Facebook and MPT Offer Free App Updates

04 Oct 2019

(Yangon, Myanmar, 2nd October 2019) – Today, we’re excited to announce that Facebook is partnering with MPT to give to millions of people in Myanmar the opportunity to upgrade their outdated Facebook app (v201 and earlier ones) to a newer version for free (no data charges for app update) only one time.

Myanmar’s digital transformation over the last five years has allowed people to access information and connect in new and unprecedented ways, and brought economic benefits to millions of entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Upgrading apps is an important part of a safe mobile experience, but can be costly for many mobile phone users. This has been a barrier for many people in Myanmar to enjoy the full benefits of the internet, including important safety features, which are enhanced with every new version of the Facebook app.

“Making sure our community in Myanmar has a safe and positive experience on Facebook is a huge priority for us. That’s why we’re working with the four mobile operators in Myanmar to give millions of people in Myanmar the chance to upgrade their outdated Facebook app to a more recent version, at no cost,” said Tenzin Norbhu, APAC Head of Connectivity and Access Policy, Facebook.

Mr. Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said that “At MPT, we are always working to ensure that our customers are enjoying the benefits of today’s digital and social media world. Facebook is the most popular social media platform in Myanmar, and it is important for our customers to update their Facebook App regularly. With this collaboration, our customers can update their Facebook App and upgrade to the latest version without any Data Charges. This is a joint-effort between MPT and Facebook to ensure that our customers can enjoy the latest features of Facebook while ensuring their privacy and security in the digital world.”

How will I know that I am using an old version of the Facebook and Messenger app?
You will receive a notification at the top of your Facebook News Feed. This message will let you know that you are using an old version of the app. You will be prompted to update your app with the link which can be downloaded with free data or call your operator help center. Old version users will have an opportunity to update with free data starting from today up to 3 months.