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MPT Weekly Community Cup

Every week MPT will host online tournament for PUBG and MLBB with total of $3,000 USD prize pool. MPT users can partici pate in this event along with your friends of MPT users.

Prize Pool


Campaign Period

Registration Time
Every Tuesday to Thursday
Every Friday to Sunday
Competition Time
Every Friday to Sunday
Every Monday to Wednesday
Event Period
September 15 to November 11 (8 weeks)
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MPT Weekly Community Cup?

Online tournament for PUBG and MLBB that will be held every week for 8 weeks. Every week the winner will be decided, and the winner will receive $700 USD.

2. Who can participate in this event?

Only requirement is that you and your teammate needs to be MPT user.

3. How can I participate in this event?

Registration will open every specific day of the week at Myanmar Esports Club Facebook page.

Please follow and check Myanmar Esports Club Facebook page for the details.

4. How many members required to register?

For MLBB, you will need 5 members total to register and participate. For PUBG, 4 members.

Please do note that all the members needs to be MPT users.

5. How can I win the prizes?

There will be online tournament for MLBB and PUBG every week. For each week,

the 1st to 4th team per game wins a prize. In addition, we will choose MVP to each

tournament and this player will also win prize.

6. How will I receive the prize ?

If you became winner of the prize for any of the tournament, the agency on behalf of MPT

will be in touch with you for further instructions to receive the prizes.