4min4talk Terms and Conditions EN

24 May 2019

                                            Terms & Conditions

  • Talk 4 minutes and get next 4 minutes for free during the same call, the longer you talk in the same call the free minutes you will get in the same call for a maximum of 60 minutes.
  • This promotion is only for calls within MPT lines, calls to other lines / operators, are not part of the promotion
  • Promotion valid only for PAYG voice calls, calls from voice pack or Htaw B balance do not participate in this promotion. Refer to calls made from Main account and Loan account. Voice packs and Htaw B are not included
  • Only eligible customer who dial *555# or access special offers vis MPT 4 U or receive SMS with the offer can enjoy this promotion
  • This is an exclusive daily special offer, so customers might receive a different one next day, if you receive it, please hurry to get it and enjoy it
  • Subscribing is free of charge