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Closed User Group

Closed User Group (CUG) is a group of subscribers who can make free calls (incoming, outgoing) and free SMS between CUG members within wide MPT network coverage area.

Service Categories
Minimum subscribers5
Voice CallFREE

B2B Data Plans

B2B Data Plan is a plan for all MPT business customers providing large amount of data, competitive data rate with easy registration and multi purchase without any activation fees.

1 GB
2 GB
4 GB

For any enquiries, contact [email protected] Call Center – 106

Data Only SIM

With MPT data SIMs, customers can enjoy effective data service wherever they want. Data SIMs can be used by any devices (E.g., mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, dongle, handy terminal). MPT Data SIM is especially for data services. (voice calls and SMS are excluded).

For any enquiries, contact [email protected] Call Center – 106

B2B Mobile Packages

B2B Mobile Packages provide generous volumes of voice call, SMS and data for you to stay in touch with both your customers and employees in a fast and effective manner.

 Type of
 Package 1 Package 2Package 3 Package 4
 On-net call
 400 50010002000
 Off-net call
 SMS (all net)100150200500
 Data200 MB1 GB1 GB2 GB

For any enquiries, contact [email protected] Call Center – 106

Mobile Enablement Package

With “Mobile Enablement Package”, clients can reach their own customers through SMS/USSD platforms.

MEP service can provide:
• Advertising by sending bulk SMS
• Bulk SMS for business needs
• Secured connection (i.e. Internet banking, E-commerce)

Service Delivery Platform
SDP has basic functions. Depending on coustomer’s server setting, scheduled SMS & USSD transmission are also available.

Direct Connection
Costomer’s server is connected to SDP server by secured & reliable connection to keep your important transaction.

Short Codes
You can get short codes from MPT and can use it for more convenient user experience. (from MPT phone)

Bulk SMS & USSD Package
Communication cost for SMS & USSD is decreased by bulk SMS & USSD Package.

Mobile Remote Access

  • Mobile remote access (MRA) is secure (high Security) with authentication functions and stable connection to IP-VPN. It can connect with various connectivity between devices and your network.
  • *devices: (example- POS, ATM, Telemeter, Laptop PC, SIM modem).


Secure Remote Access
Authentication of connection
IP-VIP secure Direct Connection
Higher secure linkage
Dedicated APN
Wide coverage of MPT Mobile
Secure accessibility of MPT Network
Various devices accessibility
Standard Type
Access control for needless sites
General Internet backbone (Public internet)
Reasonable cost
Dedicated APN
Wide coverage of MPT Mobile
Secure accessibility of MPT Network
Various devices accessibility
IP-VPN with Mobile Remote Access (MRA)


For any enquiries, contact [email protected] Call Center – 106

One Time Bulk SMS

MPT is offering more suitable communication for business customers who use bulk SMS occasionally and temporary. This SMS pack is as turn- key solution without any configuration by customer, initial and monthly fees as well.

  • Send reminders and notification by firing out text blasts.
  • Run promotions and offers to your potential customers.
  • Essential marketing tool for any modern Enterprises
  • It goes with your business brand name

Package Plan
2,000 SMS
5,000 SMS
10,000 SMS
20,000 SMS
30,000 SMS
40,000 SMS

For any equiries, contact [email protected], Call Center – 106