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Domain Description

MPT is providing .mm domain service for all industry levels of our country. Based on industrial type, MPT can provide varieties of domain such com.mm, net.mm, gov.mm, org.mm, edu.mm and etc.,.  Domains can be used not only for the web address but also for email, file server and others.

.mm Domain service

.mm Domain represents the domain registered at  Myanmar standardized with international standard . It is quick and easy to find your company’s .mm website in search engines like google.com. Visitors can know easily that .mm domain is one of Myanmar websites. Global companies can easily find our local companies  and you can extend your business globally and locally.


Recommend for Business, enterprise, trading, and etc. ​



Recommend for Technology related business, IT Industries and others. ​



Recommend for government departments, ministries and e-Government websites ​



Recommend for respective organizations, non- government organizations, social organizations and etc. ​



Recommend for educational institutions (government and private) and research institutes. ​


Why you should use .mm domain of MPT

Trusted Domain Provider

  • MPT is the first and foremost domain provider in Myanmar.
  • MPT has experiencing in strong technical support for your domain name.
  • MPT can support email address with your company domain name which can make your customers and suppliers for valuable and can build your honorable contact for your business.

All in one service

  • MPT can support the high level of Microsoft 365 email and Microsoft application with your domain name at single contact point for all requirement of your businesses secure & modernize.
  • By using MS 365 mail & application, your business data and email can be used easily and securely.

Required Document

1. Can apply at MPT domain section or can apply online by downloading application form

2.Needs to attach NRC/Passport copy, Company Registration copy, Form VI, XXVI wtih Domain Application Form.

3. Approval letter of MOTC ( Ministry of Transport and Communications) is required to apply “gov.mm”.

4. Registrants do not need to pay initial setup fees and monthly fees.

Where to apply

Address : Domain Section, MPT office, 40th Street(Middle Block), Kyauktada Township, Yangon.

Online မှလျှောက်လွှာတင်ရန်နှင့်ဆက်သွယ်ရန်: [email protected]

မေးမြန်းစုံစမ်းရန်(ရုံးချိန်အတွင်း): 01-392155

B2B Hot Line : 0800 800 9990 (Free of Charge for MPT users), 09426000323 (for Any Other Operators)