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Drone Base Station

Providing Radio waves to isolated disaster areas

What is a “drone base station” ?

Fly base station

Once a major disaster happens (e.g. landslides, flooding), isolated areas may experience lack of mobile services.

In order to temporarily recover mobile services, KDDI developed and in December 2017, successfully demonstrated, the “drone base station” which is capable of providing radio wave from the sky.

The drone base station will assist to detect the number and location of handsets and deliver information concurrently. It may also assist in rescue requests, search operations, shoot the situation of the isolated disaster areas from the sky and allow for the delivery of the videos in real time to outside areas.

Building a strong network over land, sea and air to assist in disaster recovery  

Headset information in the area    Message delivery to the headset in the area
One of the missions of telecommunications is determining the situation and
confirming safety during a disaster.
KDDI carries out this mission by using various kinds of base stations to ensure
seamless telecommunication services, adding “air” to its “land” and “sea”

How promptly can radio waves can be delivered in an emergency?
From “land”, “sea” and “air”, KDDI continuously improves its network
that is strong against disasters.