Faster Data, Better Calls, Everywhere’ is the Future of MPT LTE+

21 Dec 2017

(Yangon, 21 December, 2017) Ground-breaking developments to the MPT’s leading LTE+ network were announced today at PARKROYAL Hotel, Yangon, focused on upgrading data speeds and improving calls for MPT customers around Myanmar.

MPT is drastically improving speeds for customers around Myanmar.  By doubling the bandwidth of MPT’s award-winning LTE+ network powered by 4×4 MIMO technology, customers can achieve speeds of up to 300 Mbps, double its previous maximum speeds, allowing faster downloads, higher resolution videos and less buffering on compatible devices.

At the same time, MPT is enhancing the online experience of customers in downtown Yangon, through the use of new technology called Carrier Aggregation. The rollout will begin in January at Junction Mawtin, Junction Square and Taw Win Centre shopping centres, drastically improving the internet experience of MPT customers in these areas. By allowing customer devices to connect to two different LTE+ frequency bands, MPT can combine several layers of LTE+ into the fastest data speeds seen yet. Furthermore, by combining three MPT LTE+ frequencies, we have achieved the fastest speed of 800Mbps in Myanmar.

MPT understands that while data is important, many of its customers still need to make phone calls. MPT is exploring ways to improve this technology, and today demonstrated the future of the telephone call. Called Voice over LTE (VoLTE), this technology allows for clearer voice calls and less background noise. MPT has presented for the first time in Myanmar for the media the future of the telephone call on Myanmar’s leading mobile network. “With VoLTE, it’s just like the caller is right next to you!”, said Noboru Edagawa, Chief Technical Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

Finally, MPT is happy to announce that the  LTE+ network will be rolled out to 280 townships by the end of 2018. This milestone means that MPT’s  LTE+ network, the fastest in the country, will be available truly nationwide.

“MPT has seen firsthand an incredible boom in data consumption by its customers since the introduction of  LTE+ earlier this year, so we are delighted to announce upgrades to our LTE+ network, giving our customers even faster data speeds in selected locations around Yangon,” added Noboru Edagawa. “We are also very excited today to demonstrate the future of the telephone call, with technology called Voice over LTE which will enable clearer voice calls with less background noise. Finally, today’s announcement on the planned rollout of LTE+ in Myanmar, means that MPT’s LTE+ network will soon be available truly nationwide.”