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Blacklist and Stop feature

1. What is Blacklist and Stop feature?

Customer can do below activities by sending related keyword to 1414.

  • Check and unsub VAS services one by one or all at once by sending “Stop”
  • Blacklist the VAS services by their self by sending “Blacklist/BL” to 1414 .

2. Can I unsubscribe all value-added services in one goal?

Yes. You can unsubscribe all of your subscribed value added services in one goal.

1> send “Stop” to 1414

2> your subscribed services will appear with a list. Choose the services you want to unsubscribe.

3. Can I blacklist VAS services?

Yes. You can blacklist all value-added services. When you send “BL” to 1414 , you won’t be able to subscribe and use all of the value added services except your current subscribed services and MPT ring tune.

4. If I blacklist value added services via SMS, will my all subscribed services be automatically unsubscribed?

No. If you want to unsubscribe your existing services, you need to unsubscribe first.

5. How I can subscribe to any service if my number is in blacklist?

You can dial 106 to put your number in whitelist.

6. If I blacklist, can I continue with my existing services?

Yes, You can. If you don’t stop your existing services, you will enjoy your existing services.