Data Roaming on MPT

20 Mar 2017

(Yangon, 20 March, 2017) – MPT customers can now enjoy internet and social media services whilst abroad.

To opt into the service, prepaid Swe Thahar SIM users need to simply opt-in to international data roaming services by sending SMS <RMDON> to 1332. To stop data roaming services, send SMS <RMDOFF> to 1332. Post-paid customers can arrange their data roaming via an MPT Branded Store.

This means that users can stay on their primary MPT SIM card and access vital applications like maps and messenger whilst on their journey, in a world that is more connected than ever. The data will be charged from customer’s main balance, so as long as there is credit on the SIM, people can browse, download and message as much as they wish.

MPT will be adding further countries and territories in the future, making it even easier to travel on Myanmar’s largest mobile network. For a full list of the current available countries, and the pricing range, see below.

Country Ks/MB
China 2500
India 2500
Japan 2500
Malaysia 500
Singapore 2500
South Korea 2500
Thailand 500
Vietnam 2500
Hong Kong 2500
Belgium 2500
USA 2500
Canada 2500