Auto-Telephone Numbers Will Be Changed As Exchanges Are Already Upgraded In Shan State (East)

25 Oct 2019

(Yangon, 25th October 2019) – MPT announced today that existing auto telephone numbers are required to be migrated to new unique 7-digit VoIP numbers in order to improve quality and provide better services. Therefore, following exchanges in Shan State (East) were upgraded with the advanced system and existing copper cable system will be upgraded to high speed fiber cable system with VoIP telephone numbers to be changed as below table on 25th November 2019.

During transitional period of old numbers to new numbers, MPT will provide ‘call forwarding services’ for their incoming calls free of charge, for customers’ conveniences until the end of February 2020. The customers can enjoy “call forwarding services” as able to call to both existing (old) telephone numbers and (new) changed telephone numbers during the transitional period.

ExchangeAreaExisting auto telephone numberNew auto telephone number
Kengtung ExchangeShan State (East)084 – 21xxx084 – 2021xxx
084 – 22xxx084 – 2022xxx
084 – 23xxx084 – 2023xxx
084 – 24xxx084 – 2024xxx
Tachileik Exchange084 – 51xxx084 – 2051xxx
084 – 52xxx084 – 2052xxx
084 – 53xxx084 – 2053xxx