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Data Roaming Promotion

Paygo Promotion Save up to 99%

9Ks/MB Promotion

Package Promotion

No activation or subscription required,
only need to turn “on” data roaming
on your handset

Subscription is required and package validity is 7 Days.
Dial *9007# or dial *106*2*5*2#
Send NINE to 1332

Subscription is required and package validity is 7 Days.
Dial *8007# or dial *106*2*5#
Send ROAM to 1332

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the promotional tariff ?

CountriesTariff Price

China/Hong Kong/Taiwan/Macau/Vietnam/


15 Ks/MB

Roaming rate cutter at 900 Ks offering 9 Ks/MB for a week

Japan/S.Korea/Srilanka/India/USA/Australia50 Ks/MB
United Kingdom/Sweden/Russia/Norway/



50 Ks/MB

All are inclusive of Tax.

2. What are the standard tariff for data roaming (without promotion) ?

The standard tariffs depend on the destination.

In promotion period, you can purchase more cheaper tariff than the standard tariff.

3 . Is there any activation or subscription required ?

The subscription requirement are as below table.

9 Ks/MB Promotion

(rate cutter)

7 days
Package Promotion (10000 Ks)7 days
Paygo Promotion×

4 . Is this offer valid for Postpaid or Prepaid ?

The promotion is valid for both prepaid & postpaid users, however, for Postpaid users need to make the deposit payment to activate the roaming services. Payments can be made to account managers (B2B/Corporate) or MPT Brand Store (Individual/Retail).

5. Which services prices have changed during the promotion ?

Pricing changes is only for the Data Paygo services. Other services (voice and sms), prices remains unchanged.

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