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A Kyite Pyaw

1. What is A Kyite Pyaw + Voice Pack?

A Kyite Pyaw+ Voice Pack is the latest offer for MPT customers. Customers can buy A Kyite Pyaw+ Voice Pack by dialing *600# and making the choice for the pack of desire.

Product NamePrice (Incl. Tax)SpecificationsUsage TypesValidityCommon USSDDirect USSD
7 Days

A Kyite Pyaw 

850  Kyats135 MinsOn-net calls (Including MPT landline phones)7 Days*600#


30 Days A Kyite Pyaw1,500 Kyats238 MinsOn-net calls (Including MPT landline phones)30 Days*600#


90 Days A Kyite Pyaw3,900 Kyats619 MinsOn-net calls (Including MPT landline phones)90 Days*600#



2. Who can subscribe A Kyite Pyaw+ Voice Pack?

All MPT GSM/WCDMA users can subscribe A Kyite Pyaw+ Voice Pack.


3. Can I make off-net calls to other operators with this pack?

No. You can only make MPT to MPT on-net calls with this pack.

4. What are the validity of A Kyite Pyaw+ Voice Pack?

The validity of A Kyite Pyaw+ Voice pack are 7 Days, 30 Days and 90 Days.

5. I’ve bought both 399 Kyats Voice pack and A Kyite Pyaw+ Voice pack. Which one will be consumed first?

399 Kyats Voice Pack will be consumed first since it has a shorter validity (three days). Once it’s consumed, balance will be deducted from A Kyite Pyaw+ Voice Pack.

6.What is the promotion period?

Promotion period is from 3rd August 2019 to until further notice.

7.How many times can I buy A Kyite Pyaw Voice pack?

A Kyite Pyaw Voice pack can be bought any number of times.

8. What happens if I buy new A Kyite Pyaw+ voice pack when I still have old A Kyite Pyaw+ voice pack?

       Individual allowance does not merge, each pack will expire on its own expiry period.

9. Are these packs auto-renewed after expiry?

No, none of the packs auto-renew after expiry. You need to buy the pack again, by dialing *600#.