IaaS Cloud Service

MPT provides IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) Cloud Service that is hosted at Data Center in Myanmar. One-stop SI service for the system implementation, operation and maintenance.

Example Case of Utilization

Cloud Service Menu

Virtual Network

  • Internet connection
  • Virtual network extension (Site-to-Site VPN)

Virtual Machine

  • Server shared model (with VMWare infrastructure)

Virtual Storage

  • Standard: up to 1TB (by 10GB)
  • Customized sizing

OS License

  • Windows
  • Red Hat Linux
  • Other licenses

Benefits of MPT B2B Cloud Service

Basic Operation of Service

Basic operational services is provided by MPT B2B Cloud Service. No additional cost is required     (as usual cloud service is not inclusive of below)

HelpdeskEmail, Phone (Optional)
Virtual machine related request (Add/Delete, Power OFF/ON, Renaming/Replication of Virtual Machine)
Virtual storage related request (Add/Delete Storage volume, Expand Virtual Disk Capacity)
Availability monitoring (response): Monitor Power status of Virtual Machine
Capacity monitoring: Monitor Virtual Machine Utilization
Performance monitoring: Monitor CPU Utilization and Memory Utilization of Virtual Machine
Fault Response (Basic): Virtual machine power OFF/ON

* Advanced Operation Service can be provided as additional service (Backup and Troubleshooting, etc., )