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Call Forwarding Service

Can I forward my calls to any number?

You can forward your calls to only MPT numbers.

How do I subscribe to Call Forwarding?

Send “CF” to 1331 to subscribe. Subscription is free.

How do I unsubscribe?

Send “CF OFF” to 1331 to unsubscribe.

How do I use Call Forwarding?

Call Forwarding enables you to forward incoming calls to another phone number. There are two ways to set your call forwarding:
Option 1 Dial *21*Forwarding phone number # (for example, *21*09xxxxxxxxxxx#)
Option 2 Go to ‘Settings’ on your phone to set the conditions (e.g. always forward, forward when busy, forward when unanswered, forward when unreachable, etc.) and the forwarding number. Usually, this can be found under ‘Calls’.

How will I be charged?

Subscription to Call Forwarding is free of charge. When forwarding calls, subscriber who has activated Call Forwarding will be charged. A (Caller) -> B (Forwarder) -> C (Receiver) B (Forwarder) will be charged based on forwarded call duration according to the tariff they are in. For Swe Thahar users, voice calls are charged at 23Ks/min. For Base Tariff users, voice calls are charged at 50Ks/min (peak time) / 25Ks/min (off-peak time). Subscribers are advised to turn off Call Forwarding before travelling overseas.