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.mm Domain Name Service

MPT is registrar of .mm domain registration. Applicants can register the domain names with ending .mm only. We can provide the domain name such as “net.mm, com.mm, gov.mm, org.mm and edu.mm, etc.,”

Registration of .mm Domain Name Service

When Registrants submit an application form to Registrar (MPT) with the required documents and information and also make payment for annual fees per domain. Then, the process will be commenced.

Required Document: NRC/Passport copy, Company Registration copy and  Application Form.

Note: Registrants don’t need to pay initial setup fees and monthly fees.

Remark: To apply “.gov.mm” domain, need MOTC ( Ministry of Transport and Communications) approval.

For any enquiries:

B2B Sales Department

Email: [email protected]

Hotline: 0800 800 9990 (Free of Charge for MPT Subscribers)

Hotline: 09426000323 or 01392155 (for Any Other Operations)

Address:No.103, 40th Street ,Lower Block, Kyauktada Township, Yangon.