MPT & KSGM Joint Operations made donations worth 20 million Ks to flood affected areas in Rakhine

Last 1st of July 2015, MPT and KSGM Joint Operations donated 10 million Ks to help and support victims from flood affected area in Rakhine State. To further help and support victims from Min Pyar, Myauk Oo, Kyauk Taw, Maung Taw, Buu Thi Taung, Ya Thay Taung and Ponenar Kyun, affected areas from KOMEN storm, MPT and KSGM also made additional 10 million Ks donation on 4th August 2015.

MPT announces collaboration with LINE

For the first campaign promotion MPT customers can enjoy
free data usage with the newest instant messaging application
until September 30

Yangon, Myanmar, July 29, 2015– Myanma Posts Telecommunications (“MPT”), the first and leading telecommunications operator in Myanmar, announced today that they will provide free data usage for main features of LINE Messenger (“LINE”) and a free download of the application for all of its Swe Thahar customers.

Effective from July 29 until September 30, every MPT Swe Thahar user can download and use the LINE application without any data charges. Customers can take advantage of MPT’s free data offering for the following LINE offerings:

• Chatting

• Sending and receiving stickers

• Photo sharing

• Updating Home & Timeline

• Making and receiving free voice calls on LINE (Up to 50 MB per month per user)

At a press conference held at PARKROYAL Hotel on Wednesday morning, MPT announced details of the promotion: a joint collaboration between MPT and LINE aiming to provide Myanmar people the chance to experience the popular messaging application. LINE is one of the world’s most popular social network applications and has 560 million global users. The application is especially popular in Asia, where it is number one in Japan, Thailand, and several other countries.

“As the leading telecommunications operator, I believe it is one of our responsibilities to introduce popular applications to Myanmar, as well as to provide our customers the chance to experience the benefits of LINE. Our goal is to continue to put together more offers and services for all Myanmar users” said Mr. Takashi Shigeno, Marketing Director of KSGM/Joint Operations between MPT and KSGM (KDDI Summit Global Myanmar Co., Ltd.).

“Myanmar presents a great market for LINE, with many people interested in our application. We’ve seen a growth of over 309% after our soft launch earlier this year. With a corresponding growth in smartphones, Internet penetration, and telecoms coverage throughout the country, we plan to shape LINE and its family applications to complement the needs of our users in Myanmar market. This partnership with MPT is part of a concrete strategy to for LINE to expand local content and provide great experience for Myanmar users,” said Mr. Darin Hwang, General Manager of LINE Myanmar.

The MPT Official Account on LINE will also be launched on July 29—LINE users can subscribe to the MPT Official Account to receive updates on latest news and promotions from MPT. Moreover, exclusive MPT stickers will be available for download from LINE in the coming weeks.

The two-month promotion period will begin on July 29 and run through September 30. Download LINE now at

MPT offers up to 50% discount on high speed mobile Internet from 2015, March 4th to March 31st

To celebrate the full moon of Tabaung, MPT is launching a new promotion on Internet tariff: all Swe Thahar users can enjoy high speed Internet with a 50% discount: pay-as-you-go promotion price is 7.5Ks/MB instead of 15Ks/MB  from 2015 March 4th to March 31st. To enjoy this promotional rate, it is necessary to be on Swe Thahar (available for GSM/WCDMA users only). For those who are already on Swe Thahar, the promotion rate will be applied automatically. For others, they need to send SWE to 1332 (for prepaid users) or POSTSWE to 1332 (for postpaid users). Subscription is completely free, there is no data activation fee and you can unsubscribe at any time.

In addition, MPT is giving discounts on Internet Packages: the 400MB package is now at 2,800Ks instead of 5,000Ks and the 1GB package is now at 6,500Ks instead of 10,000Ks. MPT is also introducing a new promotion package for heavy Internet users, allowing them to surf for as low as 5ks/MB. Customers get 5GB for 25,000Ks. This package is for customers who download a lot of images, songs and movies, or who use their phone as a wifi hotspot. To enjoy these attractive rates, customers need to purchase Internet package between 2015 ,March 4th and March 31st. To purchase these packages, it is necessary to have subscribed to Swe Thahar.

Details about Internet packages

ContentPackage PriceLower PriceValidityFor Prepaid UsersFor Postpaid Users
400MB5,000Ks 2,800 KsAs low as 7Ks/MBValid 30 daysSend ”400MB” to 1332 (by March 31st)Send ”POST400MB” to 1332 (by March 31st)
1GB10,000Ks 6,500 KsAs low as 6.5Ks/MBValid 30 daysSend ”1GB” to 1332 (by March 31st)Send ”POST1GB” to 1332 (by March 31st)
5GB25,000 KsAs low as 5Ks/MBValid 30 daysSend ”5GB” to 1332 (by March 31st)Send ”POST5GB” to 1332 (by March 31st)

To enjoy voice call rate of 25Ks /min to 3 favorite MPT mobile numbers during 30 days, Swe Thahar customers can register their favorite numbers by sending ADD 09XXXXXXX to 1332 (replace XX with the relevant numbers).

With this promotion, MPT wants to make fast Internet usage more affordable for everyone and answer to consumers’ request for better rates.

To find out more, visit or or call 106 (free hotline 24/7).

MPT will introduce new offers and services on Monday, January 12th


Answering to consumers’ high expectations, MPT will launch new tariffs and new services with better network experience from January 12th.

“Our customers have been waiting for us to announce new tariffs. Now, we are very confident about our network and services and therefore, we want to share with you our new offers, as well as the next steps of our development towards connecting Myanmar people”, said Mr Takashi Nagashima, CEO of MPT-KDDI-Sumitomo Joint Operations, during  the press conference presenting new offers on Friday January 9th. Mr Nagashima then announced 5 good news for Myanmar people in 2015.

  • New “Swe Thahar” plan 


On January 12th, MPT will introduce a new plan called Swe Thahar, allowing customers to enjoy better rates on calls and SMS, as well as a much faster Internet speed. Swe Thahar plan requires subscription and is available for GSM/WCDMA SIM cards customers only.

Swe Thahar pay-as-you-go plan’s key features:

  • Better price
    • Tariff for calls will now only be 35 Ks per minute to any number, at any time.
    • Tariff for SMS will be 15 Ks per SMS.
  • As launch promotion, all customers who subscribe to Swe Thahar for the first time by March 31st 2015 will benefit from a special rate of 25 Ks per minute on calls to their 3 MPT favorite numbers during 30 days upon registration of the first preferred number!
  • Convenient Internet charge with no data activation fee
    • When customers subscribe to Swe Thahar, they can access the Internet without paying any data activation fee.
    • Internet usage will be counted “per MB” instead of “per minute”. Data price will be 15 Ks per MB.
  • As launch promotion, all customers who subscribe to Swe Thahar for the first time by March 31st 2015 will enjoy 50 MB for free!
  • Higher Internet speed
  • By subscribing to this new plan, customers will enjoy much faster Internet by the new 3G network technology of HSPA+. Theoretical maximum speed will be 42Mbps (speed is the best effort basis depending on location, time, handset, and the system availability).
  • MPT will keep investing to expand the area and the capacity of this high speed Internet network so that more customers can enjoy this comfortable Internet connection.
  • For time-based Base Tariff, MPT applies a speed cap at 256Kbps for 3G and 128Kbps for 2G SIM (Note:  internet speed is provided on best effort basis).
Base TariffSwe Thahar
Eligible customersAll MPT customersGSM/WCDMA SIM card customers
How to subscribe?Default tariffSend SMS “SWE” (prepaid) or “POSTSWE”(postpaid) to 1332 (to switch from base tariff to Swe Thahar)
Voice rate50 Ks /minoff-peak hours (23:00-07:00): 25Ks/min35 Ks /minWelcome Promotion: 25 Ks for 3 favorite MPT numbers (30 days)
SMS  rate25 Ks /SMS15 Ks /SMS
Internet4 Ks /min (3G)2 Ks /min (2G)

  • Data activation fee: 10,000 Ks
  • Internet speed capped at 256kbps for 3G and 128Kbps for 2G SIM cards.
15 Ks /MB

  • No Data activation Fee
  • Higher Internet speed (up to 42Mbps)
  • Welcome Promotion: 50MB bonus upon subscription (30 days)
  • Voice and Internet packages to get even better rates

image005 image003

MPT also prepared special packages to complete Swe Thahar plan for those who need to call more and those who like to surf more the Internet. With these  additional packages, Swe Thahar members can get even better rates.

PackageAllowancePackage priceValidityHow to purchase?
Voice Package480 minutes to all MPT phone numbers12,000 KsCall from 25 Ks /min30 daysSend SMS “480MIN” to 1332*
Internet Package 400MB400 MB of data5,000 KsSurf from 12.5 Ks /MB30 daysSend SMS “400MB” to 1332*
Internet Package 1GB1 GB of data10,000 KsSurf from 10 Ks /MB30 daysSend SMS “1GB” to 1332*

*Total Package price will be deducted from main balance upon subscription.

Swe Thahar’s add-on packages are available for prepaid and postpaid GSM/ WCDMA users who subscribed to Swe Thahar.

  • Free subscription to Value Added Service

In addition, most Value Added Services (VAS) will now be free of charge for subscription.

ServiceDescriptionHow to activate?Price
VoicemailAllows the person who calls to leave a voice message in case the user is not availableSend “VMS” to 1331FREESubscription
Missed call alertSends a notification to the user if someone called while the phone was offSend “MCA” to 1331
Call forwardAllows user to divert calls to another numberSend “CF” to 1331
Call waitingNotifies the user if someone is calling while he/she is already on the line and allows him/her to put the first call on hold while taking the second oneSend “CW” to 1331
  • Small denomination top up cards for everyone to access telecommunications 


To make communication accessible to the greatest number of people, MPT will also introduce lower denomination top up cards, with 1,000 Ks and 3,000 Ks top up cards. These top up card denominations will be available at usual points of sales and through e-top up from January 12th.

  • Price reduction for SIM replacement


Following its customers’ suggestions, MPT has also made SIM replacement for lost SIM cards more affordable: customers who lost or damaged their SIM card will get a new one for 1,500 Ks only (compared to 20,000 Ks in most cases before). SIM cards will be replaced for free in case the damage was not caused by customers.

To conclude his address, Mr Takashi Nagashima talked about the next steps: “While we will be extending our network towards rural areas, we will keep on increasing our network capacity, in order to provide best-in-class services while serving more and more customers.”

For more information, visit and follow MPT on Facebook:

Yangon, January 9th 2015


MPT increased network capacity in Yangon and Nay Pyi Taw to provide better connectivity

Together with its Japanese partners KDDI and Sumitomo Corporation, MPT, Myanmar’s largest telecom operator with the widest coverage, is currently investing heavily in network capacity expansion to provide better service to its customers.

On November 6th, MPT has started its network improvement plan by expanding capacity of congested 3G sites in Yangon and Nay Pyi Taw. Capacity of those sites is now about 50% higher than before November 6th.

As a consequence, MPT customers in Yangon and Nay Pyi Taw will experience better voice connectivity. Even in usually congested areas and during peak hours, customers will experience much better quality of service.

MPT will further increase capacity and coverage in nationwide: as a first phase of the project, by the end of March 2015, the number of 3G sites will be doubled. Especially in Yangon area, total 3G network capacity will be almost tripled. Also, new 3G network technology is under testing to provide better data service.

MPT has undergone a lot of positive changes recently, with a new distribution system, a new logo and now an improved network capacity. More improvements will be announced soon –stay tuned!


The first directly operated shop by MPT opened in Yangon General Post Office – To heighten customer satisfaction in Myanmar –

MPT and KDDI/ Sumitomo Corporation, who are conducting telecommunications business through their joint operation, hereby announce that on November 14th, 2014 they have opened the first directly operated MPT shop in the Yangon General Post Office (hereunder, “GPO”). The shop will sell SIM cards and Top-up cards to the public.

Ahead of the official launch, an opening event to celebrate the renewal of the GPO was organized by the Japanese Government and the Japan Post Co. Ltd. on November 13th 2014, where the Japanese Prime Minister, Mr. Shinzo Abe, made an appearance. In addition to receiving his congratulations, MPT presented the Prime Minister with a commemorative SIM card.

MPT and KDDI/Sumitomo Corporation began SIM card sales on September 1st, 2014, and already sold more than 1 million cards in the first month. Simultaneously, work is being done to improve the quality and connectivity, in order to provide users with more comfortable mobile communication service. Call service centers have also been strengthened to achieve even higher customer satisfaction.

MPT announced its new logo and brand image on September 12th, 2014, which includes a television commercial.

The new directly operated shop will be the first of its kind where MPT employees serve their customers in person. MPT customers’ questions, varying from the product specifications to the contract terms, will be answered with the world’s highest “Japanese quality” service to MPT’s customers.

MPT and KDDI/Sumitomo Corporation will continue to improve customer satisfaction, and endeavor to assist in the industrial and economic development and livelihood improvement of the people of Myanmar.

About the first directly operated shop:

  • Date of opening : November 14, 2014
  • Name of shop : Yangon GPO MPT Booth
  • Location : Corner of Bo Aung Kyaw Street and Strand Road,
    Kyauktada Township,Yangon
  • Size of shop : 17 square meters
  • Operator : MPT

MPT forms global partnership with KDDI and Sumitomo

MPT has successfully concluded a global partnership with two leading Japanese companies, KDDI and Sumitomo, to bring better communications and more advanced technologies to the people of Myanmar.

KDDI is the second largest mobile operator in Japan with more than 50 millions clients generating about 42 bn USD revenues. It has built it’s reputation in its home market by systematically providing the best customer experience and the state of the art customer care, while always providing the latest technology innovation.

Sumitomo is a global corporation involved in a wide range of business development activities. It has been present in Myanmar for more than 50 years. Together with KDDI, it is now committed to financially support all the necessary investments needed to improve and boost the telecom infrastructure development in our country.

With the help of its strong partners, MPT is now working hard to improve its network, further expand its coverage and strengthen its operations in order to beat its newly established competitors and provide the best telecommunication services to the Myanmar citizens.

The partnership that has been officially signed in Nay Pyi Taw on July 16 last month is already starting to bare tangible results, especially in areas that are important to MPT’s million customers, such as the quality and reliability of its communications.

With the aid and technical expertise of KDDI and Sumitomo, MPT has already been able to quickly raise the performance of the existing network to a level of service comparable to other ASEAN neighboring countries. The congestion of the 3G data network has been reduced (-20%), the capacity to make a successful call greatly improved (+20%) especially during peak hours and the call drop rate is stabilized to less than 1%.

“MPT is now improving its COMMUNICATION QUALITY and is able to bring more ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES to Myanmar thanks to its partnership with KDDI and Sumitomo” With its new partners, MPT is committed to go even further and will continue to improve the capacity of its network and the quality of its communication services. KDDI and Sumitomo have committed over USD 2 billion in investments to help upgrade and expand MPT’s network coverage nationwide.

Plans are currently in place to enhance the accessibility of MPT’s services for the people of Myanmar. Over the coming months, MPT plans to push millions of SIM cards into the market, making affordable SIM cards available at thousands of retail points nationwide. In addition, MPT plans to introduce new customer-centric services such as new dedicated hotlines and new attractive packages/plans in a very near future.

Without doubt, this new partnership will help to bring Myanmar forward.