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A Lann Sar Friday Promotion

Are you planning to have fun on Friday? Friday can be assumed as the most special day of the week and you should not miss to enjoy it. MPT is bringing you a very special offer of getting 555Ks Cashback bonus only on Friday and you can keep joining this promotion weekly. To get this bonus, you just need to buy 979Ks and above Data Carry Plus packs from USSD or MPT4U app or any channel.

Just for now, you can enjoy another special benefit!

2 Hti Pauk Chances by buying at MPT4U
(until 4th Aug, 2022)

*Purchasing from channels other than MPT4U App, you can get 1 Hti Pauk chance as usual.

PackagePrice - MMK
(Tax inclusive)
Data Amount
(30 Days)
A Lann Sar Friday Cashback (MMK)Other Benefit

Data Carry Plus
(Auto Renewal)
470 MB

(with 5 days validity)

Hti Pauk Chance to win up to 200GB
615 MB
860 MB
1290 MB

Data Carry Plus
470 MB
615 MB
860 MB
1290 MB
  • Cashback Bonus can be used for Data (with PayGo rate), MPT to MPT Voice and SMS.
  • Only on Friday, “A Lann Sar Friday” bonus can be received when customers purchase 979Ks and above Data Carry Plus packs. Lucky data benefit remains the same for other days.
  • For 699Ks and 799Ks Data Carry Plus packs are not eligible for “A Lann Sar Friday” bonus.
  • However, these pack users can still receive Lucky Data and Hti Pauk chances as usual.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is A Lann Sar Friday Promotion?

As showing appreciation to our valuable customers, MPT would like to give our customers “Friday 555Ks Cashback Bonus” for unlimited times for buying any Data Carry Packages of 979Ks and above packs (including Auto-renewal packages) only on the Friday.

2. Who can be eligible to participate in the event?

MPT GSM/WCDMA Prepaid/Postpaid active users (Swe Thahar/ Shal Pyaw/ Shwe Zagar) can participate in the event. CDMA, Base Tariff users and non-active users are not eligible to participate.

3. What and how long can I use for “Friday cashback Bonus”?

“Friday cashback Bonus” can be used for Data, On-net calls/ SMS with PAYG rate for 5 days validity.

4. How many Data Carry Plus Pack can I subscribe?

Multi-subscription is allowed, You can grab A Lann Sar Friday special bonus of 555 Ks Cash Back “for multiple times for buying 979 Ks and above Data Carry packages (including Auto Renewal Plus). Friday Cash Back bonus cannot be merged with each other.

5. To receive extra Friday Cash Back, which purchasing method should I use – MPT4U or USSD or anything else?

  • For Regular Data Carry Packages, you can grab Special Friday Cash Back Bonus as soon as you purchase any 999Ks and above Data Carry by using any method/channels (MPT4U, *777#, *106#, SMS, DMS, MPT Pay, SDP, CRM Portal).
  • For Auto Renewal Packages, you can grab Special Friday Cash Back Bonus as soon as you purchase any 979Ks and above Data Carry by using channels of MPT4U, *777#, *106#, MPT Pay, CRM Portal.

6. I already got the “Friday 555Ks cashback Bonus” from 1st Time purchase 979Ks pack. Can I get Friday Cash Back again when I bought 2nd Time 4499Ks pack on Friday?

Yes. You can grab unlimited times of Friday special bonus “555 Ks” Cash Back for buying 979 Ks and above Data Carry packages (including Auto Renewal Plus) for multiple times on Friday.

7. I bought Auto Renewal Data Carry before. Can I get A Lann Sar Friday Cash Back at the time of Auto Renewal?

Yes, you will get Friday special bonus “555 Ks” Cash Back when auto renew trigger on Friday.

8. I bought 799Ks Data Carry Plus pack on Friday and do not get A Lann Sar Friday Cash Back. Why?

Users can enjoy up to 1000GB Lucky Data as regular benefits for purchase of 699Ks and 799Ks Data carry plus packs. Friday Cash Back 555Ks are allowed for Data Carry Plus Packs those are 979Ks & above (except 699Ks and 799Ks Packs) on Friday.

9. I purchase other packages (Social pack, night time pack, voice pack) on Friday. Can I get Cash Back bonus?

No. Purchase MPT’s best seller products (979Ks and above Data Carry Plus) and can enjoy extra 555Ks Cash Back allowances on Friday.

10. Can I get Hti Pauk chance when I bought Data Carry Plus pack on the Friday?

Any Data Carry Plus 979Ks & above (including Auto-renewal packs) for Friday purchase is given a Hti Pauk Chance and you can also grab to win up to 200 GB by playing package Hti Pauk Lucky Draw at MPT4U App. You can also play two times Hti Pauk if you buy via MPT4U Channel from 1st July to 30th Sep 2022)

11. Can I gift Regular Data Carry Plus Packs to others on Friday?

Yes, you can gift Regular Data Carry Plus Packs to others on Friday.
For Data Carry Plus Pack, MPT4U (or) dial *777# (or) *106*2#, choose Data Pack you want to share and choose option 2.’Gift’, enter mobile number you want to. Receiver can enjoy all quota and extra 555Ks Cash Back of related products on Friday. (Auto Renewal Data Carry packs are not allowed for gifting).

12. When is the Promotion period?

Promotion Period is every Friday (effective from 22nd July 2022 to until further notice)