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Feel the Speed of MPT LTE+

Enjoy smooth and worry free online experience on superfast MPT LTE+ Network. Much faster speed than 3G with no additional charges.

You can experience better web access, uninterrupted HD video streaming, video calling, online gaming, downloading and picture uploading.

HD video streaming

Video calling

Online gaming


To enjoy MPT LTE+

(*Please make sure you are in Shwe Zagar or Shal Pyaw or Swe Thahar Plan and to put the SIM card in primary slot (slot 1) to enjoy LTE+)

Check LTE+ Compatibility of your SIM and Handset

Dial *106*5# to check if your SIM card is USIM.

If the SIM does not support LTE+, replace your old SIM with USIM for free at nearest MPT branded shops.
Please check the branded shops list here ( for SIM card replacement.

Ensure your handset is LTE+ compatible

In your handset setting > More network > Mobile Network > Network Mode > select LTE or 4G.
If there is a choice of LTE or 4G, the device can be used for LTE+ network.
(*Please note that settings vary depending on the type of handset)

MPT LTE+ Coverage

MPT’s LTE+ is now available in Big Cities of Every State and Region. Presently 32 Cities and 82 Townships are covered with MPT’s LTE network and users can enjoy the internet with the highest speed in Myanmar. In 2018, there will be more townships where LTE+ is available, and please stay tuned for the announcement.

Check MPT's first handset that support LTE+ with
exciting features and affordable price.

please find detailed information here –

MPT LTE+ User Guide

How can you check your MPT SIM is LTE+ compatible or not? How can you activate LTE+ mode on your phone to enjoy LTE+ service? How can you change your SIM with USIM? Find out more through this uploaded video to know more about details. And, don’t forget to connect with the fastest of all, MPT’s LTE+.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is LTE+?

LTE+ is fourth generation of mobile phone technology and it offers users much faster connection for a mobile internet experience- up to ten times faster than 3G.

2. What are the benefits of LTE+?

As LTE+ is much faster than current 3G, customer can experience better internet for their mobile web access, HD video streaming, video calling, online gaming, downloading and picture uploading.

3. Will there be additional charges to get LTE+ service?

No, there is no additional charges to get LTE+ service and customer can enjoy the same price as they use as 2G/3G.

Our data packages will allow the customer to enjoy LTE+ speed with same price and data quota. Please dial *106# or download MPT4U app to purchase packs easily.

4. In which areas are LTE+ available now? Where can we use LTE+ now?

– Within 2017, LTE+ has been rolled out to every state and region. Presently, users from 32 cities and 82 townships can enjoy highest speed in Myanmar with LTE+.

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