Auto-Telephone Numbers Will Be Changed As Exchanges Are Already Upgraded

(Yangon, 28th October 2021) – MPT announced today that in order to improve quality and provide better services, following exchanges were upgraded with the advanced system. Therefore, existing copper cable system will be upgraded to high-speed fiber cable system and telephone numbers will be changed as below table on 30th November 2021.

AreaExchangeExisting auto telephone numberNew auto telephone number
Bago Region (East)Phyu Exchange054-40xxx054-2840xxx
Kayin StateHlaingbwe Exchange058-45xxx058-2045xxx
Rakhine StateKyaukpyu Exchange043-46xxx043-2046xxx
Sagaing RegionSagaing Exchange072-21xxx072-2021xxx
*Shan State (North)*Namkham Exchange082-61xxx082-2961xxx
*Bago Region (West)*Gyobingauk Exchange053-50xxx053-2050xxx

*Yangon Region

*Thanlyin Exchange

* Previously announced locations with migration date updated
During transitional period of old numbers to new numbers, MPT will provide free of charge call forwarding services for 3 months, for the conveniences of customers starting from the date that changed. The customers can enjoy “call forwarding services” which is able to call to both existing (old) telephone numbers and (new) changed telephone numbers during the transitional period.

Notice to Our Valued Customers

MPT has experienced a fiber link cut between Bago Region and Kyaikto Township, affecting some of the telecom services in Kayin State, Mon State and Tanintharyi Region during this morning hours and now the telecom service is back to normal, and customers can use the service as usual. MPT apologize for the any inconveniences caused.

Play “RedFox Run” Game At MPT4U App And Win Special Rewards Exchangeable with Foodpanda Voucher Codes

(Yangon, 18th October 2021) – MPT today announce for the launch of “RedFox Run” game campaign where customers can have chances to win foodpanda voucher codes while enjoying the digital gaming experience during Thadingyut Holidays.

Customers can win up to 10,000 Kyats worth of foodpanda voucher codes by simply playing “RedFox Run” game at MPT4U App without any data charges and there will be two campaign periods to provide more winning chances to customers and those are 18th- 24th October and 25th-30th October respectively.

Within two campaign periods, each of the MPT customers can participate 2 times by playing the game at MPT4U app and chances to win 2 types of rewards namely “Participation reward” and “Reward based on ranking”.

Under “Participation reward” category, every customer who plays the “RedFox Run” games at MPT4U App will receive one 500 Kyats foodpanda voucher code regardless of the number of times he or she plays.

For the “Reward based on ranking” category, customers who play this game will receive foodpanda voucher code reward amount based on the ranking they achieved in each campaign periods as below;

Rankingfoodpanda Voucher Reward AmountMaximum Number of Winners for Each Campaign
1 to 510,0005
6 to 1555,000150
156 to 4552,500300
456 to 25051,0002,050

Final ranking of the participants can be checked at the end of each campaign periods. To redeem reward code with foodpanda discount code, MPT customers need to visit “Redfox Run” Game page.

“Redfox Run” game at MPT4U App can be played and redeem the code step by step as below;

1. Go to Game Home Page at MPT4U App

2. Play the Game

3. After playing the game, ranking will be shown

4. Go to Redfox page, put rewards code, and redeem with the foodpanda Vouchers.

5. Get foodpanda Vouchers and Enjoy!

To enjoy this game at MPT4U App, customers may download the MPT4U App at App Store for iOS and for Android users, from or or dial USSD code *4040# to receive a download link with free of charge data for Android users.

MPT4U App is the all-in-one application for MPT users for the convenience use of products and services including topping-up, purchasing packages, checking daily usage and many other interesting and entertaining contents for the users nationwide. Moreover, customers can play popular games at MPT4U App such as Cut the fruit, Freekicks Master, Yati Sensation, Crazy Balls and Boom Night.

More information about “RedFox Ran” game campaign or MPT4U, please call 106, or visit MPT official website

MPT is Holding Hands Together With Myanmar People and Users Nationwide (Translation Of “အတူလက်တွဲအမြဲရှိမည် MPT”)

(Yangon, 16th October 2021) – Operating with over 8,000 employees and 300 offices nationwide, MPT is consistently providing the necessary telecommunications services to the people of Myanmar and committed to provide the reliable services which is the important lifeline of Myanmar people.

With the spread of Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Global Health Pandemic last year, MPT has set up the robust operation plan to minimize the impact to the customers and employees and provided its committed services even in the difficult situations till today and MPT therefore would like to announce today for its dedication to Myanmar people with the slogan of  “အတူလက်တွဲအမြဲရှိမည် MPT” (English translation: MPT- Holding Hands Together With Myanmar People) and continue providing its services for many years to come.

MPT is always with the people of Myanmar as we are the local & incumbent operator and has the track record of over 100 years history and constantly improving the operations by collaborating with its Japanese partner KSGM in combination of investment and state-of-the-art technologies for the best of Myanmar people. Since last year, MPT has been providing the convenient and most suited services to its customers for their convenience communications from the beginning of COVID-19 period including the free of charge balance transfer service to assist customers keep connected at all time and other remarkable services such as Data Carry Plus and Kyeik Yar Khaw voice services including recent launch of “All in one Htaw B 10X” packages.

MPT not only provides the telecom services but also provides the require support to people of Myanmar and its communities under 3 main CSR pillars of Education, Health and Business Incubation. As part of its CSR initiatives during COIVD-19, MPT provided essential supports to the communities across Myanmar including the provisions of high-speed fiber internet access, top-up cards, SIM cards, toll free numbers for COVID-19 centers. To date, MPT has provided over 20 billion MMK in support to Myanmar people and respective local communities as we believe we can achieve more if we are together.

As a dedicated and continuously improving local telecom operator, MPT is committed to fulfil the diverse needs of the people of Myanmar by collaborating with the partners in many areas as all-in-one option and to become the lifelong companion of the Myanmar people nationwide and continues support its customers with its slogan of “အတူလက်တွဲအမြဲရှိမည် MPT”(English translation: MPT- Holding Hands Together With Myanmar People).

MPT, as a true local operator and is striving to keep connected among Myanmar people and is working constantly to minimize the adverse impact for people, businesses, and society, and continues to explore the ways to support its customers and enrich their digital lives.

More information about MPT’s products and services including CSR activities please call 106,or visit MPT official website


MPT’s “All in one Htaw B 10X” Packages Enable Its Nationwide Customers To Convert Their Balances 10 Times

(The best all-in-one package offered by MPT to expend the benefits of its customers for their convenient communications through nationwide 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE network)

(Yangon, 9th October 2021) – MPT customers can now enjoy “All in one Htaw B 10X” packages with two options to suit the requirements namely “regular” and “autorenewal” packs, where they can multiply 10 times balance values with package validity of up to 90 days.

MPT Prepaid (Swe Thahar, Shal Pyaw, and Shwe Zagar) customers across the country can convert and multiply their main balance with this new “All in one Htaw B 10X” packages and can use it flexibility for any-net Voice, any-net SMS & also for pay as you go data with special rates. Additionally, MPT to MPT unlimited SMS messages can be sent with ZERO cost who subscribe any of these packages.

There are 3 options available as below for regular package of 3,000Ks, 5,000Ks and 10,000Ks denominations with the validity of 15 days, 30 days, and 90 days respectively. Customers can enjoy up to 2727 MB of data (or) up to 273 minutes MPT to Any-net call (or) up to 545 Any-net SMS and unlimited MPT-MPT SMS for 3,000Ks conversion from their main balance. Moreover, every MPT customers can win up to 100 times of Htaw B balance through “Htaw B Hti Pauk chance” by purchasing “Regular All in one Htaw B 10X” package in any channel.

Regular All in one Htaw B 10X BalanceValiditySubscriptionBalance Check
SMSDirect USSDCommon USSDOthers
3,000Ks Main Balance = 30,000Ks 10X Htaw B Balance15 DaysSend 30000 to 1332*5010*1*1#


SMS, USSD Menu (*106#), MPT4U App, Web SC, DMS, CRM, MPT Pay App, SDP channels

5,000Ks Main Balance = 50,000Ks 10X Htaw B Balance30 DaysSend 50000 to 1332*5010*2*1#
10,000Ks Main Balance = 100,000Ks 10X Htaw B Balance90 DaysSend 100000 to 1332*5010*3*1#

Users with busy schedules can also subscribe “Autorenewal All in one Htaw B 10X” package which will automatically renew when remaining Htaw B balance reaches less than 1,000Ks (or) expires validity package. Details of the package can be seen as below:

Autorenewal All in one
Htaw B 10X Balance
ValiditySubscriptionBalance Check
Direct USSDCommon USSD
2,900Ks Main Balance = 30,000Ks 10X Htaw B Balance15 DaysTo subscribe: *5010*1*3#
To un-subscribe: *5010*1*4#


4,800Ks Main Balance = 50,000Ks 10X Htaw B Balance30 DaysTo subscribe: *5010*2*3#
To un-subscribe: 5010*2*4#
9,600Ks Main Balance = 100,000Ks 10X Htaw B Balance90 DaysTo subscribe: *5010*3*3#
To un-subscribe: 5010*3*4#

Both regular and autorenewal packs offer same10X Htaw B balance benefits in which more saving can be made for autorenewal package users. “Htaw B” balances can be activated as many times as customers want and are not applicable for purchases of data packs, voice packs and value-added services (VAS). All in one Htaw B 10X Balance cannot be transferred to others, but Regular All in one 10X Htaw B packages can give as gift to others through MPT4U (or) by dialling *5010# and follow the instruction. Except for the different denomination among Autorenewal All in one Htaw B 10X packs, multiple purchase is also available, and the Htaw B balances will be merged, and validity will be updated to longest period.

MPT is always striving to keep connected among Myanmar people and is consistently working to minimize the adverse impact for people, businesses, and society, and continues to explore the ways to support its customers and enrich their digital lives.

For more information about All in one Htaw B 10X packages call 106, or visit MPT official website