MPT Announces the “Super Double Data Package” Promotion for Its Customers

(Yangon, 24th July 2020) – As Myanmar’s leading telecom operator, MPT continues to introduce new and exciting products and services for its customers, and today, the operator announces the “Super Double Data Package” promotion where data-hungry customers can enjoy double the amount of data with the purchase of MPT’s data packages.

MPT’s fast, reliable, and award-winning 3G & 4G networks cover over 96% of Myanmar’s population, spanning across even the most remote parts of the country for customers to enjoy the benefits of MPT’s products and services. By taking advantage of this double-data offer at no extra charge means, MPT customers can enjoy more hours browsing the internet, playing online games, streaming movies, or staying connected with family and friends on social networks.

“At MPT, we are constantly innovating to provide a superior experience and great value to our customers. Our new data packs redefine the affordability of mobile internet in Myanmar and offer great value to MPT customers. Mobile users of all data appetite can now find the right deal to enrich their digital lives over MPT’s high-speed networks. With our double the data offer we are making it even easier for our customers to watch their favourite shows online, play mobile games, or share happy moments with friends and family,” said Mr. Tetsunori Nagashima, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM JO.

All MPT GSM/WCDMA prepaid and postpaid users (Swe Thahar/ Shal Pyaw/ Shwe Zagar) can subscribe to Super Double Data Packs. Base tariff users will be able to subscribe to the Super Double Data Packs after switching their tariff to Swe/Shal/Shwe.

Multi-subscriptions are allowed for purchasing packages. Main data quota has a validity of 30 days&  will be merged with the validity of the latest  purchased pack and can have carry over function for remaing data after expired validity  if new data packs purchase within carry over period(7 days after expiry).Super Bonus Data is valid for 7 days and can be merged data quota and validity if new data pack purchase within 7 days.

Price – MMK (Tax inclusive)Main Data Quota



Main Data Quota Validity


Super Bonus Data



Super Bonus Data Validity


Direct USSD

998Ks90530 days

[can carry over package quota within 7 days after expiry]









[Bonus Data can be merged within 7 days]

















Customers can check for main data quota, super bonus data and validity by dialing *224# or through MPT4U application.

For more information, please call 106. Users may also visit the MPT official Facebook page at or MPT official website for further details on MPT’s products and service.

Sales and Purchase of Pre-Registered SIM Cards Can Result In Serious Repercussions

(Yangon, 21st July 2020) – Post and Telecommunications Department (PTD) has recently implemented strict regulations with regards to the sales of pre-registered SIM cards. As such, MPT is utilizing the “Activation after Verification” scheme to ensure that MPT SIM cards are not being sold to our valued customers without being registered and activated using accurate personal information and proper identification.

PTD regulations stipulate that only the official points-of-sales of telecom operators are authorized to sell new SIM cards. Customers are also prohibited from purchasing of pre-registered SIM cards from any vendor. Moreover, any sales partners of MPT are strictly prohibited from selling SIM cards to customers without registration or selling pre-registered SIM cards in any case and should be aware that PTD has vowed to take serious legal action to the full extent of the law against any violators.

Each customer can possess a maximum of two SIM cards. Customers must also avoid purchasing MPT SIM cards from shops or vendors who refuse to or unable to assist with SIM registration. Proper identification such as NRC for Myanmar Citizens or Passport for Foreigners is required for SIM registration.

“It has been a few months since we have started using ‘Activation after Verification schemed to assist our customers with SIM registration. This is to make sure our customers are not duped into purchasing illegal pre-registered SIM cards by illicit vendors. Only the authorized vendors can sell MPT SIM cards and assist customers with the proper SIM registration process. I would like to remind our valued customers that SIM registration is not only legally required but doing so can help avoid malicious activities by criminals, scammers, and fraudsters,” said Mr.Tetsunori Nagashima, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM JO.

Customers who may have knowingly or unknowingly purchased pre-registered SIM cards being sold by unauthorized vendors will have their SIM cards terminated. Therefore, MPT would like to urge our value customers to avoid purchasing MPT SIM cards without proper SIM registration.

Registering the SIM Card under their legal name and proper identification can help customers enjoy MPT’s services safely, securely, and avoid malicious activity by criminals especially in mobile financial services. SIM Registration can also help avoid misuse and exploitation by scammers and fraudsters.

Furthermore, SIM registration help improves the trust between customers and telecom operators, the integrity of the telecom industry, and contributes to the development of the digital economy in Myanmar.

For more information, please call 106, visit the MPT official Facebook page at or MPT official website


RELEASE MPT Continuously Improves Network Infrastructure to Create Connections that Shape the Future

(Yangon, 17th July 2020) – MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecom operator, continues to expand and improve the future-proof network and offer innovative products and services to enhance the ability of the people, businesses, and communities to embrace the future, today.

As Myanmar goes through rapid socio-economic development in recent years, MPT has been championing the development of the telecom industry in Myanmar by providing coverage and connectivity where it counts. MPT officially launched its 4G/LTE+ services since June 2017 and at present, its 2G, 3G and 4G network serves more than 27 million customers in all states and regions.

Today MPT’s award-winning LTE+ network is available in 316 townships across Myanmar, an increase of 300% since 2018. Overall, MPT operates the widest nationwide network covering over 96% of Myanmar’s population, maintaining the position as the industry leader and covering even the most remote parts of the country for customers to enjoy the benefits of MPT’s high-speed network.

As customers add more devices and find more ways to use them, MPT is constantly increasing the density of its network, offering new services such as affordable and reliable high-speed Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) internet service in 54 townships and upgrading over 180 Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) with state-of-the-art equipment across States and Regions.

“We are proud to be building the digital future for our customers across Myanmar as we have done so throughout the years, offering the most widespread and most reliable 3G & LTE+ networks for our customers. With the network coverage of 96% of the total population, we are maintaining our position as industry leaders with the imminent launch of our new 4G LTE band network with massive speed, range, and capacity to improve customer experience. We are committed to playing a key role in Myanmar’s digital economy and digital transformation process,” said Mr. Tetsunori Nagashima, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM JO.

With the team of engineers, problem-solvers, innovators, technologists, and leaders, MPT is delivering the promise of the digital world by offering superior customer experience through fast and reliable connectivity for all things digital, from social media to streaming videos, and live gaming. MPT is not waiting for the digital future to arrive, it is building one.

With ultra-fast speeds, ultra-low latency, and massive capacity, MPT’s newly upgraded 4G LTE network is built right with the power to create connections that can shape the future.

MPT has a long history of delivering excellence in service and quality of the network infrastructure for customers from even the most remote parts of the country and today, MPT continues to stay true to the promise of “Keeping Myanmar Connected” in the new, digital world.

For detailed information on MPT offers and the latest promotions, please call 106, visit the MPT website or official Facebook page at


MPT Offers an Exclusive Access to “Makeup Room Concerts”, the Biggest Virtual Live Concerts in Myanmar, In Collaboration with King 7 Dynasty

(Yangon, 10th July 2020) – MPT in partnership with King 7 Dynasty, a leading music producer, to offer its customers one of a kind, virtual music extravaganza featuring renowned artists in Myanmar. Aptly named “Makeup Room Concerts”, artists will perform fans’ favourite songs, live from the backstage makeup room setting.

Starting from 5th August 2020, “Makeup Room Concerts” will be held virtually every month through a dedicated MPT Web portal  All performances will be streamed in real-time so that customers can experience live concerts from the convenience of their own homes.

The monthly virtual live concerts will feature 21 of the most influential artists in Myanmar including Htun Eaindra Bo and Tin Zar Maw, performing songs customers know and love in special versions that have never been released. Every live concert will last between 60 to 90 minutes and will feature two artists who will be performing up to 15 songs including their exclusive songs.

“We have teamed up with King 7 Dynasty to provide our customers with an amazing virtual concert experience aimed at entertaining and connecting our customers while mass music events are not being held due to the pandemic. Through the Makeup Room Concerts, we want to bring together the community of musicians, fans, and followers around the nation through a shared love of music. I believe that in tough times such as these, music truly can inspire and bring optimism to the people,” said Mr. Tetsunori Nagashima, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM JO.

MPT has a long history of supporting the music and entertainment industries in Myanmar and “Makeup Room Concerts” is guaranteed to bring a sense of positivity, optimism, and happiness to our customers during these difficult times sorrowing the COVID-19 situation, by delivering an authentic virtual concert experience by their famous artists.

“Modern-day entertainment & broadcast media is quickly transforming to digital media platforms and more and more people are consuming their favourite entertainment programs using their mobile devices rather than spending time in front of a television. With this in mind, we are proud to present Myanmar music lovers with “Makeup Room Concerts” featuring their favourite artists. Customers can enjoy these concerts exclusively online, circumventing the limitations of time and physical presence,” explained U Wai Minn Maung, Managing Director of King 7 Dynasty.

The “Makeup Room Concerts” program is exclusively being offered to MPT customers and can be watched live via MPT Web Portal < > using mobile data.

“Many people in Myanmar are anxious and worried because of COVID-19 outbreak and longing for inspiration and happiness through music and entertainment. I am participating in this virtual music concert as I feel the duty as an entertainer to uplift the spirits of Myanmar people and bring joy to them through music. I would like to thank MPT and King 7 Dynasty for making this happen and I am very thrilled to be meeting the fans through online very soon,’ said Tin Zar Maw, one of the most influential Myanmar artist to headline the Makeup Room concerts.

For added convenience as customers enjoy exclusive entertainment from their favorite artists through the dedicated MPT portal and customers can enjoy the show with pay as you go data charges or by purchasing data packages from MPT4U App.

For more information, please call 106. Users may also visit the MPT official Facebook page at or MPT official website for further details on MPT’s products and services.

MPT Becomes Official Partner of “Burmese Ghouls”, the Most Popular E-Sports Team in Myanmar

(Yangon, 2nd July 2020) – MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunication operator, is taking the next step in its commitment to the development of E-Sports in Myanmar by supporting Myanmar’s best and most popular E-Sports team, “Burmese Ghouls” as the Official Partner.

As the Official Partner of the best E-Sports team in Myanmar, MPT aims to inspire and provide opportunities for all aspiring young Myanmar players involved in gaming. MPT will be supporting “Burmese Ghouls” in all major local and international E-Sport events as the team break the mould to become the rising star of the Asian E-Sports scene.

Founded in 2016, “Burmese Ghouls” are currently among the best E-Sports teams in the ASEAN region, proudly representing Myanmar in virtual and in-person international gaming tournaments of DOTA2, PUBG, Mobile Legends, AOV, and VAIN GLORY. In the second part of 2020, the team will compete in international tournaments such as MPL-MM Season 4 (Mobile Legends), ONE

E-Sports Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Invitational (Mobile Legends), and MESL:Road To Razer SEA-INVITATIONAL 2020 (PUBG).

“MPT is strongly supporting the development of the E-Sports industry in Myanmar and our partnership with Burmese Ghouls as Official Partner is a testament to this goal. The E-Sports industry in Myanmar is still very young but taking the nation by storm. The ‘Burmese Ghouls’ are not only the best E-Sports team in Myanmar but also one of the best in the ASEAN region. They have a tremendous number of fans across Myanmar and with this collaboration, we aim to create amazing opportunities for all talented and aspiring Myanmar players,” said Mr. Tetsunori Nagashima, CCO of MPT-KSGM JO.

MPT has been supporting E-Sports in Myanmar since 2018 including Mobile Legends: Bang Bang SEA CUP 2018 MPT Qualifier and PUBG National Championship 2020 tournaments. By partnering with the world’s most popular mobile games, MPT is enriching the digital life of its customers and creating new trends in Entertainment and E-Sports. MPT also carries PUBG Data Pack and Gaming Pack for Myanmar game enthusiasts to enjoy mobile gaming without any limitations on mobile data.

The operator is now expanding its Official Partner portfolio by establishing collaboration with the “Burmese Ghouls”. Myanmar E-Sports fans can follow the team on Facebook at and various streaming platforms.

For more information, please call 106, visit the MPT official Facebook page at or MPT official website