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What's Call Forwarding ?

Call Forwarding service will help you to forward incoming calls to another MPT number.
You can set it to forward calls as you like – either while you are on call,
out of service area or every unanswered call.

How to Subscribe?


SEND “CF” TO 1331



Subscription to Call Forwarding is free of charge.
When forwarding calls, subscriber who has activated Call Forwarding will be charged.
A (Caller) -> B (Forwarder) -> C (Receiver)
B (Forwarder) will be charged based on forwarded call duration according to the tariff they are in.

How Does It Work?

Set your call forwarding options by going to ‘Settings’ on your phone to set the conditions
(e.g. always forward, forward when busy, forward when unanswered, forward when unreachable, etc.)
and the destination number. Usually, this can be found under ‘Calls’.
You can forward your calls to any MPT number registered in Myanmar,
both mobile and fixed line.

“I always wondered whether it would be possible to forward my calls to another number when I am not available. I learned from my friends that Call Forwarding enables me to do just that. Now, none of my calls will be left unanswered!”

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