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B2B Data Plan

1. How can customer subscribe B2B New Data Plans?

  • Sales person of B2B Sales Department will directly take care of customers.

3. How can customer pay for charge?

  • For prepaid users, data plans subscription fee will deduct from main balance and will add subscription fee at invoice for postpaid customers. Advance payment also acceptable.

5. Does Data Plan is one time registration process or monthly registration process?

  • Data Plan for prepaid and postpaid users is one time registration process and advance payment subscriber need to pay advance for monthly fee.

7. Is there number of subscriber limitation for Data Plan?

  • No, there is no limitation with number of subscriber.

2. When will be Data Plan validity?

  • The validity of the plans for prepaid and postpaid will be 30 days from the time of any subscription and for all advance payment will be calendar date.

4. How many time can subscribe data plan within one month?

  • Prepaid and Postpaid user can subscribe 3 times per package within one month but advance payment method will be able to subscribe one plan within one month.

6. Can B2B customers enjoy other consumer mobile promotion plans?

  • B2B customers can enjoy other consumer mobile promotion plans.

8. How can customer deactivate B2B data plan?

  • If customer do not want to continue B2B data plan, please contact to sales team one week advance of expire date.