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Buddha Tayadaw Myar

1. What is Buddha Tayadaw Myar?

  • Buddha Tayadaw Myar is a content that realizes customers who deeply believe in Buddhism to browse, listen, and read famous monks preaching anytime, anywhere as much as they want.

3. Are there any extra charges except for data charge?

  • No, preaching contents are completely free.

5. What monks preaching does Buddha Tayadaw Myar provide?

  • At launch timing, Buddha Tayadaw Myar contains 15 monks. Mogok Sayadaw U Wimala, MoneLei SayaDaw U ThanWaRa, Thee Inn Gu Sayadaw U Oak Ka Hta, Venerable Pa Auk SayaDaw, Kyar Ni Kan Sayadaw, Bamaw Sayadaw Dr. Kumarabhivamsa, Sitagu Sayadaw, Dr Namdamala, Pilot Sayadaw JeYaPandita, Dr Ashinjayatissa, Sayadaw U Jotika, Dhammaduta Ashin Say Kane Da, Ashin Sandadika, Bhaddanta Thuseiltha Vivamsa and Venerable Dr. K. Dhammasami.

7. Are there any comment from monks who are contained to the lineup in Buddha Tayadaw Myar?

  • They are pleased that their preaching can be conveyed widely to the people by Buddha Tayadaw Myar.

2. Are only MPT customers allowed to browse, listen, watch, and read the preaching contents for free of charge?

  • Yes, only MPT customers allowed to browse, play, and download the preaching contents for free of charge.

4. What kind of preaching does Buddha Tayadaw Myar provie?

  • Audio, Video, ebooks. And also provide two type of categories for audio and video.

1) Abhidhamma

2) Preaching

6. How does Buddha Tayadaw Myar get preaching data?

  • All the preaching data is provided by Dhamma Download and Thitsarparami Society by their benevolence.

8. Is there any additional preaching in future?

  • Yes, Lo Ta Ya will update preaching data day by day.