across the country benefiting 5,000 young students. This will not only benefit the current students but also to the future generations in respective States and Regions.

MPT runs a wide range of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in the health sector across local communities in Myanmar. For more information, please call 106, visit the MPT official Facebook page at or MPT official website

MPT Announces Winners of Its “MPT Club” Valentine Lucky Draw Program

(Yangon, 18th March 2020) – MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator, has announced the winners of its MPT Club Valentine Lucky Draw Program and the winner selection event is held at MPT Head Office today. With live streaming on MPT official Facebook page, winners of the MPT Club Valentine Lucky Draw Program received one prize for themselves and an additional one for their beloved ones. All the winners were drawn at random from all the entries and below winners has won the prizes.

Furthermore, in five weekly draws from 14th February to 14th March 2020, five additional “MPT Club” members have won trips to Bagan. Regardless of the membership status, they will be able to invite three friends to join them. In addition, 1,500 participants received in total 2,250,000 MPT points to enjoy their membership in the “MPT Club” even more.

We have launched this promotion to express gratitude to our loyal customers and mark our commitment to rewarding them faster and more frequently than ever before. A big thank you all MPT Club members for their participation and my special congratulations to the lucky winners! We are determined to further ‘Enrich Your Daily Life with MPT Club’s Good Will’, and continue customer-focused innovations,” said Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM JO.

Prize and

Membership Status

NameAddress Phone Number
Diamond Ring (Diamond Member)U Kyaw Bo Bo TunYangon Region09-26091xxxx
Platinum Necklace (Platinum Member)Daw Win Ei PhyuKachin State09-40004xxxx
Gold Coin (Member)U Myat ThuTanintharyi Region09-25292xxxx

“MPT Club” provides exceptional offers, discounts, and benefits constantly enriching customers’ lifestyles. The program combines amazing money-saving deals from well-known Myanmar brands of more than 60 brands partners nationwide with a range of enhanced experiences to surprise loyal MPT customers with special perks and privileges. Besides, “MPT Club” members are receiving points on a daily basis to easier obtain premium membership status.

Every MPT customer is invited to join the “MPT Club”. Membership is free of charge. MPT Customers can easily sign-up by sending SMS REG M/F to 345 (e.g. REG F). In order to check MPT Club ID, MPT point balance or redeem rewards user has to dial *345#.

For detailed information on MPT Club and the latest promotions, please call 106, visit the MPT website or official Facebook page at

MPT Customer Enjoys “Hti Tine Htaw” Dance and Gets a Chance To Win Kyats 500,000 MPT Money Prize

(Yangon, 16th March 2020) – MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator, has launched an exciting contest for all amateur Myanmar dancers. Everyone can enter the contest by submitting a dance video with the latest Hti Tine Htaw TV commercial background song. Entrants need to imitate dance moves from the TV commercial, record a video and post it on Facebook. The contest runs from 16th March to 31st March.

The winners of the contest will be picked based on the number of Facebook interactions. Performers with the highest number of “like”, “wow”, “love” reactions, highest number of “Shares” and highest number of total reactions for kid dances will be rewarded with prizes of Ks 500,000 each. The background song is available at .

“With this contest we want to help amateurs to release their inner dancers. No dance experience is required, but sense of rhythm will be definitely appreciated in this online dance battle!’’, said Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM JO.

Entrants of any age are welcome to make submissions. Participants need to post their dance videos on Facebook with Hashtag (#MPTDanceContest). If participant is under 13 years of age, post on Facebook with Hashtag (#MPTKidDance).In order to complete the contest entry, participants have to send a dance video link and their MPT phone numbers to the Hti Tine Htaw Dance Contest Facebook page ( ) Messenger.

MPT customers can download MPT4U App from Lotaya Web Portal, Google® Play Store, or Apple® App Store. For more information on products and services available for MPT customers, please call 106, visit the MPT official Facebook page at or MPT official website

MPT Announces Top 12 contestants of “Shwe Mic Khae” Singing Competition for the Semi-Final Stage

(Yangon, 13th March 2020) – The Top 12 semi-finalists of the “Shwe Mic Khae” singing competition were revealed today, much to the excitement of the fans and contestants alike. Over 2,300 contestants from all over Myanmar submitted their pre-recorded video auditions for the preliminary stage of the competition. Given the wide popularity of the competition and high quality of participation, 12 semifinalists were selected instead of 10. These Top 12 contestants announced today will go on to compete in the Semi-Final stage to reach the final stage. The Top 12 Finalists are; Naw Heh Blut Say, Keh Keh, Saw Blessing Moo, Ja Pan Lu, Ah Linn/ Thal Yar, Aung Dint, Ai Swann, Shee Shee, Nandar Shwe Yee Win, Phi Sar Moe Yi, Nant Phyo Ei and Mi Dae Wi.

 This unique singing competition was launched on 22nd February by MPT and Tay Than Thar Music App, aiming to discover new talents from around the country and help them launch a career as a professional artist.

The Top 12 contestants will compete in the Semi-Final stage, which will be held at the Northern Old Skool in Yangon on 21st March 2020. The competition’s panel of judges features prominent representatives of the Myanmar music industry and includes Composer Myint Moe Aung, Guitarist Leonard Maung Maung Lwin, Singer Rebecca Win, Songwriter & Singer Wai Gyi and Singer Jewel.

Semi-Final and Final rounds will also include SMS voting. After launch of SMS voting, MPT customers can vote their favorite contestants by sending an SMS with contest number “7171” to keep their choices on top of the competition. Each SMS will be charged 100 Ks and date of start of SMS voting will be announced on MPT Facebook page. The revenue from SMS voting will be awarded to the respective contestants (after any applicable tax deduction). Customers can send any number of SMS votes to their favorite contestant.

This ‘Shwe Mic Khae’ signing competition has been an instant hit among our customers with over a 2,300 music videos submitted through social media for auditioning. This competition is designed to discover and promote hidden talents from across Myanmar and help them jump-start their music careers with the support of Tay Than Thar music label app. Like everyone, I am thrilled to find out which contestants will win the competition and start their career as professional artists.” said Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

 Top six contestants from Semi-Final will compete in Grand Final stage where the top three winners will be selected on 28th March 2020. The Top winner will be awarded 7,000,000 Ks, 1st Runner-Up will be awarded 3,000,000 Ks and 2nd Runner-Up will be awarded 1,000,000 Ks. All three winners will also get exclusive single song record contract with Tay Than Thar music label.

For more information on the contest, customers can visit an official Tay Than Thar Facebook page or Shwe Mic Khae official Facebook page or call (09) 44 111 7711.



MPT Money’s “Clean and Fresh to Move Forward” Campaign Was Held At The Big Cities Nationwide To Maintain A Clean Environment and Reduce Littering Impact

Yangon, 10th March 2020 – MPT Money’s “ Clean and Fresh to Move Forward” nationwide clean-up campaign was successfully held at the big cities in Myanmar to clean up Myanmar and reduce litter impact on the environment. Aiming to raise the awareness on the importance of maintaining clean and green environment and to improve good littering practice amongst the local community, this campaign was organized at the 18 locations in every States and Regions from 15th February to 7th March of 2020.
MPT Money’s “ Clean and Fresh to Move Forward” campaign was started on 15th February in Naypyitaw and Mon State and carry on the activities on 22nd February in Kachin State , Rakhine State and Bago (West) Region, on 28th February in Shan State(East), on 29th February in Mandalay, Magwe, Sagaing, Bago (East), Yangon, Thanintharyi, Ayeyarwady, Shan(North) , Kayah and Kayin and on 2nd March(Monday) in Shan(South) and 7th March in Chin State respectively by MPT volunteers in collaboration with MPT Money agents, general public, other social organizations, relevant City Development Committees, administrative departments and local community at the landmark locations, pagodas and public places. This campaign was arranged to receive the participation of general public and various organizations to clean-up the environment which include not only picking of trash but also holding the banners of cleaning related slogans for the education purpose and singing songs of cleaning activity for the awareness to public.

“I am very pleased by the participation of our nationwide employees together for this initiative at 18 main cities around Myanmar. There are over 7,000 volunteers of both employees and local community participated in this nationwide clean campaign. I would like to give heartfelt thanks to each and every participants at the respective locations along with our employees for this “Clean and Fresh to Move Forward” Initiative by the MPT Money. “Clean and Fresh to Move Forward” nationwide clean campaign highlights the importance of safe and clean environment as everyone’s responsibility. Besides, I want to encourage to everyone, especially youths for such awareness activities of littering practice and preserving the environment as it attributes the continuous development of Myanmar” said U Khin Maung Myint, Managing Director of MPT Money Co., Ltd.
Everyone has responsibility to maintain the environment and this nationwide initiative is the highlight of the collaborative efforts among MPT Money, Location Communities, Respective City Development Committee and General Public for such cause and it is being thankful for everyone’s participation. Photos of Nationwide “Clean and Fresh to Move Forward” can be found along with this press release.
For more information about MPT Money’s “Clean and Fresh to Move Forward” Campaign, please go to the official facebook page of MPT Money .

Myanmar’s New Tech Startups Unveiled at Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program 2020

(Yangon, 3 rd March 2020) – Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program (MYTDP) 2020, has successfully ompleted the final judging round and selected 4 Winning Teams from 10 finalists from Lower and Upper Myanmar.

The winners of the Technopreneurship Accelerate Award and Technopreneurship Startup Award received Ks. 10 illion and Ks. 8 Million respectively where 2 Winners of Technopreneurship Idea Award were given Ks. 3 Million each. In addition to financial award Accelerate Award and Startup Award winners will also get an opportunity to receive business mentorship from well-known entrepreneurs, free 6-month residency at the Kanung Hub Incubation Centre and support to setup as a new business entity.

The winners of this year’s competition were selected and unveiled by a panel of judges, on 29 th of February at the signature event at the MICT Park. The winners of Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program ( YTDP) 2020 have been announced in three prize categories –

AwardPrizeTeam/ ProjectSolution
Technopreneurship 2020 Accelerate AwardKs. 10 MillionAung Myin Online Learning PlatformAung Myin Online Learning Platform is a Mobile App based education program providing courses in Management, HR, Marketing and Finance, etc., rich-media video files. Soft skills vital for the careers development of youths and employees can be learned and animated explanatory videos of world’s best-selling books in summary can be accessed through this App as well. Users can choose from monthly subscription or pay by the course a number of people from across States and Regions have already started using this program.
Technopreneurship 2020 Startup AwardKs. 8 MillionAll In One Sports AppVarious types of football tournaments and games are being held in Myanmar on a regular basis but there has never been a system to track the results and be accessible to the fans on-demand. Through the App, Football Fans can have access to Live Results from international games such as English Premier League and Champions League as well as local football games and tournaments. They also have a comprehensive collection training videos and library of articles for football enthusiasts as well as Law of the Games for technical development of the game.
Technopreneurship 2020 Idea AwardsKs. 3 MillionProductive Chicken FarmThis is essentially an IoT (Internet of Things) System for poultry farming (chicken). This product can analyze data from sensors and adjust the temperature, moisture, light, noise level and acidity, all of which are essential for a maintaining a chicken farm. Users can review the sensor data on the website, controlling of feeding system and water system though the app and feed and manure fertilizer trading platform.
Technopreneurship 2020 Idea AwardsKs. 3 MillionFutsal PlusFutsal Plus is a platform which can connect Futsal pitch owners and players looking for a place to play football. Using this platform, players can find available futsal pitches, saving time and money. The whole process cut down the amount of time needed to find a futsal pitch compared to traditional ways and this will also help owners to rent the pitch more frequently. It is also have a reward point system where players can earn points to use towards pitch rental. Futsal Plus now boasts a significant number of futsal pitches across Myanmar.


“I would like to congratulate the winners, the finalists and the rest of the teams from Lower and Upper Myanmar that participated in this year’s program. At MPT, we are deeply committed to supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Myanmar, and we truly believe that this Program helps to scale up resources of nnovative entrepreneurs developing innovative solutions to some of the important social problems for the benefit of future generations,” said Mr. Koichi Kasuya, Chief Operating Officer of MPT-KSGM JO.

“Growth and consolidation are usually the biggest challenges at the beginning of any project. All finalists demonstrated great determination to push their ideas to the next level. Winners had to be chosen, but all participants deserve success on their future business paths,” added U Min Zeyar Hlaing, Chairman of MCF.

This year, the participating teams presented a wide range of innovative ideas, from an online laundry service and restaurant discount app to a website supporting patients suffering from mental illness or promoting online lectures.

“It is such an honour to be chosen as one of the winners. We are really grateful for this incredible opportunity. It was one of a kind experience. We have gotten more out of the program that we ever could have wished for,” said Ko Thurain Min of All in One Sport Team, one of the winners of the Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program 2020.MYTDP 2020, is a business incubation initiative of MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator, and Myanmar Computer Federation (MCF). The program aims to identify and support talented and aspiring entrepreneurs with ground-breaking business ideas and the innovative use of technology to address various socio-economic issues and to support the next generation of Myanmar for the further development of Myanmar Society.

Detailed information about the Program is available on and the official FB page of