MPT launches “5 minutes in 1 hour” voice package for customers to make continuous calling for long time at affordable price

[:en](Yangon, Myanmar, 09 May 2016) – Following the success of its “5 minutes in 1 hour” promotion in March and April, MPT is launching a “5 minutes in 1 hour” voice package. This voice package is responding to the demand of MPT customers who love the “5 minutes in 1 hour” concept and want to continue making many long calls at very affordable prices.

By subscribing to the “5 minutes in 1 hour” voice package, MPT customers will be able to enjoy for 30 days the “5 minutes in 1 hour” benefits: pay the first 5 minutes of your MPT to MPT calls at normal rate (Fixed or Mobile destinations) and get up to the next 55 minutes for Free. As an example, a MPT customer who calls a Friend on his MPT line (Mobile or Fixed) for 45 min would pay the first 5 min of the call (cost of 115 Ks, commercial tax excluded) and will get the next 40 min for free (920 Ks of bonus value, commercial tax excluded).

This time, the “5 minutes in 1 hour” concept will apply to all MPT to MPT calls, including those made during the peak hours (in previous “5 minute in 1 hour” promotion, minutes during the 6 to 10 pm peak time were charged at the normal rates).

Mr. Koichi Kawase, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operation said: “The initial “5 minutes in 1 hour” promotion was a major success. In response to strong demand, we want to give our customers making long calls the opportunity to continue calling their loved ones for hours at very affordable prices and this time whenever they want in the day. Our customers will need to subscribe to continue enjoying this promotion at a cost.”

The package will be available for subscription from May 9th to July 7th 2016. All MPT Swe Thahar GSM/WCDMA customers will be able to opt-in by dialing *555#. When subscribing to the package, customers will be charged a fee of 1,500 Ks.

The package expires 30 days after subscription and customers will then be able to renew it by re-paying the package fee. Base Tariff customers who are interested in the package need to first migrate to Swe Thahar by sending SMS “SWE” to 1332 (free of charge) and then to opt-in.


MPT launches 2 exciting promotions

[:en](Yangon, Myanmar, 9 March 2016) – Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MPT), the first and leading telecommunications operator in Myanmar, is launching at 7:00am on 11 March 2016 2 new promotions, providing exciting bonus to its over 19 million user base.

For their existing user base, MPT will turn back the clock once again with the re-launch of the “5 Minutes in 1 Hour” promotion which was one of MPT’s most popular campaigns in 2015. –

For 60 minutes of a continuous call: the first 5 minutes are charged at the usual rate of 23 Ks/min, after which up to the remaining 55 minutes will be free of charge. Phone calls that last beyond 60 minutes will see the usage after 60 min charged back to the normal voice tariff (23Ks/min). The free talk time will only start after the 5th minute of the call, and a maximum of 55 minutes of free talk time will be given for each call.

“Once again, MPT are delighted to announce the return of this very popular promotion to our customers. Having witnessed how people engaged with this offer last year, MPT wants to offer the same benefits again to its customer base, by allowing them to pay just 115 Ks for an up to one-hour long phone conversation” said Mr. Takashi Nagashima, CEO of MPT-KSGM (KDDI Summit Global Myanmar Co. Ltd.) Joint Operations.

MPT’s Swe Thahar users will automatically be eligible for this promotion, without any additional action required. Base Tariff users who will want to participate will simplify need to subscribe to Swe Thahar (free of charge) by sending “SWE” by SMS to 1332 (“POSTSWE for postpaid subscribers). Promotion will expire on 16 April 2016.

The promotion is valid for calls to MPT numbers only (including fixed lines). It is available for both pre-paid and post-paid customers. However, this promotion is not applicable in the evenings from 6pm-10pm. Any call minutes falling between this time will be billed at the normal tariff of 23 Ks/min. There is no limit to the number of calls a user can make in each day to enjoy the free talk time.

Currently MPT has over 19 million active users most of them on the Swe Thahar plan. This package provides the best service to users with its affordable voice tariff of 23 Ks/min and high speed 3Gmobile Internet.

In addition to saving money on calls for existing users, MPT wants to welcome new customers on the MPT network, by rewarding new subscribers with a ‘Welcome Offer”.

The Welcome offer consists of an Activation Bonus, First Recharge Bonus and Staggered recharge bonuses.

The Activation Bonus will provide Ks.500 worth of credit instantly upon the activation of a new SIM card, which will be added directly to the main balance, to be used with no usage restrictions.

The Bonus on First Recharges will provide new customers with bonuses for four consecutive months when they top-up, allowing them to use more with a smaller budget!.

Only customers activating a MPT SIM from 11 March onwards will be eligible for this promotion.. To benefit from the Welcome offer, users must make a first top-up of at least 1,000 Ks within 30 days of activation in order to receive the first bonus. The higher the first recharge the higher the bonus obtained for the next 4 months.

To obtain all four bonuses, customers will need to top-up at least 1,000 Ks every 30 days after their First Recharge (up until 120 days after First Recharge). Please note that the Staggered Bonuses will be dependent on the First Recharge denomination and that each bonus can only be obtained once. The bonuses can then be used for On-Net calls, On-Net SMS and for PayAsYouGo data usage, where each bonus will have a validity of 30 days.

During this time, customers may check their staggered bonuses balance by sending “BAL” by SMS to “1331”.

All top-ups have to either be physical or by e-top up only and there will be only one “Welcome bonus set” per SIM Card. The promotion will run from 11 March 2016 until further notice from MPT.

Details on the staggered benefits on the first recharges are as follows.


Samsung Galaxy J Series (J1 Mini) Promotion

[:en]Buy Samsung Galaxy J Series (J1 Mini) and enjoy 400 MB, 60 Mins Call and 100 SMS for 6 months.

When customers buy any new Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini during the promotion period, they will be given a free MPT sim card with free 400 MB Data usage, 60 Mins Call (On-net: MPT to MPT) and 100 SMS (On-net: MPT to MPT), if they top up at least Ks.1,000 per month (including first month). These free bonuses will only be given once per month, up to 6 months from activation.

Promotion will be valid till further notice.m[:]

MPT launches “Data Myar Nae Nya” – Night Time Data Package

[:en]MPT offers attractive data unit prices to night-time data users

Yangon, Myanmar, February 19, 2016– Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MPT), the first and leading telecommunications operator in Myanmar, has announced the launch of “Data Myar Nae Nya,” a night time data package promotion targeting users who regularly use the internet between the hours of 11pm and 7am. This attractively priced data promotion is available between February 22 and March 31st.

“Data Myar Nae Nya” can be used by all MPT Swe Thahar, GSM and WCDMA users. There are three different data package options available:

Package NameData VolumePrice (Ks.)USSD Code
1 night250 MB300*237*1#
7 nights1 GB1,000*237*2#
30 nights4 GB3,200*237*3#

Users who purchase the data package can use the allowance between 11pm and 7am each night; data will be consumed from the package before the main balance, other bonuses and packages (i.e. Standard Internet Package).

By purchasing this night time package, users will benefit from MPT’s strengthened 3G9+ network and can experience hours of joy on data from only 80 Pyars/MB.

Mr Koichi Kawase, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operation, said “MPT is always striving to improve customer services, and we want to make sure we offer economically attractive options for all of our customers, including those that need to access data at night rather than during the day. Customer service improvement and customer satisfaction is a top MPT priority for 2016.We have expanded our network, and are now successfully providing 3G to 92% of Myanmar’s population. Now, with this data package promotion our customers can enjoy this quality internet with a small price tag. With this affordable data package, people can play video games, watch videos and use data consuming apps however they like”.

Terms and Conditions

If a user switches from Swe Thahar to base tariff, the “Data Myar Nae Nya Package” may not be used. However, if the user switches to base tariff, then back to Swe Thahar within the package validity period, the user will be able to continue to enjoy the package. MPT also applies the ‘Fair Usage Policy,’ where every night is equivalent to 8 hours, subscribers will have validity periods of 8 hours, 56 hours and 240 hours for 1 night, 7 nights and 30 nights packages respectively. When the users purchase “1 night” package, they will benefit from 8 hours of use within the eligible time frame from 11:00pm to 7:00am. There is a fair usage policy applied upon subscription time. The customers can enjoy 8 hours of usage regardless of subscription time and the remaining time will be continued to the following night.


Scenario 1 – Customer buys “Data Myar Nae Nya – 1 Night Package” before 11:00pm, he/she can enjoy total 8 hours data service from 11:00pm till 7:00am.

Scenario 2 – Customer buys “Data Myar Nae Nya – 1 Night Package” at 11:30 pm, he/she can enjoy total 8 hours data service from 11:30am till 7:00am and they can enjoy remaining 30 minutes from 11:00pm to 11:30am of the following night.

Scenario 3 – If the customer buys “Data Myar Nae Nya – 1 Night Package” at 4:00am, he/she can enjoy total 8 hours data service from 4:00am to 7:00am and they can enjoy remaining 5 hours from 11:00pm to 4:00am.[:]