MPT offers up to 50% discount on high speed mobile Internet from 2015, March 4th to March 31st

03 Mar 2015

To celebrate the full moon of Tabaung, MPT is launching a new promotion on Internet tariff: all Swe Thahar users can enjoy high speed Internet with a 50% discount: pay-as-you-go promotion price is 7.5Ks/MB instead of 15Ks/MB  from 2015 March 4th to March 31st. To enjoy this promotional rate, it is necessary to be on Swe Thahar (available for GSM/WCDMA users only). For those who are already on Swe Thahar, the promotion rate will be applied automatically. For others, they need to send SWE to 1332 (for prepaid users) or POSTSWE to 1332 (for postpaid users). Subscription is completely free, there is no data activation fee and you can unsubscribe at any time.

In addition, MPT is giving discounts on Internet Packages: the 400MB package is now at 2,800Ks instead of 5,000Ks and the 1GB package is now at 6,500Ks instead of 10,000Ks. MPT is also introducing a new promotion package for heavy Internet users, allowing them to surf for as low as 5ks/MB. Customers get 5GB for 25,000Ks. This package is for customers who download a lot of images, songs and movies, or who use their phone as a wifi hotspot. To enjoy these attractive rates, customers need to purchase Internet package between 2015 ,March 4th and March 31st. To purchase these packages, it is necessary to have subscribed to Swe Thahar.

Details about Internet packages

Content Package Price Lower Price Validity For Prepaid Users For Postpaid Users
400MB 5,000Ks 2,800 Ks As low as 7Ks/MB Valid 30 days Send ”400MB” to 1332 (by March 31st) Send ”POST400MB” to 1332 (by March 31st)
1GB 10,000Ks 6,500 Ks As low as 6.5Ks/MB Valid 30 days Send ”1GB” to 1332 (by March 31st) Send ”POST1GB” to 1332 (by March 31st)
5GB 25,000 Ks As low as 5Ks/MB Valid 30 days Send ”5GB” to 1332 (by March 31st) Send ”POST5GB” to 1332 (by March 31st)

To enjoy voice call rate of 25Ks /min to 3 favorite MPT mobile numbers during 30 days, Swe Thahar customers can register their favorite numbers by sending ADD 09XXXXXXX to 1332 (replace XX with the relevant numbers).

With this promotion, MPT wants to make fast Internet usage more affordable for everyone and answer to consumers’ request for better rates.

To find out more, visit www.mpt.com.mm or www.facebook.com/mptofficialpage or call 106 (free hotline 24/7).