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Htaw B x 7 times Pack

What is 7X Htaw B?

To show gratitude of MPT loyal customers who are supporting MPT and KSGM for the 7th year in a row, MPT launches 7X Htaw B promotion. Customers can enlarge their main balance 7 times and enjoy 7X Htaw B Balance flexibility with special rates.

7.4 Ks/MB36.8 Ks/min20 Ks/SMS

You can enjoy as per below denomination:

Detail7X Htaw B Validity
1,111Ks Main Balance = 7,777Ks 7X Htaw B Balance15 Days
2,222Ks Main Balance = 15,554Ks 7X Htaw B Balance30 Days
5,555Ks Main Balance = 38,885Ks 7X Htaw B Balance60 Days

Who can buy 7X Htaw B Balance?

All MPT prepaid customers in Swe Thahar, Shal Pyaw and Shwe Zagar plan can buy 7X Htaw B Balance.

How can I buy 7X Htaw B balance?

You have multiple options as follows;

7X Htaw B Balance7X Htaw B ValiditySubscriptionBalance Check
1,111 Ks Main Balance = 7,777 Ks 7X Htaw B Balance15 daysSend 1111 to 1332*7001#*700#*224#
2,222 Ks Main Balance = 15,554 Ks 7X Htaw B Balance30 daysSend 2222 to 1332*7002#
5,555 Ks Main Balance = 38,885 Ks 7X Htaw B Balance60 daysSend 5555 to 1332*7005#

For which services 7X Htaw B balance is used for?

7X Htaw B balance is used flexibility for MPT-MPT Voice & SMS and also for Pay As You Go data with special rates.

What are the charging rates?

Pay As You Go Data will get charged at 7.4 Ks/MB with 200KB rounding on 7X Htaw B balance. MPT-MPT Voice will get charged at 36.8 Ks/min with 20sec charging on 7X Htaw B balance. MPT-MPT SMS will get charged at 20 Ks/SMS on 7X Htaw B balance. (All rates are tax inclusive)

I exchanged the balance. I expected that my balance will increase. But my balance has just deducted. Why?

Your main balance was enlarged to 7X Htaw B balance. While you are using on-net call, on-net SMS or Pay As You Go data, your 7X Htaw B balance will be deducted first.

What will happen if I make Off-net Call (or) send off-net SMS (or) buy packages and other VAS while I have active 7X Htaw B Balance?

It will be charged according to user’s existing Price Plan and deducted from main balance.

Can I convert balance all the time/ or only one time?

As many times as you want within promotion period. The Balance will be merged and validity will be updated to longest period.

Can I buy data packs/voice packs with 7X Htaw B Balance?

7X Htaw B Balance cannot be used to buy for data packs, voice packs and other packages.