IP-VPN offers a secured closed network with wide coverage area by MPLS technology. It is a cost effective managed networking solution for today’s dynamic enterprises. What you get is a simplified, secured, and scalable communication network to meet your organization’s requirements.

IP-VPN Global Connection

MPT’s local IP-VPN Service users can expand easily their domestic data network to foreign countries, and also they can build secured network between their local head office and foreign branch offices. Customers can use this service as one service that is based on “one stop ordering” and “one stop billing” in Myanmar.

• Advanced MPLS technology
• Biggest capacities for oversea
• Largest route to global
• Any to Any connectivity
• High Level Operation and maintenance with SLA

For any enquiries:
B2B Sales Department
Email: [email protected]
Hotline: 0800 800 9990 (Free of Charge for MPT Subscribers)
Hotline: 09426000323 (for Any Other Operators)