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What is All in One HtawB 10X” ?

MPT has introduced ‘All in One HtawB’ pack by which people can get bunch of benefits from buying just a single pack. Let’s find out how ‘All in One HtawB’ can help to solve the problems you may face in you daily life.

All in One HtawB 10X pack’ product information

Packages prices of All in One HtawB 10X

How to subscribe All in One HtawB 10X

You may have experienced the following
difficulties while you choose and buy packages.

  • After you top-up and purchase a pack for a specific service e.g. data pack, you realize that you no longer have enough balance for other services e.g. voice or SMS.
  • When you would like to use all types of mobile services available, often you have to buy many different packages relating to each service if you do not want your main balance to be consumed by PAYG rate. This can also result in the purchased packs going to waste if a certain service is not fully consumed by the end of validity period.
  • You initially used a large amount of credit balance to buy a big data pack for future usage but after a few usages later realize that you no longer need to use high amount of data and would have instead liked to buy another voice (or) SMS pack by using the balance you used for buying data pack earlier.

Don’t worry about the difficulties mentioned above. MPT suggests you to buy….. “All in One HtawB 10X ” Packs

“All in One HtawB 10X ” has been introduced with 10X HtawB Balance which could be used for all type of usage – Anynet call, Anynet SMS and Data PayG and also offer Unlimited Onnet SMS to the customer. Customers can gain all in one benefits from just a pack unlike any other pack before. This product is designed for all MPT users who love to use all in one services with wonderful extra balance. There are two types of ‘All in One HtawB 10X ’ packs – ‘Regular’ and ‘Auto Renewal’ as mentioned in the table.

TypeAll in One HtawB 10X Price (MMK)HtawB Balance(MMK)Unlimited BenefitsValidity (Days)“Hti Tine Htaw” (Htaw B Hti Pauk) Lucky DrawCommon USSDBalance Check


Unlimited MPT-MPT SMS
15 days
Get a chance to win up to 100 times Htaw B balance


5,00050,00030 days
10,000100,00090 days

Auto Renew
2,90030,00015 days

No Chance
4,80050,00030 days
9,600100,00090 days

All in One HtawB 10X

If customer had subscribed to get auto renew function ,Auto Renewal’ Pack will be automatically renew when All in One HtawB  10X Balance reaches less than 1000 Kyat (or) If the 10X HtawB balance does not reach 1000 Kyat level but the validity of the pack say 15/30/90 days is over then the pack will renew basis validity expiry.

All Types Of Usage

Unlimited MPT-MPT SMS

Auto Renew function

Data, Anynet Voice/SMS

Maximum Usage of each service

All in One HtawB Balance (MMK)Data (MB)Any-net Voice
30,0002727 273 545 Unlimited
50,0004545455909 Unlimited
100,0009091909 1818Unlimited

All in One HtawB Special Rate

Data11 Ks per MB
Any-net Voice
110 Ks per minute
Any-net SMS55 Ks per SMS
MPT-MPT SMS0Ks (Unlimited)

What kind of problems will be solved
when you buy a ‘All in One HtawB 10X ’ pack?

  • You can enjoy using Data, making phone calls and sending SMS to any operators by buying just single a pack with multiple benefits. You will no longer need to worry about your remaining balance by using that 10 times balance for all types of services available.
  • When you would like to use all types of services, you won’t be busy with choosing and buying packs separately. “All in One HtawB 10 X” can provide whatever you would like to use. Don’t worry about being expired before the packs are all used up because all your 10X balance will be valid for anynet call, SMS and Data usage.
  • This product is very convenient for those who often like to switch from one type of service usage to another, as you can now switch freely between Data service or Voice or SMS or use all of them with 10X balance without having to worry about allocating your balance for each service.

All in One HtawB 10X (Regular)

You can easily buy ‘All in One HtawB 10X’ Packs via SMS (or) USSD (or) MPT4U App.

All in One HtawB 10X (Regular)

Price : 3000Ks=30,000Ks

USSD : *5010*1*1#

SMS : Send 30000 to 1332

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All in One HtawB 10X (Regular)

Price : 5000Ks=50,000Ks

USSD : *5010*2*1#

SMS : Send 50000 to 1332

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All in One HtawB 10X (Regular)

Price : 10,000Ks=100,000Ks

USSD : *5010*3*1#

SMS : Send 100000 to 1332

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All in One HtawB 10X (Auto New)

All in One HtawB 10X (Auto Renew)

Price : 2,900 MMK = 30000 MMK

USSD : SUB:*5010*1*3#

USSD : UNSUB:*5010*1*4#

All in One HtawB 10X (Auto Renew)

Price : 4,800 MMK = 50000 MMK

USSD : SUB: *5010*2*3#

USSD : UNSUB:*5010*2*4#

All in One HtawB 10X (Auto Renew)

Price : 9600 MMK= 100000 MMK

USSD : SUB: *5010*3*3#

USSD : UNSUB:*5010*3*4#