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How to save Data Usage?

1. Turn off the “Video Auto Play” while using Facebook to save the data usage.

Step (1)  – Go to Facebook Setting and click Media and Contacts.

Step (2)  – Click Auto Play

Step (3)  – Select “On Wi-Fi Connections Only”

2. To save the data usage, set the Password when you turn on Wifi Hotspot.

– Everyone can connect your Wifi Hotspot if you are not set the Password. It can cause more data usage.

3. To save the data usage, turn off Auto Update of Game and other application.

– Auto update of Game and other application can cause more data usage if you turn on the update.

4. To save the Data Usage, choose the video quality 360p (or) 480p when you watch the video from Youtube Channel.

– It can happen more data usage when you watch the video from Youtube Channel if you do not reduce the video quality.