MPT offers additional free data; launches two new data packs

12 Jul 2016

MPT is offering double data bonus on its existing data packs at no extra cost as well as two additional data packs to address increasing data consumption by its customers.

(Yangon, 12 July, 2016) – To continue the celebration of reaching 20 million customers and show appreciation for its most valued and loyal customers, MPT, the first and leading telecommunications operator in Myanmar, announced today the launch of a new double data promotion, which will start from July 13, and two additional data packages for MPT Prepaid and Postpaid GSM/WCDMA Swe Thahar customers.

The double data promotion will provide users with extra data quota for current monthly data packs at the same prices.

The two new packs will be a Daily pack, for the casual Internet user and another affordable Monthly pack for data hungry users. Users can enjoy data for as low as 2.5Ks/MB.

Mr. Koichi Kawase, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operation said that the company deeply values its loyal customers and would like to extend its appreciation through these attractive bonuses. “We recognize the growing demand for internet use amongst our 20 million strong MPT users and believe this is due to the increasing data speeds and stability of our network. To reward our customers, we have developed new promotions and attractive data packs to allow our customers to surf more every day.”

> Double Data bonus for current monthly packs

Existing data quota + Bonus Total data quota Price (Ks) To Subscribe
400MB + 400MB 800MB 2,800 Dial* 2002# OR SMS to 1332
1GB + 1GB 2GB 6,500 Dial* 2003# OR SMS to 1332
5GB + 5GB 10GB 25,000 Dial* 2005# OR SMS to 1332

MPT will not be raising the price of any of its existing packs, yet it will be increasing the amount of free data users can enjoy. The 400 MB pack bonus will increase from an extra 150 MB to an extra 400 MB; the 1 GB pack bonus will increase from an extra 350 MB to an extra 1 GB; and finally the 5 GB pack bonus will increase from 1.5 GB to 5 GB.

> 2 New Data Packs

Data Pack Data quota Price (Ks) To Subscribe
24-Hour Pack 120 MB 400 Dial* 2001# OR SMS to 1332
New Monthly Pack 2 + 2 GB 12,000 Dial* 2004# OR SMS to 1332

The 24-Hour pack is valid for 24 hours from the time of purchase and is convenient for users who simply want to browse for the day. The New Monthly pack will remain valid for 30 days from the day of purchase.