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MPT Club membership level

After registered MPT Club, you can get reward (discount or gift) based on your membership level.
Your membership level will be updated based on the last 3 months average of mobile usage.
i.e. Your mobile average usage (in 3 months) is 30,000 kyats and above ==> Diamond level

You can redeem MPT Point via USSD / SMS / MPT 4 U (from all channels).

For USSD, Dial *345*3# to redeem the reward products.

For SMS, send “Pcat” to “345” and then, send again “Red xxxxxxxx” to “345” for your desire reward products.

For MPT4U, please see below.

MPT Point redemption process in MPT 4 U

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is 5 times point campaign?

Point will get 5 times base on your member level for every MPT Club member from your daily usage.

2. How to participate this 5 times point campaign?

Just need to be MPT Club member. For MPT Club registration, by tapping MPT Club icon in MPT4U application (or) just call *345# and reply “1” for Male and reply “2” for Female.

3. To joining this campaign do I need to pay additional fees?

No need to pay any additional fees.

4. How 5 times point will get upon MPT Club member level?

All level will get 5 times point base on mobile usage.

e.g With every MMK 200 use,

Member level: Normal 1 pts   Now 5 pts
Platinum level: Normal 2 pts   Now 10 pts
Diamond level: Normal 3 pts  Now 15 pts

5. Will 5 times point getting only upon mobile usage?

Yes, from mobile usage only get 5 times points. From partner point getting will same as usual.

6. Those point how can use back?

Can redeem with MPT services or MPT Club partner selected items.

7. Any expire date for those point?

Point will be expired after 365 days from start getting date.

8. How long the campaign period?

Campaign period will be from 11th May to 12st June 2020.