MPT makes donations to Yangon General Hospital and ThaBarWaDhama centre

05 Apr 2015
On Saturday, April 4th, MPT representatives visited Yangon General Hospital and ThaBarWaDhama centre and made donations to both institutions. MPT will be making donations to a total of 8 centres in Yangon, Mandalay, NaypyiTaw and Sagaing regions, including Yangon General Hospital, 4 homes for aged, 2 orphanages and 1 monastery. These donations are made at the occasion of Myanmar 1377th New Year, as a way for MPT to help those in great need.  “Thingyan is not only a time for celebration, but also a time to do good things especially to help those who need it the most. It is a time to show respect to the elders”, said U Saw Htoo Thar, Deputy CCO of MPT Joint Operation, during his address. MPT chose to make a donation to ThaBarWaDhama centre in order to give support to the elders and ...