5 minutes in 1 hour

27 Aug 2015

MPT Swe Thahar users can talk for free after the 5th minute, with up to 55 minutes free for each continuous call to MPT numbers, starting from Friday, August 28, 2015

Yangon, Myanmar, 27th August, 2015 – Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MPT), the first and leading telecommunications operator in Myanmar, announced today that they will launch a “5 Minutes in 1 Hour” promotion to all MPT Swe Thahar users starting from Friday, August 28 until Wednesday, September 30.

Effective on Friday, August 28 at (00:01 hour), subscribers to MPT’s Swe Thahar plan will be eligible for this promotion without any additional action. For 60 minutes of a continuous call: the first 5 minutes are charged at the usual rate of 23 Ks/min, after which up to the remaining 55 minutes will be free of charge. Phone calls that last beyond 60 minutes will revert back to the normal voice tariff (23Ks/min). The free talk time will only start after the 5th minute of the call, and a maximum of 55 minutes of free talk time will be given for each call.

“We are very pleased to announce this fantastic promotion for our valued customers. We are always trying to fulfill the needs of MPT users by encouraging them to talk more with the loved ones. With this promotion, people can really enjoy a very happy talkative hour with their family and friends by just paying 115 Ks for a one-hour long phone call,” said Mr. Takashi Nagashima, CEO of MPT-KSGM (KDDI Summit Global Myanmar Co. Ltd.) Joint Operations.

The promotion is valid without additional action for all GSM/WCDMA Swe Thahar subscribers, and is valid for calls to MPT numbers only. It is available for both pre-paid and post-paid customers. This promotion is not applicable in the evenings from 6pm-10pm, whereby any call minutes falling between 6pm and 10pm will be billed at the normal tariff of 23 Ks/min. There is no limit to the number of calls a user can make in each day to enjoy the free talk time.

Currently MPT has 14 million active users, of which over half are subscribers to the Swe Thahar plan. Swe Thahar plan provides the best service to users with its affordable voice tariff of 23 Ks/min and faster mobile Internet speed. For GSM/WCDMA customers to subscribe, they simply need to send “SWE” or “POSTSWE” by SMS to 1332, without any charges.

*Terms & conditions apply

  1. Swe Thahar customers pay only for 5 minutes in a continuous call up to 1 hour – talk for 5 minutes and get up to the 55 minutes free.
  2. After call exceeds 1 hour length, it will be billed at normal rates (23 Ks / min)
  3. Promotion is valid for all MPT-MPT (on net) calls for Swe Thahar customers
  4. Promotion is valid on each continuous call, and will be applied automatically (no subscription or activation required)
  5. Promotion is applicable for both Swe Thahar pre-paid and post-paid customers
  6. Usage between 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM will be billed at normal rates (23 Ks / min)
  7. Promotion is valid up to 30 September 2015