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Bill Mismatch

1. I only used Facebook around 20 min, but balance deducted huge amount of bill, Why?

If your Facebook account auto playing the video the data usage will be cost more. So that please close the “Auto Video Play” in Facebook. Please go Facebook setting & privacy, click to setting and then set “never auto play video (or) on Wi-Fi connection only” under the ” Media & Contact” title.

2 . I open internet but I didn’t use anything, but all main balance was gone. Why?

You have to close the background data. Please see the detail of closing background data, for android, going to setting -> application manager -> disable. For IOS, going to setting -> cellular data and then switch off for each application.

3. My bill is consuming so fast, how to check for details usage? How to limit the data usage?

You can check your balance by dialing *224# or check your data usage in MPT4U application. In the settings to protect the use of more data using the Data Limit the amount that can be restricted.

4. I buying the data package for saving money, however, bill is deducting from main balance when I open internet, why?

Sometimes, your mobile is automatically updating the application, so that you have to close “Auto Update System” in your mobile phone. For android, going to the setting and disable for auto system update. For IOS, please go to the setting -> select iTune&App store -> disable.

5. I open the internet suddenly data charge is so high, why? How to limit the data usage?

Please check your Wi-Fi Hotspot in phone setting. If you open the Wi-Fi Hotspot, please set the password. So that you can loss the data charges for unlimited user. And then, please close the window update when you connect Wi-Fi hotspot to your computer.