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MPT is starting to provide E-invoice for monthly bill payment customers

What is E-invoice?

E-invoice is delivering the monthly invoice via SMS & Email.

Who can register for E-invoice?

All monthly bill payment customers , Postpaid (PSTN, ADSL, GSM, CDMA, IPStar) and FTTH can register for E-invoice with no charges.

What is the benefit of E-invoice?

  • By receiving invoice in digital way, customers can receive the invoice on time each month and much earlier than traditional paper invoices
  • Digital invoice give convenience for customers to keep in mobile phone or PC and use it for payment or future reference later
  • Reducing paper usage will help to save the trees, reduce energy and environmental waste.

How to register?

You can register MPT’s E-invoice program by 1 of 3 channels below.
1)  self registration Click Here
2) visit your nearest MPT’s payment collection counter (TRA/Commercial Office)
3) make a call to Call Center (106) for MPT users and 01-2399106 for Non-MPT users for registration

What are the requirements of E-invoice registration for Embassy ,Government and B2B customers?

Embassy, Government and B2B customers are not eligible for discount but apply the E-invoice with their organization letter head indicating the service numbers for monthly invoices , also to provide mobile numbers for SMS delivery and Email address and submitting at the nearest TRA counters or Commercial Offices.

E-invoice User Manual Guide>>>>Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How to do for self register?

You can enroll for E-invoice via the self registration link provided in SMS and Email sent from MPT (or) You can Click Here.

2.What is required to register?

Please enter the following information in registration page,

  • Service Type
  • Service Number
  • Account Code
  • Mobile Phone Number (If you want to receive via SMS)

Remark: You can submit up to two mobile numbers.

  • Email Address (If you want to receive via E-mail)

Remark: You can submit up to two Email Address.

(If you want to inquiry for Service type/Service number/Account code , you can check at monthly paper invoice or please dial to 106)

3.Discount program?

MPT also offers E-invoice discount of 2500 MMK (500 MMK discount for service fee for 5 consecutive month) to individual customers who accept to discontinue paper invoice.

4.How can join discount program?

If you would like to receive e-invoice and would like to get discount at the same time need to do as follow:

  • register either  mobile number or email or both
  • require to check the “I would like to receive e-invoice via the contact information that I have provided and agree to discontinue paper invoice” and do the registration.

You need to confirm the information provided during the registration.

Discount will be only available if  you do confirm the information and are eligible for discount due to Terms and Conditions.

5.How to make payment with E-invoice?

Please make payment at MPT counters, Post Office, (KBZ, CB, AYA) bank, MPT GSM Top up payment or other MPT’s agents.