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New Service Policy

1. What is the New Service Policy? And What are the objectives of this service policy?

The objective of this policy is to provide the better service to the customers who have paid their billing properly.

2. What are the affected services?

This new service policy covers all services which we have been provided to the customer: GSM, CDMA, PSTN, ADSL, IP Star, and FTTH.

3. What is the impact of this policy?

The impacted customers shall have their services suspended or terminated; depending on the period or duration of their overdue invoices.

4. Is it common to endorse such a service policy to customers?

All postpaid subscriptions must have such a service policy to ensure the quality of the services. Not only in telecommunication, but all postpaid service-based industries – such as water, electricity, gas, etc. – apply this kind of service policy as well.

5. How do I ensure that I am not included into the list of lines to be suspended or terminated?

You can contact 106 (call center) or visit the nearest TRA and commercial offices to submit your inquiries.

6. How do I reopen the suspended services?

In case you already have invoice of the overdue amount in hand, you can make payment at MPT counters, Post Office, KBZ, CB, AYA bank, MPT GSM Top up payment or other MPT’s agents.

In case you don’t have invoice of the overdue in hand, please request for invoice by calling to Call Center (106) and they will provide you the invoice via SMS/Email. For FTTH service , please call to (2800). Once the overdue invoices are paid in full, the services will be resumed in within a few days (in working days).

7. How do I reactivate the terminated services?

Please visit the nearest commercial office and restart the activation process from the beginning. Terminated services cannot be resumed; it must be activated again. This termination includes the phone number as well. So, when you reactivate the services, it is possible that you may not be able to get the same phone number that you have used before.